What a great trail! First off use the directions AllTrails gives u in order to get to the parking lot, we didn't at first and got lost. Secound it is like 7 miles of gravel and dust up steep hills to get to the parking lot. Then when u begin hiking I highly recomend taking trail 717 to the summit at Mt.Aetenas, we did this and then took 717 to 392 to 7 to 68 to 8 to get back to the parking lot. From the summit to the first snow field coming down the other side is very steep, technical and potentially dangerous, I would hate to slip. Then there is lots and lots and lots of snow coming down that way, no snow going up 717 to summit, so if u don't want to deal with walking and slideing through snow then I recomend taking 717 back down the same way you came up. We hiked on 7/16/18. I can't imagine trying to hike up the snow fields, it would probably be very difficult and take a long time. The views are spectacular no matter which way u come and go. Amazing views, goats, and lots and lots of bugs. We coated ourselves in bug spray before we left and then again at the summit, we snacked at the top snd were really trying not to accidently eat bugs.