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Kansas City, Missouri Map
scenic driving
5 days ago

Lovely stroll around a great park for kids.

Nice natural/unpaved trail in an urban/suburban area. Saw 3 white tail deer. It isn't strenuous, but the trail path has a lot of rocks and exposed roots, which may be of concern for someone whose physical capabilities may limit their ability to traverse uneven ground. I wish the trail was longer, but again, it is in the city, so we'll take the green space we can get.

I love this walk. Good for large groups as the trail is wide enough for a truck to drive through the terrain. The loop follows a deep ravine with a small creek, climbs up to a lake view, then takes you through a beautiful field. Keep your eyes open for deer! Nice hike for a family group.

12 days ago

Trail of Heros , Liberty, Missouri. I would recommend this trail anyone seeking a dog/kid friendly trail, I hiked this portion just before sunset and there was lots of bird activity especially along the stream.

Sable, my 10 year old German Shepherd and I arrived at Hidden Valley and parked in it's parking lot on Saturday afternoon. The sky was clear and the temperature in the 40s. On one side of the main road leading to the parking lot is a large open area for a frisbee golf course and the other side the wooded trails. I looked for a sign that would mark the beginning of the trail but found a small post at the beginning of the trail. The trail took us through an un-wooded field and and at the edge of the forest split left and right. I decided to go clockwise so we went left. Hiking this trail in late November I found that the trees were mainly bare with the forest floor covered with leaves. I could tell the trail is well maintained and did not encounter any museum throughout the hike. I thought the hike was fairly easy with some dips and slopes to climb. Sometimes the trail was a little hard to see and I used the All trails app to insure I was on the trail. Once however I found myself going back the way I came and put myself on the correct trail. We really had a great time and highly recommend it!

14 days ago

such a cute little trail for my young family. the water fall was better than expected, along with the marshes. my girls loved the wooden walkways.

19 days ago

Very nice scenery, but it’s so rocky!!!

Decent wooded trail by KC standards. Some interesting rocks. I could do without the highway noise, but that’s to be expected given the location. We took a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and ended up hiking an abbreviated version of the full loop. When you reach the fork with yellow blazes, go that direction(right) to do the entire loop.

20 days ago

This is a decent sized green space in urban landscape. With that, you do not really escape the sounds of the city. I did see evidence of and some wildlife including birds and white tailed deer. There are several trees down but few of them limit access to the trail. The trail is not flagged or marked but is easy to find. There is a decent amount of graffiti on about 1/3 of the trail. The graffiti is red and purple spray paint that includes marking on trees and bridges with arrow signals, wording (haha, boo, groovy, wicked), thumbs up, and a penis.

21 days ago

Nice trail and in good shape. All gravel. Does have a few hills that are more moderate than easy. Great for dogs as well. I would recommend this trail.

Well maintained and marked trails, easy to follow! Destination trails in KC.

nice trail, very well marked. we did 3.18 miles (forgot to record on AT app). beautiful fall leaves, scenery. will do this one again.

27 days ago

This trail was less used than the trails on the west side of Oakwood. Lots of older buildings over here, including an old pool and some cabins. When you get closer to road there are some nice boulders and the trail gets rocky (uneven). Watch your steps and it’s easy. The trails aren’t marked well so pay attention to a map. On our route we did 2.5 miles.

Did this one today. Few trail markings so often referring to maps. We actually did another part of the loop on the way back and end with 4.5 miles. Beautiful day so quite a few people out on the trails. There are mountain bikes allowed so listen for them and move over.

27 days ago

This is actually the trail on the west side of the Blue River. This trail is not listed on the All Trails app. Parts of it are not very well maintained. Some deadfall, lots of brush on the trail. I stayed on the main trail for the most part. There were multiple sides spurs, but on venturing down those I found them overgrown and not well marked.

over grown
29 days ago

My 3yo and I did this trail yesterday. He struggled with the length a little, but he did it all by himself and was so proud! We didn’t see anyone else and there were so many fun trees and lots to play on as well as leaves to crunch through. This is a great place for kids if they are used to being in nature and mindful of their bodies and footing. Otherwise, it might be challenging.

Very nice trail but not well marked or maintained. Yet we’ll worth the time

over grown
1 month ago

Longer trail. Trails are not marked at all. Lots of jagged rocks. Can hear the highway the entire time.

Nice very short trail, I prefer the less improved dirt trails off the main paved trail. End of paved trail continues and ends up in large field with a pond which isn’t marked whether it is private property or not. It would be nice if this trail could be enlarged with acquisition and dirt trail construction around pond in field if it is private property. Too short to drive use really regularly useless lived in adjoining neighborhoods.

Nice trail, watch for bikes.

Nice flat trail although bumpy in spots where it’s washed out from rains. There are a few bugs in several places, but a nice ride on the Western side of the lake.

1 month ago

Great trail, lots of wildlife! Fairly busy, passed many trail runners. Lots of benches to enjoy the trees too.

Great trail to take a pup! It’s not terribly well marked, especially near where it intercepts the road. Keep your map handy for that stretch

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