Santa Fe

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A meandering trail following the contours of the lakeside hills. Pleasant enough, and good wildlife to encounter, but nothing much for views or exciting finds beyond the old trees and rocky lakefront. I extended my hike by cutting over to the nearby Post Oak trail using the park roads.

Hiked from 4:30 to 7:30 on August 1st, with sundown around 8:30. Encountered frogs, squirrels, lots of small birds; I spotted a deer near the lakeshore for a distance, as well as a blue heron standing watch. I heard some crows and an eagle having some kind of fight, and an owl as the day wore on.

The old growth forest is on the North side of the park road. On the south side, the underbrush is thick and oppressive, so if you're looking to minimize bug bites stay on the North side.

My biggest suggestion is quickly find a good stick (walking or just decently long) and keep your eyes open because you will be knocking down spider webs all the way! I ended up treating the trails as out-and-back rather than a loop. That way, after clearing the webs on the way out, my return march was almost entirely free of webs and much more relaxing.