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There was spider webs everywhere, with spiders all at face level, we didnt make it very far before we had to turn around , the trail was over grown in had parts, and it was not marked very well. it was very disappointing.

1 day ago

Has some great views not blocked by vegetation. We did encounter 3-4 down trees that blocked the trail and we couldn't hop over without walking off the trail some. Much to our delight, we didn't encounter one tick! Overall I recommend it!

We hiked the day after a pretty hard rain, so there were some muddy spots. You have to walk a while before you get to the actual trail. Thank goodness for the blue ribbons and arrows to mark the trail. You have to walk through some pretty grassy areas that haven’t been cut back. There is a beautiful outlook area that you can see the lake.

Gravel trail through brush. Nothing scenic.

You know there are a few neg reviews...., but what it’s worth, it’s all opinion. I my self have been here twice once during a red flag day and once on the yellow flag. Some reviews are right if it’s during the “swim” season, then it’s probably not going to be as beautiful because there are a ton of people swimming through the natural slides of shit ins. However during the rainy or off season this park is gorgeous! Roaring waters, the smell of spruce and pine, greenish blue waters, a waterfall, traverse landscape...... I totally loved the shut ins during the red flag day. It was before the stores opened and tourist flooded it. We were one of about three couples there and it was peaceful and beautiful. I agree it should probably be rated a mild moderate. Probably not to good for kids in some places, but with a watchful eye should be ok.

I thought this trail was pretty cool. Visited it twice, 1st time didn’t have enough time to hike it fully which was a shame because the second time was very dry. The water fall was not a waterfall. It was supposed to be 135 ft waterfall. It was still beautiful country tho. Tough for someone less experienced I think. Lots of rock and elevation. 106 heat index when my group trekked it. Still it had a few areas to filter water and plenty of shade.

we have been here a couple of times for short hikes when we just wanted to get out for awhile with the dogs. it is very easy to hike and the views are so beautiful.. Bring your camera.

nice little nature trail..saw deer turtles ..pretty cool..

short but fun along the river

Love this trail, my daughter and I hike it often.

3 days ago

First time coming here in warm weather. I prefer early spring for sure. What a difference a month makes. I came in mid-April and it was perfect for overnight backpacking.
This time, I tried a different section than usual and planned a day hike to the scenic overlook near the campground. I brought my 11y.o. for the first time. We had to turn back because the trail was completely overgrown and it essentially vanished. We bushwhacked a couple hundred more yards hoping it would clear a bit but no luck. The thorny growth covering the trail was too thick and tall for my kiddo to manage at his height. I love this area but will definitely limit my hikes to fall and spring when there's less vegetation. To my surprise, I only found one tick on me! I think the tick population has exploded since then.

Lov it!

Decent trail that was easy to follow and nice scenery. Biggest set back was the numerous ticks and horseflies we encountered. We had sprayed beforehand with tick defense bug spray but still pulled or brushed off over 50 ticks between the two of us

We walk this trail most weeks with the dogs. The trail is well marked until the last hill, after that its a little overgrown. We walk to the pond and loop back, its the perfect distance for a quick walk near town, through the forest, as it takes us around 30 minutes.

mountain biking
3 days ago

love this trail.

This trail should definitely be marked as moderate. There are multiple steep and rocky inclines and a few drop offs. I would not recommended this trail for children. Also towards the end of the loop the trail split into 2 paths with neither of them heading back the correct way. Not my favorite trail by far.

Super fun! The spring at the end of the tunnel is good for wading in. Not much elevation gain but there are a few steep climbs. A lot of tall grass and shrubs so definitely bring bug spray.

great trail. a little of everything from up hill down hill. very rocky in places

4 days ago

Hiked CCW the loop on the north side of Highway KK on Tuesday afternoon, 7/17/18. No one else had been on the trail all day as I encountered tons of spider webs spanning the trail.

Luckily, I didn't pickup any ticks even though the trail was a bit overgrown in places. I also encountered about 7 down trees crossing the trail. The primitive campground was empty and the spring down the hill from it was dry.

I didn't run into swarms of mosquitoes, but there seemed to be at least one that nagged me most of the hike in spite of my Deet.

The wildlife were pretty sparse. I encountered two deer but surprisingly no squirrels at all. The birds in the canopy were also rather quiet.

I've hiked this trail several times since 2015. All in all, this is a very nice hike.

My GPS tracked the loop at 3.6 miles. I hiked very leisurely which took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes including breaks at the primitive campground and the spring.

we will go back in the fall to hike and see the pinnacles.

A big loop with some off-set trails. Its good for the casual walker.

Very boring besides a couple waterways, you should really just bike it instead of hiking it. Lots of bugs. Better off going somewhere else.

Beautiful trail. Very maintained. Like 60 seconds from the city. Map at trailhead, however seemed to be a lack of trail markers while on the trail.

Great paved and off road trails! A new favorite!

It’s a nice little nature trail to go for a walk, but me and my husband went there with our 2 year old and got so lost. There are several intersections and no signs or anything, so make sure you know where you’re going. But other than that it was a nice place to get out into some nature.

Nice little spot within Lee’s summit. I’ve lived in LS for a few years but never noticed this park was here. There is a paved trail that goes around the softball fields but then a mulch nature path that goes through the woods
and up to a creek. Me and my 2 year old had fun but didn’t get to explore all of it because of the heat but we’ll definitely come back. It was pretty clean too, I did see a little trash but not as bad as other parts of the KC metro area. There’s also a playground before you get to the trails.

5 days ago

Nice little place to take the kids or go for a walk. I struggle with finding good places to hike in he Kansas City area so this will do in a pinch. My 2 year old had a great time. One part of the trail goes right up next to a busy street, separated by just a thin layer of trees, so it’s not the most “nature-y” or secluded/remote by any means but still nice. Did find quite a bit of trash which is very disappointing.

5 days ago

Plenty of steps and rugged in places. Nice view of spring and cliffs with several side trails including one set of stairs that leads to a cave, although exploring it requires a permit.

Short interpretive trail with signs posted on different tree species on the trail.

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