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Oliver, Missouri Map

Good combination of rugged and smooth trails, with moderate changes in elevation. It’s true that sometimes the road is nearby, but these trails offer a little bit of wilderness without a long drive. My dog and I ran 6+ miles with only overlapping a short distance on a connector trail. Would definitely run again.

The trails and intersections were very clearly marked. Spend a few minutes looking at the map before you leave to make sure you know exactly which route you want to take. Quite a few different options.

Really beautiful trails and very well marked. We went with some friends today so it was a total of 4 adults, 4 kids, and a dog. We had no issues with it at all.

There were a good amount of bikers and trail runners there too.

We’ll for sure be back!

Good trails just nothing exciting. Some views of the lake but from very remote and very few spots. Really no bouldering or climbing that we saw

Very well marked thats close to home so if I don’t have much time I’ll hike this in less than an hour at a fast walk.

I only hiked the Red trail. It was well marked and a well worn trail with very little chance of getting lost. Although I didn't see any bikers on my hike, it is shared with them so be aware. I did see other hikers. I like to avoid trails near highways due to traffic noise. I go out in the woods to listen to the sounds of nature and to escape city and traffic noise so this was not a trail for me. I would imagine the trails leading further away from the highway would be devoid of traffic noise. That being said, this would be a nice trail for those who want a leisurely walk through some woods.

Only had a chance to ride the red trail and part of the blue trail. There were rocky sections that made it challenging and it seems like the blue trail was uphill the entire time. The trails are well marked and well maintained. Had a really good time and workout and suggest that you have some mountain biking experience or plan to walk over some of the tougher rocky sections.

mountain biking
4 months ago

For mountain biking the trail is probably more advanced than its moderate rating. There are some pretty rocky climbs but a good mixture of dirt single track and rocky down hills. Over all a pretty challenging course.

My wife and I spent an enjoyable time on the red trail. Well maintained and we even got to see a few trees showing off their fall colors. Another two weeks or so and it will be full-blown leaf peeping!

very nice trail for a stroll through the woods.

Nice trail with a mix of rock and dirt surfaces and elevation changes. We combined it with with half of the Blue trail for a 7 mile hike.

Great trail and you have options on how long you would like to make your trip

This hike includes all of the loops in the White River Trail System. It is a nice hike and there are a few hills but nothing too difficult for the area. It passes though a few glades and power lines, forest and crosses a few roads. It was an awesome hike and with the connector trails is about 11.5 miles. I have seen 3 deer on this trail, that was a nice highlight.

This trail was fun and had varying degrees of difficulty -ranging from easy to moderate. The trail offers "easy" and "advanced" options...with the advanced options simply being a little bit more rocky terrain. We took one of the connector loops and came across the rock bridge...which was great. The trail goes through forests, small fields, and does not have any steep climbs or slopes so overall I'd rate it an easy trail.

My favorite trail locally !

not crowded, good variety of easy terrain, gorgeous vegetation; decent, clean bathroom at trail head

Loved this trail. Do take the adventure/ difficult loops. Best scenery and not that hard. Good birdwatching especially woodpeckers.

Exactly the easy hike I was wanting today! Clearly marked, well maintained trail that runs near the river and alongside a few wonderful streams.

Nice fairly flat easy well marked trail - started at the blue loop, hit connector 4 and hiked the orange loop and then back down connector 4 to complete the entire blue loop - it was almost 7 miles total. Some good views of the dam along the way.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Great trail. There's a variety of terrain; hard packed trail, muddy, rocky... it's got it all. Nice scenery, mostly well maintained trail with numerous routes.

Well kept trail. Fun walk with the family. It very kid friendly.

They rate this trail as difficult.
Our GPS said 3.4 miles. We did the red loop today in 1 hr 20 min. I would say it's easy to moderate. There is some uneven footing but nothing too difficult. We are here in the fall and saw no water.
I suspect in the spring there would be water and muddy spots. It was a beautiful sunny day in November :)

Good, well-kept trail but I expected better views.

mountain biking
Saturday, October 01, 2016

We rode mountain bikes for the entire trail system which totaled about 12 miles. We started on the red trail and just kept taking lefts every time the trail forked. It was a great trail system. Good mix of climbs, downhills, and technical sections. The added bonus was the pretty scenery of the Branson hills. We will definitely be coming back!

Good trail. Do not believe the sign that says the red loop is 2.5 miles. It's longer than that. Closer to 3.2. My kids liked it, but started complaining towards the last 1/4 mile that it was too long. But other than that it was good. Also the trailhead is not where the indicated pin is on the app. It's further down the road. Look for the signs that say trailhead.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

loved all the loops in the orange loop a primitive cabin and root cellar. great views. good climbs. I have mountain biked these as well. a little challenging as the trails are not well maintained. be prepared to hike bike in a few places if your not a advanced rider.

mountain biking
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

rocky lots of switchbacks and great challenges. strong hills. rated difficult by the park of the 4 connecting trails. also known as the red loop. I've hiked it as well great hike.

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