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5 days ago

Great chill hike/run if you're looking for Swan River vistas. Put it on auto pilot and enjoy the views. Very easy walk for all types. Coming back!

Cool and easy trail

8 days ago

Amazing trails 717 and 8. Both breadth-taking experiences!! Had the best time taking 8 to Twin Lakes where i has lake to myself to camp and and was entertained all night by a momma goat and her baby. It was the best experience I had in Jewel Basin.

NOTE: be aware that road leading to Camp Misery TH is a significant challenge if you’re easily unnerved by very narrow, switch-back, dirt roads with much washboard effect and some drop-offs as you climb/descend. Narrow means 2-car width in some places but many others only 1.5 to 1 car width.

8 days ago

Beautiful if you can find your way down to it! Desperately wanted to spend the night. Was at the top looking down on Crater Lake but trail was hard to follow. It appears to lead you through a Bush-whacking stretch but if you find yourself doing that then you missed the narrow little, hard-left turn that seemingly only takes you to an overlook. As I was later told, you need to follow over (along the top of that rock) and trail continues on other side. It is thick bear country — evidence in my pic of large scat at ‘end of trail’.

Did Mt. Aneus last week. Beautiful hike. Great climb to Mt peak. Had family of Mt goats in snow on descent to Picnic lakes. Did 1/2 mile on snow. Some over 3’ thick in late July. Wonderful day in Jewel Basin. Bring plenty of water though. Sun can be tough.

nice to get out of the glacier crowds and see great views. kinda steep but enjoyed it . saw a few goats

This was a great hike and the summit is well worth the trip. The bugs were bad, especially when you were in the trees. Use spray and reapply often.
The mountain goats were beautiful. They want no part of you but they're seemingly very acclimated to people. Just give them the time they deserve and they will get out of the way.
As always...going down is worse than going up!

24 days ago

This hike is one of our favorites. Lots of wildflowers in the first couple miles, followed by wonderful views of the Swan Mtns and across Flathead Valley, with the last leg looking into Jewel Basin with the peaks of Glacier NP in the distance as we summit Mount Aeneas with 360 degree views.

All Trails data needs updating as the trailhead is further down the road, there are missing trails in the area, plus at least one trail shown is permanently closed. The total distance is well over 6 miles, not 3.1 miles.

What a great trail! First off use the directions AllTrails gives u in order to get to the parking lot, we didn't at first and got lost. Secound it is like 7 miles of gravel and dust up steep hills to get to the parking lot. Then when u begin hiking I highly recomend taking trail 717 to the summit at Mt.Aetenas, we did this and then took 717 to 392 to 7 to 68 to 8 to get back to the parking lot. From the summit to the first snow field coming down the other side is very steep, technical and potentially dangerous, I would hate to slip. Then there is lots and lots and lots of snow coming down that way, no snow going up 717 to summit, so if u don't want to deal with walking and slideing through snow then I recomend taking 717 back down the same way you came up. We hiked on 7/16/18. I can't imagine trying to hike up the snow fields, it would probably be very difficult and take a long time. The views are spectacular no matter which way u come and go. Amazing views, goats, and lots and lots of bugs. We coated ourselves in bug spray before we left and then again at the summit, we snacked at the top snd were really trying not to accidently eat bugs.

Beautiful Views. The trail was pretty easy and straight forward. Saw a couple mountain goats near the top.

A beautiful trail well worth the effort. The first portion of the trail isn’t bad with gradual switchbacks. Once you reach the end of the switchbacks, it is an easy flat hike overlooking Bigfork and Flathead Lake with an informative wayside about white barks and fire. After the flat section, you come to a crossroads. There are 8 different trails (including the one you just hiked on) that all come together. There were only a couple of signs that told you which trail was which. Luckily, we hiked on a Saturday so there were plenty of people to ask which trail led to Mt. Aeneas. It’s the one trail that goes straight up! This is the strenuous part of the trail that had 3 trees down across it. 1 that you have to climb under and 2 to climb over. Once you reach the Microwave Tower you’re almost there! Continuing to Mt. Aeneas is well worth it. We saw about 15 mountain goats at the top. Beautiful views. We will be back to continue on down to the Picnic Lakes from Mt. Aeneas once some more snow melts.

Last little bit was getting a bit strenuous but pretty amazing hike all the way up, especially the ridge walk at the end. Saw some goats up there but bring extra layers for the peak.

Amazing 360 degree views at the summit, well worth the hike!

This was our first hike on our trip from coastal texas(sea level). Beautiful trail all the way up to the summit. Saw a mountain goat up close who was very curious about us , hanging around until he finally let us pass to summit. The last mile and a half was pretty strenuous, with a steady long incline that ended with 23 degree wind chill and heavy snow/ sleet. Absolutely beautiful views 360 degrees. Lots of lakes below. Great mtn vistas. Backside was still covered in snow on july 2. Loved it.

Hiked this on 7/1/18 and it’s an absolutely gorgeous trail! Very steep and strenuous, but we got right up next to mountain goats, and the views were WELL worth the steep incline. Must do!!

Loved it. Views all the way up make it worthwhile . Went on a rainy cloudy day and couldn’t see anything up at the top once we were in the clouds. Lots of friendly people and dogs, most were kept on leashes. Multiple trails and ways you can take up to the top and on the way back down. Still lots of snow in some places. If you have the chance to do it definitely do !

We loved this hike. There was still a lot of snow but the views were stunning and even my seven year old could handle the climbs.

I absolutely love this hike. Views are amazing!

Great trail with stunning views, but definitely still a little early in the season. The trail head was about 1 mile away from where we parked due to the amount of snow on the road, and the first mile or so of the true trail was almost entirely covered with snow. There were quite a few fallen trees and snowy patches along our ascent, but nothing that kept us from making it to the top. Continue up the ridge from the station for some even better views - we were able to come fairly close to some mountain goats! Would absolutely go again, just maybe after some more snow melts.

Beautiful breathtaking views of Flathead valley and Hungry Horse Reservoir

2 months ago

Great for early morning hike The river was roaring when we went so it was really great walking next to it. Easy walking with pretty lookout!

Beautiful, easy walk

Amazing scenery all the way up. Beginning of Trail can be confusing. The view from the top is worth every step. We passed quite a few little mountain goats.

This is by far my favorite hike in the flathead valley! There hasn’t been a time when I haven’t seen some form of wildlife (mountain goats, moose, etc.). Highly recommend!

A nice walk along the river in the heart of Bigfork. Wonderful for kids and dogs.

Not as bad as I thought for a summit trail. It is a trek up but if you take your time you'll be fine.

7 months ago

Big Creek Hike as the local sign postage has - Swan River Trail is flat, long, and easy to navigate. Today there was about 16" of powder/packed powder on the trail so normally this trail would be a walk. Nice and quite, this path allows for views of the river and quite self-reflection. Bring the pup if you got one!

8 months ago

quiet and be ready for a swim

8 months ago

If you are looking for a trail that has steep switchbacks through the woods, with no noteworthy views for most of the hike, and little more than a dirt road at the end, then this is the hike for you! With the exception of a nice view of the lake at the beginning of the hike, this was a pretty disappointing hike.

10 months ago

Bug spray and cover up for the flies! We did this hike in late July with the beargrass on full display.

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