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this was one of my favorite trails!

first mile down hate a mile up on the way home. easy hike trail is easy to lose track of 3/4 of the way thru. good fishing for small trout.

Decided to make an attempt to try this trail since I did not get to do it in the summer. Knew the trail would be icy, but had just purchased some Yaktrac’s, plus the trail had just got four inches of snow on it. Followed one set of tracks in, and not long into the trip, met a young woman coming back down. Trail was steep, but snow helped with traction. Finally got to where the hiker before me turned around and thought, I can’t resist going a little further and break the fresh snow. Glad I did, got to a beautiful view point. Believe I was only two miles into the hike, so it is back on my list for completion. Any day in nature is a good day, so I enjoyed the part I did do.

11 days ago

Plenty of berries to eat. Ouzel lake is full of mosquitoes, but the rest of the path was ok. Trail had a lot of horse poop.

most beautiful trail i have ever done!! it is long and gorgeous the entire way. you hike along the hill side, and end up at a warming house! it hailed and snowed on our hike, but id do it again in a heart beat! it was so fun. check the shuttle time at end of trail, so you don't have to walk miles back to parking lot!

16 days ago

I parked at the upper trail access pull off. It's a little over a mile down Evans-Riceville rd. From that parking area, the trail begins to your right as you are facing the canyon. The trail does narrow and the cliffs get close. I don't recommend for small kids and those scared of heights (mom). Great views of Belt Creek and canyon. There is a abandoned train tunnel and bridge a few miles further down than where this app depicts the trail end. I never crossed the river.

Love doing this one when I visit Bozeman. Fun times hanging out by Lava lake!

January hike. Very, very icy. We had yaktrax on and had a hard time in places. Good views. Well traveled; saw 4 other groups in 3 hours of hiking. Would be great snowshoe if there was a lot of snow.

Hiked August 2017. Started at St. Mary’s trailhead and hiked to Gunsight Lake. Took about 6.5 hours round trip and was well worth it. Hiked alongside a river/ marsh almost the entire way surrounded by mountains above us. This was perfect habitant for many animals as we saw Elk, Deer, and signs of Bear and Moose. Also available were endless huckleberry bushes to snack on. Highly recommend for a moderate and medium distance out and back.

21 days ago

The most constant stunning views of any hike I have ever completed. Hiked in August 2017 so the park was filled with smoke from the fires, but this hike offered stunning views along the ridge. Also offered a bit of adrenaline walking along a ridge with a drop that would not be very survivable. Overall would highly recommend and will surely hike again.

22 days ago

My favorite hike of all time. Cannot begin to describe the views. If you go to GNP in July or August, there's a good chance the trail will be open as it depends on how much snow needs to be cleared. If you time it right, you can do some of the hike with a ranger, who will fill you in on details about the park you may not otherwise know. It is very steep, with a few dangerous drop offs, but there is a handrail when the trail narrows. If you have the time, you can hike to one of the chalets. Keep your eyes out for the garden wall, so beautiful.

Great views, solitude, fishing !

We hiked it the latter half of August 2018. The trail was busy. All types of hikers; flip flops with no water and experienced hikers. The flip floppers didn't go very far, thankfully. Lots of goats and sheep and small varmit. The smoke from the fires made the stay at Granite Park Chalet, along with no maturity of the staff (nice but no adults in charge) unbearable. We were to have stayed 2 nights but left after one, losing the money on that second night. We weren't the only ones not happy, there was a newlywed couple on their honeymoon who had a sad experience, too. We have stayed years at the sister chalet Sperry. Sperry had very good staffing with an adult in charge. Never going back to Granite Park for an overnight. Great hike thru with a lunch stop is recommended...... amazing hike ! Giving the hike 5 stars and the staffing at the chalet, 1 star......

Absolutely beautiful hike!!! Bring water, I went in June and wasn't expecting it to be 90 degrees already! There also isn't much shade. The view at Elk Lake was an excellent reward at the end. So beautiful, but cooooold (don't jump in). There are a couple parts where you have to either jump on the rocks to cross little streams or just trudge straight through (like i did) so keep that in mind when choosing your shoes. The road leading to the hike was a little rough so drive with caution. I will definitely be doing this hike again!

Long hike but not too much elevation. The color of the water is beautiful, and if you’re feeling up to it (and have a swimsuit or change of clothes), hop on in! It’s cold but not too bad, even on a day when there was smoke and some clouds covering most of the sun, I wasn’t cold afterwards. Make sure to look out for trail closures, the entire pathway is lined with berries perfect for bears!

Pretty cool trail! Somewhat strenuous. Great views of the valley to be had here.

Definitely gets the cardio in for the day! Lovely hike.

Went in mid December during the week. Had the entire trail to myself. The scenery is great. Very windy this time of the year but it was well worth it. Recommend it.

1 month ago

Came to Glacier at end of the June. Most trails we wanted to do were still closed due to ice/snow. Ranger recommended this one. It ended up being our favorite trail in the park. Panoramic view at top was stunning. Saw a herd of 9ish bighorn sheeps on our way down. It was super windy on the day of our hike. We estimate around 60 mph wind speed. We had to crawl at times. It was still worth the time and effort.

1 month ago

I did this hike solo mid to late October, a really good hike and pretty challenging. Some blind switch backs so be cautious around corners, during my hike a ran into a lady who saw a sow with cubs. Be educated. but the views at the top are incredible. And can’t wait to do it again

1 month ago

Road is very rocky but cars with AWD/4WD should be able to handle this easily. Aside from a couple of steep switchbacks this was a relatively easy hike. Just keep in mind to not stop when you hit the first lake. There is no marked trail to the second lake so I would recommend finding the stream that connects the two. Also don't expect to catch any fish in these lakes due to winter kill a while back.

Solid hike for a workout. Did it with little snow at the beginning, and once up a 1000 feet, there was 2 feet of snow. Completed in 4 1/2 hours. The lake is surrounded by cool rock faces and decent mountains .

Excellent trail that give you a very good experience of the diversity of Glacier on the west side of the park.
Doesn’t get to difficult until the last couple of miles.
Make plenty of noise saw plenty of clues bears were in the area but thankfully we did not see any.

1 month ago

We didn’t go too far but the river is beautiful! We did not catch any fish here but did see several big ones :)

Super wild

2 months ago

Nice, easy hike to beautiful winter waterfall! Most of the hike is through a recent burn so it is very exposed. the waterfall was beautiful in early November and the trail was well travelled, just keep right at the junction before the second bridge.

Great trial. A light snow had fallen the day before, so it was a little slick on the rocks. But, overall, a beautiful trail. It starts out as an aggressive ascent, but it lessens as you go.

Started just as it began to snow, about 3 inches when we reached the lake. Well worth it!

Enjoyed a cool, late fall hike. Trails were very quiet but easy to follow. Hard rating is a bit exaggerated, but there are required river crossings to see the old mining camps, and you will get wet if you want to get there. Also watch for rattlesnakes. We saw several skins and had been warned that several large snakes lived in the canyon.

on Scenic Point

2 months ago

Stop it with this trail!! So good!! The views and landscape were unlike anything we had ever seen, really great views of the two medicine lakes and Rising Wolf. No goats, but had a few cute interactions with the chipmunks! It is a workout but well worth it. Also love how the views aren’t just at the top. There were really strong winds up at the summit area- could lean backward against it without falling over. Bring good protein (& bear spray)! We hope to get back to this trail again one day! Hiking in October is awesome! Weather is perfect for these types of trails and there were only one other group on the entire trail

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