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Great paved and off road trails! A new favorite!

Agree with last review. The spiders are out of control. Im not too creeped out by spiders but, it is obnoxious to walk into web after web. Made it 20’ into the trail and walked through about 4 webs.

18 days ago

Dog enjoyed it. A bit confusing, we deviated a bit from our main route.

This looks like it could be a great hike but the spiders were ridiculous today! Reminded me of Raiders Of The Lost Ark! Had to abandon trip. ☹️

Beautiful trail. Not well marked so use this map reference to guide you. I got a little off track for a bit and it ended up being a 7 mile hike!

Brother and I have done ~4 and 5-mile stretches of this trail a few times. It's a nice, well-maintained trail, though the signage is less than helpful in some places. Small variety of features to see. We saw a nice mushroom in a more lush part of the trail and cacti with wildflowers in a rockier part of the trail. (Photos uploaded.) Want to spend more time with it and log more miles on it.

1 month ago

Hiked this with a friend. We loved the main trail and the fact that there are plenty of options if you want to make the hike easier or more difficult. You are sharing the trail with mountain bikers, so be prepared to step off the trail to let them pass.

Excellent! Especially on cool mornings in the springtime and

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, though would recommend having the trail downloaded as it is not well marked. We made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong trail. Beautiful place to get lost though! Lots of wild life and overall a great hike.

Excellent hike to get out of the city. I hike this a few time a year.

Hike this trail quite a bit, as it's close to my house. Several different options based on length and skill level. One of my favorite places close to the city.

4 months ago

Nice little walk. Rated as moderate, but the trail is pretty clear.

Great for walking for Lilly

It’s pretty good elevation change which I love, but I kept having to consult the map. Doesn’t seem like anyone takes care of it so you’ll find yourself having a “where is the trail” moment or three. This is likely not the case in summer but there’s your Jan 2018 review.

Lots of wildlife. Deer, quail, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons, Fox, eagles(just last week) and possums! A few small snakes before cold weather and an extremely diversity of wildflowers and grasses! Easy trail and enjoyable!

7 months ago

Quiet little suburban trail wandering through a small creek bluffline. Packed earth, and narrow at points, heavy underbrush likely during growing season. No markings

How about north trail???

I would definitely do it again, it's nice, lots of rocks, cool scenery, great hike for being located in the middle of the city. Trail is well defined, though not necessarily marked, or blazed. Used for hiking and mountain biking.

beautiful but rocky path

Solid getaway hike in the city. Pretty easy, moderate elevation change, almost entirely in the trees. Not much wildlife or views that I saw, but peaceful nonetheless. Use the Record feature on the app to follow the trails because they aren't marked very well.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Rode the Rancho D-Lux trail for the first time. Great ride that was smooth and peaceful.

Quiet trail perfect for hiking, biking, and trail running.

park at the soccer fields and go east if you run the trail. Awesome 4 mile loop, exactly

We planned 5.4 miles based on this app but ended up at 8.25 miles. It was a fun hike, but the signage is confusing in some places so we ended up having to backtrack quite a bit to get back on the correct trail. It is volunteer maintained, so it hasn't quite recovered from a lot of the heavy rain and flooding recently, but overall not too bad. Bug spray is still a must all the way in late September. Lots of shade cover throughout. Watch out for the cyclists on the trail.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Incredible array of various wild flowers and grasses

Nicely maintained part we went biking on. Lots of trees. Saw mom and baby turkeys.

mountain biking
Sunday, July 16, 2017

This is the best mountain biking trail in Kansas City. It has something for everyone; I feel comfortable bringing beginners to rancho d-lux and feel challenged every time I ride woodchuck run. There's also a downhill only section (the black section on the map) on the south side of the trail off of woodchuck. It's great!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Loved it!! So beautiful

Thursday, July 06, 2017

I use this trail to train for my Rocky Mountain Hikes. It has a lot of variety and good spots to jog/run. I can use it for 12 mile training hike and not get bored. The expansion of the trail is nice!

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