6 days ago

Most importantly - do NOT follow the alltrails map. We did not upload our recording since we went up the alltrails trail up but took the way down recommended by others. We took the swift current chairlift up 2 miles and were then recommended to take bone crusher up to the trail. We took the all trails trail up which is not a trail. If not doing the chairlift, we were told to take moose tracks to bone crusher and then up lone mountain and to take the same way down. Lone mountain was made entirely of shale rocks and felt unstable to walk on. This hike is definitely not for those afraid of heights or unsteadiness. We were told the 'actual trail' is supposedly new and definitely not broken in. We encountered several others on the trail so we knew we were going the right way after going up the wrong way. Ropes were along the ridge but were not secured for grabbing. On the way down (on the way we were instructed to go up) there was more shale rock and a lot of three-point climbs but it was manageable. The experience was worth the hike but hoping that the 'new trail' the locals talked about gets more broken in for others so its a little less sketchy on the rocks.