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road biking
15 hours ago

Another Great Missouri State Park. it has so much to offer, we take visiting family members and friends out to see this place and try to schedule a tour of the mill, along with forcing the to either ride bikes around the lake or a nice walk around it. just long enough to get everyone breathing in some fresh air. However i stayed the night one night back in July of 2017, and I was sitting on picnic table having a snack and i had a fire in the pit, when all of the sudden I heard what sounded like a bobcat scream, when I jumped up to see just what the heck just happened. and it was two raccoons fighting just on the other side of the picnic table in was trying to have a snack. I was sleeping in a tent that night also. I couldn't hardly sleep there were raccoons creeping around all night. Then morning rolled around and i was gathering stuff to pack up, there was one in the bed of my truck and had been chewing on my cooler, trying to rip me off, then he was reluctant to get out. I had sprayed insect repellent around when I first got there. I would have thought that would kinda keep those guys away to. Nope.

road biking
15 hours ago

I will start off with saying,"there isn't a trail around Smithville lake thst isn't worthy of going to see."
All the trails link together and can be a bit confusing at first. Trails are aging. but they are doing a great job at keeping them in good shape. I recommend these trails to anyone, they provide alot of shade as well as open areas, thst on most days, you'll be able to get a good breeze blowing across the lake. some days you'll appreciate it other days it will be your worst nightmare. Come on out and see for yourself, trails just don't get much better than these.

road biking
15 hours ago

This is a very nice place to ride, a few hills to manage, and it could be a little longer. perfect for evening walks. or jog. However it is nice and smooth, and large portion is shaded.

Very interesting rock formations. Just a couple of areas where it’s hard to tell where the trail goes. In those cases, the app is handy with a downloaded map because cell coverage is spotty.

road biking
1 day ago

This place is great. It has a small but interesting museum, a restaurant, a treehouse built on the show Treehouse Masters, a souvenir shop, and a learning center in addition to the trail. It is pricy to check it all out, though. $10 to get in and $10 to walk (it is more money to bike ride). It is a tourist attraction, so it’s not an exclusive walking/biking trail. They do tram rides, Segway tours, fly fishing, and lots of other things. I’m fortunate enough to be a local, so I have a season pass. I go to the park very often, and since I bring my own bike, it’s free. If you live nearby, and would visit enough, a season pass is definitely the best option. The trail is paved and has been updated and worked on after last year’s flood in April. It is mostly a smooth bike ride, and if you don’t stop much, it’s about an hour ride. I believe that there are a few short, unpaved trails that go through the woods that you can hike on. There are a lot of cool waterfalls and caves to see. There might still be a brochure that has some history on those marked spots. I would recommend checking it out if you don’t mind paying $20. It’s a really great family place and all the people who work there are very nice. Sometimes it can be very crowded, so plan your time out.

Not marked very well, but a great hike. Wanted to see the waterfall, but it was dry.

Excellent hike to get out of the city. I hike this a few time a year.

Beautiful area! The trails are not very long but the hills a very steep, so you get a great workout in a short distance. The trails are paved, but in steep areas it is still a good idea to be cautious. Lots of wildlife to see and the nature center is pretty cool too.

Trails have been marked with signs, making navigation of the area so much easier. Solid moderate hike that does require paying close attention to your surroundings to remain on trail. Be sure to grab a map of area at trail head.

Would be really nice in warmer weather when it greens up. Trail is not clearly marked in some areas. Awesome ending.

Excellent trail hike. Elevation drops a bit as you near the falls which is the most difficult part of the hike. Go after a recent rain event or in the wet season to see the falls in all their glory.

For Missouri this is some great hiking/backpacking. It is rugged, and some decent hills that will get you out of breath. You have access to go to the top of Russell Mt. and Taum Suak Mt. along the way. I went in March, so the waterfalls a mile or so past Taum Sauk were flowing. Slept at a campsite about a 1/8 of a mile away from the falls. Without the leaves on the tree you get to see some pretty cool views along the way. During the summer the views would be much more limited. Devils Tollgate is about another mile down the trail past the falls. Give your self time to hike it, the hills and the rocky trail will slow you down a bit. The Taum Suak section of the Ozark Trail is the best hiking and backpacking in Missouri.

Beautiful trail. not super kid friendly, kids need to be monitored as there are many bluffs, drop offs, and steep declines/inclines on rocky/rooty trails. watch for copperheads in summer and fall, afterall you are hiking in their backyard. very easy to go off trail. download trail map, spotty service in some areas.

The trail was beautifully maintained with a wide walking path for the most part. If it was summer, you would not have much cover as most of the path is out in the open. We really appreciated the clean restrooms at the trailhead!
My only concern was the total lack of signs. Once you began there were numerous choices and absolutely no way of picking which direction was the listed 5.2 Moreau Creek Trail. Many times there were three ways you could go, two indicated horse trails but never was there a marked hiking trail. It was very confusing and had I not had this app I might still be on the trail

trail running
2 days ago

Great short trail run loop. Definitely some rocky parts, but the trail is really beautiful with moderate elevation changes, creek crossings, and gorgeous views of the park. I met only one couple hiking on the trail, around sunset time. Can’t wait to run it again!

Nice walk with the family... Keep an eye out for turkeys, and deer...

Phenomenally beautiful trail with many waterfalls and geological formations.

Hike this trail quite a bit, as it's close to my house. Several different options based on length and skill level. One of my favorite places close to the city.

3 days ago

Nice view from the bluff just past halfway down. This is an off-road vehicle trail.

4 days ago

Quick and easy trail when you need to kill some time. There were other trails as well I could have explored if I had the time. Four stars only because the marking seems random (luckily the trail was clear) and the only cool thing to see was the Gibson Spring.

Yes, I will run it again.

Great little 1 mike trail that is very well maintained. Educational and great views of the little creek that runs the property. This is a good one for kids or those who may have difficulty with elevation gains or uneven terrain.

This is a great trail for those looking for a moderate 4 mile hike. The park has an interesting history and the trail leads to a beautiful little creek, past nice rock outcroppings. There are some great views across the valley from the top and a cool old stone house that was built by an eccentric local businessman in the 60’s.

Great trail!

This seems like a joke. They aren’t even real trails, trashy, homeless camps, and constant visual of the roads....Do t waste your time.

This place has something for everyone. Great scenery, great inclines with a few switch backs, partially paved, partially natural, water, picnic tables, pavilions; I could go on and on. I love this trail!

The map isn’t correct on this trail. My son and I hiked it yesterday 3/18/18. This is a short 1.75 mile loop that is a part of the 8 mile lake view trail at the state park. This is an easy walk on a well worn trail. What’s shown on the map is just actually part of the Lake View trail.

I must be a terrible hiker. People on here claim to start at the Bell Mountain Wilderness (Highway A) and get to the peak (Taum Sauk) in 6 hours with 30lbs packs and what have you. Bell Mountain to Taum Sauk is a 30 mile trail. That's 10 minute miles. Plan ahead and give yourself some time. It took us about 14-15 hours to complete across two days. Saw some boars, very pretty waterfall, amazing viewpoints. Everything you can need to know about this trail is located on the OzarkTrail website.

Awesome hike. The land bridge makes this well worth it, but hiking along the low river was also nice. There would be difficult areas to cross the river after heavy rainfall, but this is an exemplary short hike.

5 days ago

Excellent hike. It would be good to note this trailhead is directly behind the showerhouse that you will find if you pass the State Park visitor center and take the very next right turn, through the camping area. Start the loop to the right and you’ll be blown away by the views at the end. There are also awesome side trials to take to get great views of the river.

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