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Awesome trail. I had a late start so I did the loop clockwise and hung a hammock at the backpack campground which was a good low laying spot in between hills next to a creek bed. Finished the loop the next day which had some really cool features and scenery.

16 hours ago

Make no mistake, this is not a hiking trail. This was meant for ATVs, mountain biking, motorcycles, etc. The "trail" is a gravel road that loops around, where people fly down with their vehicles. Nice scenery, but not a good trail for hiking on foot like it's described above. If you want a serene trail with no noise or traffic, take a hard pass on this one.

Based on prior reviews, I was expecting a challenge with a poorly marked trail, but I found just the opposite - perhaps it was recently remarked? Watch for small brown “TRAIL” signs and square white blazes on trees and rocks. A great hike on a fall day.

road biking
20 hours ago

We tried to do the Al Foster trail starting with the directions at Castlewood Park. You have to take the river scene trail a ways to get there. This is definitely mountain biking - not road biking. Pretty trail but would not call this “easy” for kids to bike

Wonderful photogenic spot with great reflections of red mill in the water.

on River Scene Trail Loop

22 hours ago

Nice overlooks. Crowed but nice trail. My boys loved the nearby train and the water

I really like the trail, the history, and the grand staircase! Just make sure to follow the map on here because it was really easy to get confused.

The signage was way to inaccurate. The sign said we were .1 miles away, but it was closer to to 2 miles. I would not hike here again.

Would have given it a 5 star but poorly marked. Markers are only every mile. A simple blaze system would eliminate this. Started at the West end. The first half mile I was off trail and had to back track and then drove to Lone Elk lot to restart. Hiking rated difficult but only moderate at best. Completed the entire 13 miles plus. Will retry. Positives: very few on trail, peaceful, hills.

Very flat easy trail running through the flood plain. Lots of hickories, squirrels and even a woodpecker or two. I did the loop then turned around and went the other way in less than an hour.

i love it!

horseback riding
2 days ago

I ride this a couple times a week, it’s roughly 3.4 miles, not 2.8. There are some limbs & spots that could used cleaned up, but alternate routes are easy to access. The first couple times I rode I had wished things were better marked, but all in all it’s a good trail for a quick conditioning ride after work.

Nice easy trail paved and gravel through the woods. A couple of overlooks to Stockton Lake.

The trail marked here on the app isn’t what exactly what you get. I was told by some guys clearing brush that I was on private property. Oops.

3 days ago

Particularly nice trail in the spring and fall when it’s cool out. You walk along the river, and there are several places to access the river bank.

This is a beautiful area, the walk up to cemetery is a little strenuous, but my 70 yr old man can do it. It’s slippery in the rain. There are 2 benches on the way up, for those who want to just chillout. With the Mill and the river too, it makes this a lovely walk.

Good hike, not overly scenic, but typical of area. Couple bluff views, some water crossings. backpacker camps exist along trail.

Great views, and a pretty easy trail

Short, but nice escape inside suburbia.

Nicely paved and they are improving the areas that need it. Lots of deer, eerily friendly.

I only hiked the portion shared by the South loop as I hiked the entire south loop on 10/15/2018. It took me 7 hours with two short stops for about 15 minutes each and one about half way for about 30 minutes for lunch. Not many scenic views but there was such a nice diversity in the terrain. There was nice woodlands to some swampy area to open meadow. Part of the trail was closed and had to detour around.. It had rained the day before and several parts of the trail were muddy.So I am not sure if that was the cause of the detour. The trail was marked pretty good with the red and red/ green blazes. The most enjoyable part and most beautiful portion was that portion where the south and north loops share the trail. I would like to have been able to do the north loop as well to compare both loops.

one of the best places to hike in the state. the pines are incredible

Hiked on 10/16/2018, and there were no mosquitos (yeah!!). I have hiked the Clark Trail, and the longer Lewis version. Trees are starting to turn. By 11/1, this will be an incredible hike with beautiful bluff views.

For a special treat, hike about 1 mile to the first bluff for the sunset. Easy hike back with a head lamp.

Great walk with great views of lake from bluffs. Can access golf course and concessions there

5 days ago

great trail for a day hike or short backpack. gorgeous views

A beautiful area and easy to connect to the other trails nearby if you’re wanting to go longer. Usually well manicured, but the trails in the conservation area nearby are multi-use and have a lot of horse poop on them

on 370 Lakeside Trail

5 days ago

Easy paved trail.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Whoever rated this trail as easy is clearly talking about hiking.. I would not advise riding this trail without a certain degree of fitness and skill for some of the more technical rocky area. There are some reasonable climbs as well. Those are the things that make this trail fun however. Some pretty cool descends and switchbacks. Nice flowy sections too.

Great trail! The flatness of it makes it easy to go for long distances with no problems. You get some beautiful river views and nice open fields as well. If you want more fun, start by the Missouri River bridge and ride across on the sweet bike path. Turn right out of the river access, cross the road and turn left onto the path and away you go. Left again when you hit the actual Katy Trail. Fun times. Much love:)

6 days ago

Pretty cool trail. Rustic Missouri for sure. Make sure you keep an eye on the map because it's easy to lose the trail or make a wrong turn.

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