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We enjoyed our 2 1/2 hike on Saturday Aug 4th. The weather was perfect for hiking. The map read that there "would" be ticks and to use tick repellent but of course that's the one thing we didnt bring. Half way through the hike we got seedticks up to our ankles Even my dog got seed ticks on her legs. So what I would recommend is to bring tick spray and a change of shoes for after the hike. After our hike, we went to Moon Valley and waded around in the water. That helped our ankles

Nice trail! We took our small dog and had no troubles. the trails are marked well at the creek crossings. as I go along the trail you will creeks, a small water fall (that is a perfect place to take break.), and the trail goes along the bluffs at one point.

paddle sports
9 days ago

Great float river. Very busy, do during the week to miss the crowds We did 26 miles talking out at Lead Mine.

10 days ago

Did this trail last weekend but had to stop at the creek. Water sources along trail are low because lack of rain and smelled so I would not filter.
Going south bound from Ozark Outdoor, at the 2.5 mile mark there are trees down over the trail and will require you to climb over them.
Overall great hike and beautiful views.

This was mostly a horse trail. The conservation department has re-routed the trail we were trying to follow causing us to take a wrong(?) turn and cutting a couple of miles off of our intended route. Instead of hiking down along the Niangua River we skirted the ridge above it. Also, according to the map, at one point we had a choice of three paths back to our vehicle. Fortunately, we chose the correct one as the other two ended up being closed to allow vegetation to regrow. However, we didn’t discover that until we saw signs where the other two “old” trails merged with the “new” one. Also, there was not one point where we could find an actual paper map to follow. We happened upon a campground that showed us where we were and where we needed to go. Be prepared to do a lot of up hill!

12 days ago

Nice trail that’s mostly a fine gravel path. There are multiple resting / viewing areas with benches. Also it was surprisingly scenic being so close to the Chesterfield valley shopping centers.

Grew up on this stretch of the river. One of the most beautiful places. Lots of trails, fishing, hunting, and canoeing opportunities. Summer is very hectic with tourists. I've quit going on the weekends because of the # of people. Autumn is perfect...less people....amazing colors.

we really enjoyed this hike. we went on July 23. it's very pretty, lots of creeksnand streams both big and small. there is a pretty waterfall about halfway through. you do have to cross water multiple times, there is rocks at all the crossing to walk on but there's a good possibility of getting your feet wet. at the waterfall half way through there Is a trail following the creeks that you can take to get closer to it. can be a little steep but the terrain isn't bad. we had a fun time on this hike.

Highly recommend especially the cliffs along the river. But even deep in the woods the trail was built into the side of the hill as it snaked around hills and ravines. Lots of rocks and roots in the trail. Sometimes the trail seemed to dead end into the hill just to make a 90degree turn and continue around the hill. Hiked in about 2hrs with a 6 yr old and a 60 yr old. Really pretty.

21 days ago

Decent trail. Beginning is neat with the river over look. Did a lil trail walk/running on this one with the “Zombies, Run!” App. Fun times.

Easy trail. Pretty wide open. Bring good shoes since there are jagged rocks along the trail.

23 days ago

Easy access, level and paved walking surface, plenty of options to fish (although nothing was biting!). It’s a newer park so no tree shade but there are covered pavilions when you want to rest and get out of the sun. Lacks a playground so the kids were disappointed about that. But great for me for walking/running.

There was spider webs everywhere, with spiders all at face level, we didnt make it very far before we had to turn around , the trail was over grown in had parts, and it was not marked very well. it was very disappointing.

Nice trail. Should be fairly easy for everyone

trail running
1 month ago

Great for a flat run. I live close by so I got this trail often. More than half the trail is paved and the rest is tightly packed, small gravel so nothing difficult about this one. it's usually busy but is wide enough to pass walkers with ease.

road biking
1 month ago

I absolutely love this trail to bicycle on. It can get crowded but everyone uses trail etiquette. the lake is beautiful to see at sunset.

First, this isn't a natural lake; it's a man made hole in the ground filled with water.....built in a flood plain to boot. Second, there is no shade because its so new the trees have not grown, and they never will because it's in a natural flood plain that doesn't support the type of flora/fauna they installed here. Third, it's not really a hiking trail, it's a combo fish/boat/campsite. If you want a stroll around a lake in the middle of an industrial park it's ok. Can be beautifully quiet.

Very heavily congested trail. The scenery is lovely and it's a peaceful hike around the lake, but you will constantly be dodging joggers, bikers, strollers, children, and pretty much everyone. I suggest going early morning or late evening, good times for quiet and to watch the sunrise/sunset.

1 month ago

Some of the reviews and recordings are of the .3 mile trail that is closer to the spring. The 2.9 mile trail runs along the Current River from a parking area that I had to walk to because the road was closed.

This trail is mostly level but narrow in spots by the river. There is a washout of a couple of feet where the trail has fallen into the river but the trail is still being maintained and easily passable. When this trail connects up with the .3 mile trail it becomes much better defined.

The spring has a viewing deck at the base of the cliff and stairs up the side of the cliff to another viewing deck. The highlight was an Osprey flying down the river and a Summer Tanager calling in a Sycamore above the trail.

Easy trail but definitely congested. I have caught some great sunsets here along pics of some wildlife; pls be respectful

Great view and easy to trails

1 month ago

Enjoyable, well used trail that is nicely blazed. The left portion of the loop will take you directly to bluffs overlooking the Meramec River. There are several short side trails from there that give different views of the river along the bluff. The remainder of the trail passes mostly through forest although there are several wet weather streams to cross as well as a couple of glades. The entrance to the Cathedral Cave is toward the beginning of the right portion of the loop but was locked when I passed by.

road biking
2 months ago

Love this park! I have been there on days of the week and weekends, and neither time has it been crowded. Nice lake with fishing and boating activities (no motorized boats I hear); RV campsites look nice and well kept - and did see one tent camper my last visit. Paved trail goes around the lake and a paved off-shoot goes towards Spencer Rd. Nice dog park and pavilions. I will say though there is not a shady spot anywhere, so if hot come prepared.

For being on the edge of town this is a great place to go! We’ve seen numerous deer and turkey! We love this Nature Center!!! They have made upgrades to the trails with gravel and just adding more beauty to the area.

2 months ago

Good trails, cool scenery, many places to stop and cool off in the river. Didn't see any snakes, and bugs weren't too bad for me, doesn't mean they aren't there though, I jusr got lucky prob. Had conversations with the park staff and they are very friendly and helpful.

2 months ago

Great place to just take a walk or run. There are a lot of other people on the trail at the same time, but surprisingly it is still a very peaceful and quiet.

2 months ago

Really great trail with a lot of great views. However, there are a few points that the trail is not well marked, and it can be hard to know where to go.

Absolutely beautiful scenery, the creek has many mini waterfalls, the water is crystal clear. Rocks on the path are slippery but have small paths to navigate around them.

Great for an afternoon nature walk. One we will definitely walk again.

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