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1 day ago

Paved path to some castle ruins. Couple of interesting overlooks. Good family outing.

A very easy all paved trail from the Table Rock lake dam to the state park marina. 4.4 miles round trip. It has several access points to the lake and lots of places to stop and rest or reflect along the way. Hikers of all levels will enjoy this easy route.

2 days ago

The red and yellow trail was not as hard as I thought it would be. It does have it's hard spots but for the most part it's flat. It was a nice 6 mile hike.

4 days ago

The area is pretty, with a smooth, wide, paved path. If you are wanting a place to be able to enjoy a nice walk or jog, this is a great option!!

well maintained walking path. asphalt.

This riverside trail is very busy so it’s best walked early in the morning or after a rain. The first third is paved and my son enjoyed the animal track impressions in the pavement with signs that identified the animal making the tracks. The highlights include several Three-Toed Box Turtles crossing the trail and a possible Great Horned Owl that we spooked from its perch.

What a gem of a trail! The nature center is a must stop before heading out on the trail and has several interesting exhibits on the Missouri outdoors. The trail is a stop on the Great Missouri Birding Trail and didn’t disappoint as the trail passes through several habitats each abundant with different bird species. The highlight of the several bird species spotted was a Mississippi Kite. The trail is well maintained and marked. A beautiful Broadhead Skink with a bright orange-reddish head sat next to the trail and allowed us to view him for several minutes. I will definitely do this trail again.

Kinda boring but overall not bad

This is a well marked trail that is about 1/4 paved. It travels through a wooded area before running by the lake. The part of the trail by the lake is paved. There are some very nice views of the lake and the power plant across the lake along the paved part of the trail. Parts of the trail were under water due to recent rains. As expected by being in the city, it was a busy trail.

TICKS galore!! mud, horse crap, every step attacked by spider webs, got lost, definitely not kid friendly. Probably won’t try this one again

I have hiked this trail my entire life and it only gets more beautiful! It’s quite the workout too! If you aren’t used to it, you will be sore the next day!

10 days ago

If you're a fan of flora then you'll love the picturesque fields of stinging nettles with a hint of briar patch and poison ivy. Are you entomologist or are fascinated by creepy crawlers? If you answered yes, then this hike is definitely for you. The ever reclusive tick will more than tickle your fancy here. The trick is to use copious amounts of deet 40. Deet, for ticks at Noblett, is like putting a good vinaigrette on a house salad.These little guys just can't seem to get enough. Bushwacker? This trail has you covered, literally. The wife and I especially loved all the deadfall across the trail. I mean who doesn't love walking under several fallen trees held up by a single branch. I know I did.

scenic driving
11 days ago

This scenic drive has a couple of scenic overlooks toward the beginning of the drive that would be great for picture taking during the fall. That said, probably the most interesting part of the drive was the very end where a steep hill leads to a place called Twin Bridges, which, coincidentally enough, is located between two bridges. Seeing the bridge over the North Fork River was worth the drive.

12 days ago

Great trail tight in spots. Fishing access and great shade. Took the wife and boys 7,3. They loved it couple good views.

12 days ago

Could not find the trailhead - looked very hard. Walked on the road instead.

Really enjoyable trail! Interesting terrain, elk wandering about, decent elevation shifts (not extreme, but not trivial). The elk were cooling themselves in the lake on the unseasonably warm day we visited.

Two items to note: there were a lot of logs intersecting the trail.nothing insurmountable, but just a heads up. Also, the bathrooms don’t have soap.

14 days ago

Beautiful trail! Definitely a work out if you choose to do the stairs!! Great history behind this area.

14 days ago

Very pretty, hike through wooded areas,field, back into the woods, and back around to walk along the lake. Main trail is 2 miles took my family about an hour to walk at a quick pace. The name describes the trail "rocky." Overall a very nice trail, secluded wouldnt recommend for small children unless you dont mind a work out to have to carry them in certain areas.

We took our 5 kids here today. We had a blast. They have a little packet for kids to find things as you hike. They have so much on the side of educational. We did the long trail which is about an hour the trail is well maintained and also guides came through as we walked and handed out stickers to the kids. They have places to stop and look in the water and play. We will for sure be going back. We loved it.

know this, the free version at least, trail marked in red is a dirt road. the trail it self was on fair shape. some down trees and muddy spots. we did 1/2 hicking trail counter clock wise on right side of
" red road trail looks like a wye on map" took us about 5 hrs. We took right side of wye back, which led through private property. We were told it was a old wage road.. Rong!

Great loop around; easy trail and a little lake..

Great paved trail through Fulton.

19 days ago

The trail was good. We were able to keep sight of the lake most of the way. This trail has lots of tree roots to hike over, but it was a peaceful walk. My daughter, Emma snapped some pictures for me. Day two of training our dog to trail walk. She was a little wild today so it took everything out of me to walk her. We will press on!

19 days ago

Short easy hike through some rock formations. Super busy on a Saturday morning with lots of kids around. It's fun to act like a kid and climb around the rocks a bit.

19 days ago

Gorgeous hidden treasure

trail running
19 days ago

good trail for a recovery run or anyone wanting to try trail running, whether you have logged road miles or not. either running the whole trail or a run/walk combo, this is a relatively flat trail, both wide and single track; some roots and rocks but nothing too technical. crosses the park road a few time so anyone wanting to bail has some options. I did the cannon trail for 5.5 miles. the alltrails map for 6.9 miles is a combo of cannon and one other.

This is a nice, short but scenic trail that is perfect if you are looking for a quick walk. We saw deer and ducks during our walk There wasn't too much traffic on the trail. Trail was easy to follow. Would definitely come back.

Love this trail so beautiful everyone is so nice
Only negative is it gets very crowded

23 days ago

Nice path here, one thing I really like about this park is how nature and manmade structures work together. The overpass of Page Avenue is actually pretty stunning and doesn't detract from the natural beauty of Creve Coeur Lake. There are offshoots of this path where you can get away from the constant hustle & bustle. Trail courtesy doesn't really exist here as you get too many new people on the trail that don't understand walk-right / pass-left. It's not my favorite spot due to the insane amount of traffic, but if I'm looking to get outdoors and want to stay close to home it's a viable option. Bootlegger's Run nearby is a much better choice in my opinion.

Great hike! Great views

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