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My absolute favorite hiking trail in KC! Stunning scenery, flat stretches, rocky stretches, abandoned buildings, broad flora and fauna. Gorgeous and well maintained. However, definitely keep this app on you. Trail changes are not marked at ALL. Very confusing if you’re sticking to the 4.5. Otherwise, be prepared for more like 8. 

What a peaceful gem in the middle of the inner city. The trail system was fantastic, quiet and beautiful. The shade made the hike tolerable on a sweltering day. Wish we had brought our bikes because the trails would be amazing for mountain biking.
One warning, there is broken glass all over the parking area, make sure all valuables are hidden away. Also, there were hundreds of spider webs across the trail.

The trail itself was beautiful and felt fairly moderate, although it may have been the 100+ degree weather talking. :) The only downside was who we are fairly sure was a homeless man hanging around at the far edge of the loop, near the highway. Didn’t get good vibes from this gentleman, and my boyfriend and I hightailed it through the last 1.5 miles. A shame, because the hike really was fantastic!

mountain biking
8 days ago

very cool trail to mountain bike on. lots of unique sections of the trail to tackle. very interesting old style farm equipment. one section of rock is tough for bikes though but the rest is a cake walk. if you take a right through the prairie a trail leads you to the town. go forward and its back to trail head.

mountain biking
9 days ago

Went clockwise on my mountain bike. Some of the best flow trails I've yet to experience. I rated 4 b/c I thought the trail was going to be super easy, but I wound up having my 1st crash in my KC trailing life (I moved here in May). I've ridden Landahl, BSLNST, part of Lake Jacomo, Kessler Park, & Rancho Swope. A lot of those trails were quite difficult, some were extreme. None of them I've had a wreck in until this one.

It was on a simple dip that happened to be too steep coming up. I was going a bit fast & it felt like my front tire hit a brick wall - it knocked me off balance. It also slightly bent my front wheel.

Other than that, it was pretty great. Almost like a roller coaster. The valley was also magnificent. Will go back & be more careful. Heh.

This is a dirt trail that is very easy to follow, well-marked, and fairly well maintained. In dry weather it was completely fine but I can see it being very difficult in wet muddy weather. There were lots of butterflies, birds, and insects. We also saw a raccoon and a few squirrels. It was easily passable and enjoyable with a small dog. This would even be a really enjoyable mountain biking trail for someone with at least moderate skills. In terms of exercise, hiking at a brisk pace made for a decent workout with the number of hills and gullies. The only real downside was the number and frequency of spiderwebs. We probably encountered 40 to 50 small ones across the trail as well as significantly more off to the sides.

16 days ago

I hiked the easier trail. Well defined but sometimes not well marked. Challenging near the bluffs and easy on the north side. Almost stepped on some adolescent raccoons! Don't take valuables - car break ins are common. My car also bottomed out in the unpaved parking area.

28 days ago

Nice urban gravel trail. Part of the Hodge park. Nice pioneer village to see also.

Great paved and off road trails! A new favorite!

intense dirt trail. not easy but moderate.

1 month ago

Dog enjoyed it. A bit confusing, we deviated a bit from our main route.

mountain biking
1 month ago

very very exciting trail to bike on. warned to not ride when wet out. its hands down the best mountain bike trail in Kansas city. if you bike its like a rollercoaster. for experienced riders only. trail is actually 3.2 miles long.

1 month ago

I hate to give this one 3 stars, since this is my local neighborhood park. But seriously, the trails are very narrow and sometimes overgrown, there’s a fair amount of trash along the trails, and they don’t appear very well maintained. That said, the park is nice and is a good place to get out of the city, while still being right in the middle of the city.

Beautiful trail. Not well marked so use this map reference to guide you. I got a little off track for a bit and it ended up being a 7 mile hike!

Brother and I have done ~4 and 5-mile stretches of this trail a few times. It's a nice, well-maintained trail, though the signage is less than helpful in some places. Small variety of features to see. We saw a nice mushroom in a more lush part of the trail and cacti with wildflowers in a rockier part of the trail. (Photos uploaded.) Want to spend more time with it and log more miles on it.

2 months ago

Hiked this with a friend. We loved the main trail and the fact that there are plenty of options if you want to make the hike easier or more difficult. You are sharing the trail with mountain bikers, so be prepared to step off the trail to let them pass.

Excellent! Especially on cool mornings in the springtime and

3 months ago

Beautiful hike, though would recommend having the trail downloaded as it is not well marked. We made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong trail. Beautiful place to get lost though! Lots of wild life and overall a great hike.

Perfect for walks and bike rides! Not any big hills for biking. The trail is awesome by the lake. There is also more of a forest feel in some parts than others. There are geocaches in the area and if you time the light just right, Longview is a great place to take pictures!

Excellent hike to get out of the city. I hike this a few time a year.

Hike this trail quite a bit, as it's close to my house. Several different options based on length and skill level. One of my favorite places close to the city.

5 months ago

This seems like a joke. They aren’t even real trails, trashy, homeless camps, and constant visual of the roads....Do t waste your time.

5 months ago

Nice little walk. Rated as moderate, but the trail is pretty clear.

Great for walking for Lilly

mountain biking
6 months ago

biking was fun and pretty

Lots of wildlife. Deer, quail, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons, Fox, eagles(just last week) and possums! A few small snakes before cold weather and an extremely diversity of wildflowers and grasses! Easy trail and enjoyable!

How about north trail???

I would definitely do it again, it's nice, lots of rocks, cool scenery, great hike for being located in the middle of the city. Trail is well defined, though not necessarily marked, or blazed. Used for hiking and mountain biking.

on Roanoke Park Trails

8 months ago

Good hike in the middle of the city. There are multiple trails the intersect by road crossing. Looks like a place that people party at night because some spots have a lot of broken glass. Some blazes. Would recommend to walk, I wouldn't recommend a trail run.

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