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Great trail. It was well blazed and very easy to follow. We camped next to the creek and it was great. I could see of the trial could get difficult to follow when overgrown, but it's very well taken care of right now and should be the rest of 2018. There are plenty of good spots for bigger and smaller groups alike. Tons of mosquitos out there this time of year, so be sure to bring bug spray if you're planning on an overnight!

mountain biking
2 days ago

A fun trail. A few more trail markers would help but still a fun ride thru some tight fast sections.

great variety of terrain, flora + fauna

not clearly marked at all

My friend and I ventured here when we met up in Columbia and this was a spur of the moment wander. The trail was a boardwalk and the cave was very cool.

Just right for my skill level. There is one point after the 1.5 mile marker in the counter clockwise direction where two trees are very close together and on an up slope right after a down and corner, so in a transition I guess, that brought me to a stop both times I reached it.
There were also two logs that I kind of had to pause to go over, but that is mostly because my bike is more cross country edition and has the large sprocket on the front that many mountain bikes these days do not have.
Overall, great ride and flows well, definitely a course one could ride for a while without getting bored and at the same time improving your skills and confidence.

I’ve been coming to this trail for years and always enjoy the hike every time. It doesn’t take too long and isn’t too hard. The trail is thin, but I usually avoid going on weekends and I only have to pass 1 or 2 people. Nice to do on a cloudy day.

The end of the loop wasn't clear and it was showing that we were off the trail. Ended up going back with a quick short cut across the creek almost midway...other than that it was beautiful and scenic. Our shepherd mix enjoyed it as well and loved the creek. Good memories

Nice park, lovely views of the river and interesting trees. I’ve walked this trail a few timed before and enjoyed it BUT I did not realize until today that it is near a shooting range. There were loud sounds of gunfire almost the whole duration of the walk, which was unsettling and distracting and why I gave it three stars. Most of the trail is also very sunny, not much shade which may be an issue for some.

Great hike! Did the north loop today and it was great. Some parts of the trail were a little overgrown but nothing to crazy. Would love to go back and see what it looks like in later fall.

One of the only local places in relation to St. Louis where there’s some freedom to do as you please. Atv/dirt bike trails are narrow and hard to see if someone is coming the other direction. The place gets packed in the flats near the parking but if you hit the trails you’ll get more freedom. Overall it was a great time just wish there was more to explore as I found myself quickly hitting the same spots as I rode around.

mountain biking
5 days ago

This is my go to trail at Landahl, since I'm still fairly new to mountain biking. I do Family Trail going out and then Will's Wanderer (the actual trail name) coming back. They're not too hard but both definitely have some tricky spots. The trail was changed this year to make the end a little less challenging and to avoid some huge rocks. Dave's Maze is another great trail that connects to these two and is about the same level of difficulty.

This trail is incredible! Beautiful terrain and scenery all the way to Taum Sauk Mountain. Definitely a challenge; make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks because you'll be out there for awhile!

6 days ago

I would really like to find the loop. we followed the trail until it went into the stream bottoms and then started climbing muddy bluffs. never have found the "trail" and I would love to know where the campsite is. I think it would be a great backpacking weekend with a campsite. if u know where it is please let me know. Kent@hubbardservices.com

worst maintained trail I've ever seen. We spend most of our time trying to find our way to markers. We had two small children with four adults. We had to climb over trees and walk through washed up wood from the flood.

6 days ago

ran this trail. very peaceful. lots of areas to get water if you run dry.

Very pretty area. Large variety of wild flowers.

Went with my girlfriend for our anniversary, wonderful sights and great trail for beginners like us, will definitely be back!

Got lost once so the 2.3 mile track was more like 3. Beautiful and a good time.

The hike itself was find it just took us around 3 hours to do the loop because there were around ore 100 or so spider webs in the middle of the trail. Not so much fun swatting webs every so often. The small loop around the park was really nice though.

This trail takes you up over the hatchery. There is an overlook above the spring but really you can’t see much of the spring. Overall I wasn’t too impressed by this trail. It was a good climb however.

Hiked this trail this morning. I would start by saying that it was a great trail. BUT it is not a good trail for very young kids. It is very steep. Pretty much you go straight up. It levels off a bit then you go straight down. The walk down was a bit slick and you have to be very careful. Saw a family walking in on our way out and I was genuinely worried about the young boy they had with them that was having a very hard time keeping his footing. This trail is an interpretive self guided trail so be sure to get a white pamphlet from the nature center so you will know what they are wanting you to see at each station. There are three small caves on this trail that they will let you go into. My favorite part was the last station where the Devils kitchen is. This trail definitely gives you a workout but was fun overall.

Hiked this trail this morning. We started at the Chinkapin Nature Center. After walking the trail I definitely think this is the best place to start. Be aware that the first part of the trail is pretty steep and you will get a good workout but it is well worth it. The fire tower is no longer above the tree line as it was put in in the 30’s but you are allowed to climb it and you still get the feeling of being very high. Keep on traveling around past the fire tower and you will encounter a good downhill climb. Then a beautiful view of a bluffline and then the glades. Near the end you get a short walk along the river before it comes out in the campground. With a short walk back to the nature center. As was said by earlier posts you do have to cross the highway a couple of times but personally I don’t think it took away much from the overall experience. It was a great trail with lots to see.

The trail terrain is pretty easy with hiking boots on. Beautiful scenery!

horseback riding
10 days ago

Very rocky, one nice view overlooking the lake.

The trail was lightly travelled which was evident by the amount of spider webs I walked through. Over all the trail was clearly marked and the sites were beautiful. I would recommend long pants because of the underbrush and water proof shoes for the cave.

Great trail with lots of shaded areas, very clean and well maintained

Pretty Isolated. Grass is a little bit High(9-2018). Some of the trail goes along a River-bank. Then it goes up and to the left...from what i seen...not much up there. If you're looking to just get-aeay...this is the place.

we have tried this trail twice with our kids and get a bit confused after we cross mail road and follow it up to park area. we have no idea where to go from there and we even asked a park ranger, who said he cuts the grass on trail, and said it's not a loop but in order to go back to parking lot, you have to walk same route back?

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