For the most part this trail was well marked. There are newly downed trees from CR 167 and C highway from a recent storm. There are flagged reroutes if you look for them, but they are hard to spot. I saw the trail volunteers working shortly after the storm and they may reroute part of that section. I would strongly advise using GPS tracking through this area. Some pretty creek crossings, but no "big" views. Nice hike overall, but I can see how some parts would definitely grow over quickly. If you don't have time to do this all in one go, there are several small CR that cross it, and almost all have at least one good parking place.

Remember to cross the bridge to start the trail. You don’t have to wade through the river. There was moments I didn’t feel like I was in Missouri. Stunning views, waterways, whispering pine forests, and glades. Peck Ranch wasn’t as difficult to navigate as some have mentioned, but be prepare and know how to read a map.

Moderate to easy trails depends on your fitness level and sense of adventure. Grew up in this area so holds a special place in my heart. Beautiful spring awesome blue color and absolutely gorgeous if we have alot of fall colors.

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Nice trail, been going there for years. Some of it is under construction due to the flood a little while back.

Sat May 18 2019

Paved walk to the biggest spring in Missouri and arguably in the United States. The trail continues on past the spring and by some tall bluffs. The last 100 feet or so of the trail is closed due to bridge construction.

Sat May 18 2019

Only about half of the trail is open. The other half is closed due to what I’m guessing is because there is construction of a new bridge next to the trail. The half that was open was a nice nature walk.

There is something transcendent about this part of Missouri. It whispers quiet lullabies of beauty and slowly, before you realize what is happening, you will find yourself enveloped in a wonderful dream of an endless green forest, beautiful waters, and gorgeous clifftop vistas. I love this trail and you will too.

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Thu Apr 04 2019

The northern half of the Current River Section is probably my favorite part of the whole OT. My friend Brandon and I fastpacked (slow trail running with a 15lb pack) the Current River, Between the Rivers and Eleven Point sections in 2 days (93 miles). In the Current River section there are many fast moving creeks, the mill and Stegal mountain with amazong panaramic views. The southern half was not nearly as enjoyable as many trees had been cut that covered the trail. I believe this was in Peck Ranch. Much of the Peck Ranch area had poorly maintained trail with overgrowth of briars (on March 31!) and had parallel trails with OT signs (confusing and very difficult even if you have a tracking app or inreach device). It was a beautiful bluebird day and we didn’t see. anyone else on the trail our whole time on the trail.

we were the only ones who walked thr trail was very peaceful. we seen 6 deer during the trail. Trail isnt marked so if you start from spring lake sure you turn right and not left and end of trail or you will be walking the current river trail

We didn't get far because you literally have to wade through the river to begin the trail. However, I did it . It was only knee deep and not slick - just be ready to take off your shoes and wade across. So, we spent the day climbing around the beautiful waterfall and up the mountain beside it. We were able to see quite the view just there! It was so worth it!

Thu Nov 30 2017

A pleasant easy walk in the fall. I took my camera and shot kingfishers, woodpeckers and of course, the Springs

This is a beautiful section of the OT!! It doesn't get as much traffic as the Northern sections, but man it is awesome!

First time to Missouri and I was not dissatisfied. Trail conditions were good considering the amount of leave cover, only real downfall was amount of traffic even this early in the year. The weather was unseasonably warm as I'm sure that played a part. I would consider another trip down the Ozark Trail again. Many other sections to explore.

This is a wonderful section . Every little bit there is a new wonder or something to investigate. It makes for a wonderful summer event with all the watering holes. Our family loved this trail with only one exception. The last mile is low land over growth and not fun. The rest of the trail makes it well worth it. I recommend a camp on the bluff. It's a little difficult to get water but well worth it. My children are 6 7 & 8 . They were able to do it just fine so can you.

Peck Ranch not easy. Much overgrowth of stickers and sections of trail not clearly marked.

Sun May 10 2015

Nice sites. Restrooms under repaired.

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