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Ran this trail, challenging hills, decent straight aways, definitely do it again

Beautiful hike. Will be back.

1 day ago

Great trail! According to my Fitbit it was closer to 8 miles... will definitely be back!

1 day ago

Well blazed trail with some scenic lake views, especially during the winter. A bald eagle flew from a branch overlooking the lake as we walked by. I would rate this trail as easy and not moderate.

trail running
1 day ago

I’ve reviewed this trail in the past but I wanted to do so again. I ran the trails today and was impressed to see that all the leaves have been raked or blown off the trail. Seeing how many rocks on this trail can make the risk of mechanical injuries quite high if you’re not careful it was a real blessing to be able to see the trail so well. I don’t know who’s doing the maintenance or who’s paying for it but I want to say thanks to those who are doing it.

Nice easy trail.

trail has markings on trees, but I had to stop and find the next marker several times. no way I could stay on trail without markers. the leaves cover the trail and had lots of small to softball size rocks you can't see because are covered. the trail isn't well maintained for hiking and no way I would bike it. seems like it is mostly used for equines. there is also creek crossing tough to find the trail
the good, it's better than sitting on the couch! it's mostly open hardwoods and decent scenery. plan on navigation challenge, watch your footing, not a running trail, have fun

2 days ago

This trail has been extended to 2.5 miles since it was added on this app. The first half of the trail is the same though. We spooked a covey of quail and a whitetail while walking the trail. We could just see the Bison in the distance and were later able to watch them from the road leading to the visitor’s center. The visitor’s center is a nice place to visit with several educational exhibits.

2 days ago

great trail, but not a lot of markings so a map or GPS would be really helpful. beautiful scenery. it was raining when we hiked it so we were completely alone.

2 days ago

nice trail. very well marked for 90% of the trail. one section on top of the mountain has no marking, but there is only one track so it's pretty hard to go astray. there were two river crossings that you had to get wet, but maybe they would be lower if there hadn't been as much rain. This is a very popular area, so expect a lot of people on the trails.

Can walk up the valley from the cabin to Schafer's lakes or down the old county road following along the current river. The lakes are 3 Springfed lakes which start the nearby creek. Need a 4 wheel drive if planning to take the old road from parkers Ford to cedar grove. Could hike and get some good views of the river. I live nearby and have hiked, driven and horseback riden trails on both sides of the river. Beautiful area.

2 days ago

Cold this time of year. Bring a gps, paper map and compass. Somebody tried to mark the trail but with the fallen leaves it’s easy to lose it. Some interesting things to see along the way.

2 days ago

Definitely not a hike, but if you're into art and like the outdoors, walking around the sculpture park is such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. It's one of my favorite places in St. Louis.

2 days ago

Educational walking trail around the perimeter of the battle site. Extra star for the history.

I found this trail difficult to follow. It's not we'll marked and mostly fields and paths through a wooded area.

One of my favorite trails to hike! The bluff overlooks are beautiful and there's two options based on what length of hike you want. It does get busy on the weekends in the spring/summer.

Beautiful, beautiful views.

4 days ago

Short, well marked trail. Lots of mosquitoes during the summer so protect yourself from them.

4 days ago

I took my three sons on this trail. It had been raining the night before and everything was still wet. The steps are very slick when they are wet. I was so happy when we got to the bottom of the hill. The Vibram soles on my shoes did not give me much traction and my sons slipped several times on the rocks. I do not recommend this trail after or during a rain.

Awesome trail 2 huge Eagles live just Southwest of where Smith creek meets Cedar creek.

Easy trail! Amazing birds!

5 days ago

Great for beginner, also had dog with.

Great workout if you just need a good burn. Took the older trails as well for a longer trek.

mountain biking
6 days ago

This trail is laid out well with MTN. bikers in mind.

Lmao what a joke. Yes a good trail for this part of the country, but THE DRAMA of inexperienced hikers/reviewers. I get it, not everyone has climbed a mountain or even done a 14er. But the clamorous reviews of some group needing to come down because of a little rain and thinking they were about to die...really ridiculous.

Fairly easy hike, can be done in 1 day, more fun in 2.

4 stars because it’s the best you’ll get down there. -1 for the drama, but if this was in any other part of the country...it would be 1 Star. Btw there is some wildlife, no bears but “little bears” that may get into your pack. So pack smart!

Nice relatively easy hike, mild grade. Fabulous view at the bluff at the end. Definitely worth it.

8 days ago

Enjoyable hike. Spooked some whitetail and turkey along the trail. Did it as an out and back and not as a loop this time.

Trail was a bit muddy today after the rain but still highly recommend. Good challenge with the constant ups and downs. Saw only one other group of hikers and a few hunters.

It was beautiful, but the trail was not well-maintained and we got lost multiple times. It would be much better if there was more than one trail marker. But, pretty!

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