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Good hike. I thought I would mention in this app to stay at least 100 ft from the elk. There were several on the trail. People have been gored by the elk, granted one group was trying to take a selfie with the elk so some are related to clueless hikers. Be extra careful during mating season which is mid-August through December when the elk are particularly aggressive.

Very nice walk through the Elk’s habitat. The trail is a nice gravel and dirt path, shaded, and well marked. We were able to observe many elk grazing and laying around along with many varieties of birds.
You are also able to see the bison but only from your car as they are in a different part of the park.

Great trail, a little something for everyone! Respect and enjoy..

I would recommend getting a conservation map at the trail head parking lot, they are at the sign with all the notices. this will be helpful to keep you on the loop. the train isnwell defined but there are some different trails that cut through the loop and it can be unclear which way to go. the map also showed us a way to shorten the loop which was nice. we ended up also walking the woodland trail which is on the left side of the loop. I would recommend walking this as it goes along the river and takes you to a cave which is cool, the conservation mapmwill also help you find this more easily, we just stumbled upon it. the trails is wooded, there are a few good inclines. bring your bug spray we both had ticks on us. the trail is mostly shady but does have some sunny spots so bring your suncreen too. it took us about 4 hours to do the woodland trail and the slightly shortend loop with a 15 minute stop for lunch. this was very pretty, trail is covered in gravel in most places, was occasionally Rocky, not too bad. would recommend if you have some time and like the woods.

Good trail with a couple of good inclines. We drove through the whole park first and saw some Bison and Elk. Saw one doe on the trail though we went at Mid-Day.

This is a very nice trail through Lone Elk Park. It offers a lot of hills and animal sightings. We go a couple times a year.

It was beautiful ☺️
Definitely come back again

Really enjoyable trail! Interesting terrain, elk wandering about, decent elevation shifts (not extreme, but not trivial). The elk were cooling themselves in the lake on the unseasonably warm day we visited.

Two items to note: there were a lot of logs intersecting the trail.nothing insurmountable, but just a heads up. Also, the bathrooms don’t have soap.

horseback riding
2 months ago

Good easy trail for beginners! Mostly widetrack and easy to follow. Closed to horseback riding during deer and turkey seasons . Some water crossings and muddy patches.

Saw lots of elk! This hike was challenging with some steep grades but leveled off soon enough that it wasn't too tough.

Actually White Bison Trail. And you won't see any bison on it. They are in a no foot zone.
Overall worthwhile for deer, birds, and Elk.
Up and down narrow not paved.

2nd time on this trail. We LOVE it. It will be a repeated trail going forward. This time we got to see elk and deer! Keep your eyes open as they blend in well and many of the elk were laying right next to the trail. Respect their environment and space.

Great hike. Well marked.

4 months ago

The trail is fine no spectacular views but quite and place to enjoy the woods. Has a few hills so gives you a little bit of a leg workout but all in all not difficult. Trail is well marked.

Wide trail in most places. Bring my a map as there are some intersections with roads and trails that might be confusing. Good elevation and nice ridge top views.

Lots of WW2 ruins, good vistas. Surprised I have not repeated it. Will soon.

Saw elk, bison, deer, ducks and nice people. Can’t beat that.

LOVED this trail and will do time and again. It was a well balanced hike with the moderate climbs sprinkled throughout the three miles. We spotted at least ten deer as well as many tracks of deer and elk. The three miles were marked clearly every mile which was helpful and appreciated. FYI...no dogs allowed on this trail due to the animal activity in the park.

6 months ago

Saw elk on the hiking trail. Also drove thru the bison area and saw bison resting about 50 yds off the road.

Saw 3 Elk! Fairly hilly but lovely trail!

Awesome views of elk and bison at the park. Narrow trail with some spots of tall plants, so watch out for ticks. Overall a lovely time.

11 months ago

Great beginner for myself and my elderly dog!

Trail head is a little tricky to find. Elk very close to the trail-seem pretty comfortable being that close to humans. Watch out for ticks-I brought one home with me.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The hike was beautiful with the wild life moving around us unphased the entire time. Be forewarned...the ticks are plentiful!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Great little loop with plenty of wildlife to see. Trail is not technical but there was some loose gravel. Trail is single track for most of the hike. The 3 mile loop took me about and hour.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

This was a great hike for our little family. It was short enough that our oldest (5) had minimal complaints. The best part was the experience of seeing elk on the trail in various spots.

Monday, May 29, 2017

We saw deer and turkey on the hike!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beautiful park and well-marked trail. Elk and deer aplenty. Nearer to roads and lawn mower noise than I'd hoped, but that wouldn't keep me from a return trip.

trail running
Friday, February 24, 2017

Really enjoyed this trail run and wouldn't have fared on it as well without the app (trailhead and a couple trail turns that aren't marked well)

Highlights - the windy and hilly trail that opens up to the lake, seeing 6 elk along the way, low traffic on the trail (only saw 3 people), 70 degrees in MO in February

Room for improvement - Trailhead was hard to find, it is located southwest of the parking spots for White Bison Trail. Trail path hard to navigate without the app highlighting the trail.

I'll be back!

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