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Missouri Map

Hunting area beginning sept. 1st. wouldn't recommend at this time unless you are familiar with the area. Was passing through, wanted to exercise dog here. Not a good place this time of year for that. 11/14

on Castle Trail

1 day ago

1 day ago

loved this trail. it got a little confusing a few times with all the leaves on the trail but overall so worth it!

1 day ago

Nice walk. Interesting on a cloudy late fall day when most of the leaves had fallen. Trails are not especially well-marked so I am still not sure how much of it I actually covered, I just wandered around for a couple of miles. Saw a few people on the paved part but I did follow an unpaved section along the creek too. Enjoyed it. Will definitely go again.

Beautiful trail with a variety of scenery and terrain. The views from from the bluffs are amazing and walking along the river you'll see some really neat trees. Watch for the RED trail markers as it can get a little confusing.

Went this morning with husband and dogs. Great trail. I loved all the changing sceneries. It went from woodlands, to creek beds, to meadows, to rock quarry’s, and then pinky pathways. Very beautiful and it was pretty well maintained and the trails were marked and easy to find.

There are other good and informative reviews of the Hercules-Glades Wilderness area, but I wanted to put my comments here because this posting more closely resembles what we did. My son and I spent our Thanksgiving Week 2017 doing this loop over 3 days and 2 nights. We started at the Fire Tower Lookout on the east side of the park. This is a great trailhead area (actually two trails start here). There is good parking, some picnic tables, and a dual-porta-potty. The "Pilot Trail" and "Pee's Hollow Trail" head is on the northern end of the parking lot, and the "Long Creek Trail" head is on the west side.

Bring a map and compass. The park has recently been updated with signage, which is a blessing, but a couple of times we still got turned around and the map and compass saved us.

We started westward on the Long Creek Trail which was very nice all the way down to where the water falls would be (they were bone dry in November) The Rock Springs Trail was a bit steep at first but leveled out pretty nicely and transitions into a unique cedar forest. We spent the night about a hundred meters off to the right (north) in a makeshift campsite, which was quite fun. Easy to get turned around in there, so be sure of your bearings.

Next day we continued the hike westward on the Rock Springs Trail until we approached the Devil's Den area, which has a large campsite on both sides of Long Creek (eastern side and western side). The branch to go northward onto the Devil's Den Trail was very difficult to spot with the fallen leaves and there was no signage. But we found it at the back of the first campsite (the one on the east side of the creek) and was able to ascend the very steep incline. After a few heavy breaths the trail basically levels out and leads for a while along several heavily wooded ridges.

The "T" junction between the Lower Pilot Trail to the west and the Upper Pilot Trail to the east was marked with a post and a pile of rocks. We took a quick snack break here and headed east towards Upper Pilot Knob. After a couple of hours we decided to bush-whack it up the creek valley between the two eastern-most hills of Upper Pilot Knob. We were not disappointed. It wasn't that difficult work and the views at the top both northward and southward are spectacular -- probably the best in the park. Both of these adjacent hills have wooded campsites at the top with rock fireplaces and benches, and several additional fireplace areas nearby for overflow and for view-watching. The night sky stars were also amazing on top of Pilot Knob ... it was a clear night.

Next day we bush-whacked back down the northern face of Pilot Knob back to the Pilot Trail and made quick work of it back to the Tower Trailhead, in less than 3 hours. There were a few spots where the inclines were tiring, but overall was a good hike.

Would recommend visiting the Hercules Glades area in the spring after heavy rains to take advantage of the beauty of the waterfalls and creeks/streams throughout the area.

By all means this website http://www.ouachitamaps.com/Hercules.html has the best maps of the area. Recommend that you purchase this rather than the plain topo map. You will need to know the names of the various trail segments to match them when you encounter the signage.

1 day ago

To get to the trail as shown, do not follow the Chubb for 1.5 miles and cross over the train tracks. Instead, after descending the hill (about 0.5 miles in) look for an unmarked trail on the right that leads to a tunnel that goes under the train tracks. Going through the tunnel requires a hiker to duck to make it through since the ceiling is rather low. A flashlight would definitely help as it is rather dark in there. After exiting the tunnel, there is a trail that leads to the Castlewood Loop.

1 day ago

Awesome area to camp and hike. Busiek State Park is surrounded by thousands of acres of privately owned woodlands, so it would be wise to bring a map and compass of the area in case you go off trail to prevent yourself from getting lost. Also keep in mind that there are black bears in this area. Overall this is an awesome place to get out and enjoy nature. I give it 5 stars.

A very good place to camp and hike. Be sure to take a map and a compass and know how to use them, as Busiek state park is surrounded by thousands of acres of privately-owned woodlands. It would not be that difficult to get lost very quick if you had to go off trail. if you like to hike this is an awesome place to go, and Camp Creek makes an excellent catching feature. a word of warning, there are black bears in this area so hiker's and camper's need to exercise caution. Overall, I give this 5 stars.

2 days ago