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Middlebrook, Missouri Map

Old double-track trail. Very old, though, so not as unpleasant as double-track sounds, although you could drive a car along most of the trail.

Very rocky in the initial ascent, but only for that first mile.

Beautiful glades. Only saw one other party, although it was a Thursday.

Cool place love the history. The dog was wiped out after running on all the rocks.

The map on this app combines the .4 mile unpaved Engine House Ruins Trail (a point to point trail) with the 1 mile paved Braille loop trail. The Engine House Ruins Trail starts halfway around the loop of the Braille Trail at the old roofless rock engine house building and passes by an old flooded quarry before connecting back up with the Braille Trail. The Braille Trail passes by the same quarry on the opposite side from the Engine House Ruins Trail. The trail is very busy on summer weekends but gives a nice view of the Elephant Rocks in the park.

A bit rocky for a trail run this long but no problem for hikers. I was fighting with spider webs strung across the trail about every twenty strides and almost stepped on a copperhead so be sure to stay on the lookout for that. There was a really nice view about 2.5 miles in that you can also stop at on the return trip. All in all I enjoyed this challenging run and would recommend it to anyone looking for some really good hill workouts.

The trail is cool, it’s all paved until you get the option by the old train house to go off the beaten path, it’s totally worth it. Once you walk and see the cliff face to take photos of the flooded quarry it makes the whole thing worth the view. Being able to climb up on the rocks. And over look the whole stateside.

An easy shady walk through some of Missouri’s best scenery, information is posted all over the trail about the history of the area, rocks, and features along the trail. You’ll see the Elephant Rocks, Engine House, and an old Quarry turned lake with gorgeous scenery all along the trail. Be mindful of snakes, this is their territory after all and there are several poisonous kinds in the area to be aware of.

I got stood up for a date by a guy, but not before getting some recommendations on places to hike. This was one of them. These rocks are really cool, so it was worth it. Joke’s on you, guy!

This place is absolutely awesome! so much fun to run around and climb rocks with my dogs

I enjoyed the entire experience as it is hard not to when out in the beauty of the world. More water would be valuable if you are looking to spend some time on the summit. An epic hike, I will be back xo

Solid loop with everything a regular hiker could want. The full loop is 10.5 miles with most of the climbing out of the way early. The hike starts with a steady climb straight up to the highest point of the hike. Once to the top of Burford Mt you follow the ridge line to summit at 5 different peaks. The first peak is the highest point but is covered in small trees with no view, the second peak has large glades and rock structures to cross. The third peak is similar to the first. After the 3rd peak you will reach the portion of the trail where the actual loop starts. Keep left to reach Bald Knob in about a half mile or stay right to reward yourself with the views at Bald Knob at the end of your loop. The hike from trailhead to Bald Knob is just over 3 miles. Bald Knob is located on the 4th summit of the ridge. Continue on to the fifth summit and then back around the loop to peak #3. The trail does not have switch backs so expect steep and rocky conditions. Hiking poles come in handy for the trip back down Buford Mt for extra stability.

5 months ago

Short easy hike through some rock formations. Super busy on a Saturday morning with lots of kids around. It's fun to act like a kid and climb around the rocks a bit.

The Elephant Rocks are the highlight of the trail. We ended up off the trail climbing through the rocks for quite a bit of it. The trail is nice because it’s paved though. The Engine House Ruin on the trail was really cool.

Great for all ages

The bald Knob has an awesome view, everything else on the trail is just a long stroll through the woods. Don’t waste your with the loop unless you are doing it for the exercise.

Awesome to see and climb on. The rocks make narrow crawl spaces and is a lot of fun to explore, kids had a blast. This is a must do in Missouri.

It's pretty hard if you aren't a habitual hiker, but the bald knob is worth every step and drop of sweat.

easy walk, but truly amazing geology!

10 months ago

Easy trail - cool old building from the 1890’s where they used to service the trains that were used in the mining operation

10 months ago

Great easy walk! Paved all the way. Great for kids. The rocks are amazing!

Very easy hike. Great place to take kids with all the rocks and crevices to play his and seek in. The pinnacle of the hike is amazing! Very unusual monolithic boulders.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This trail is a nice challenge for beginners. The trail is a bit mundane. A plus is that at the end where you can see the overlook over the valley. This is a great time to eat lunch if you started early enough. Not many other places to do this. Most of the trail is enclosed in the woods and is not much for views. I will frequent this one to stay on Appalachian trail shape.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I love the view from the top, and all the large granite boulders. And I like that it's a hard trail, you feel like you are really getting a good cardio with the bonus beautiful setting. I also like that it is a loop trail and it's easily navigable.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

It was my first trail, it was pretty easy, didn't do the entire thing as I had an infant with my crew I was with, but a fun trail none-the-less.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fun, 10 mile trail with pretty decent elevation changes. Bald Knob is a beautiful bluff, but there isn't really any other nice vistas. Good shakedown trail for the AT.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Very busy in the summer, but best park for unique views. Just do not expect to be without crowds. Great place for kids.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I would rate this trail just a step below "hard". My family with 2 boys 11 and 13 were able to get through it on a hot day. It does has some difficult spots at the beginning/end due to steep slopes and loose rocks. It is a rather long trail with not much to see or do along the way. The one viewing spot on Bald Knob is awesome but I wish there were a couple of other spots to see something interesting.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Awesome easy trail great views and interesting history.

Friday, June 23, 2017

fun for the whole family

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Very pretty area and definitely worth seeing, but lightly trafficked is not really true. If it were not so pretty here, this would be an area to avoid. I went during the week and it was super busy and have been told it is always busy during warm months. Still Go. fascinating geology and history.

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