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Kansas City, Missouri Map

There were some fun art installations up when we went and the old buildings were fun to explore

10 days ago

Great for families! My 7 yo had a blast!

Trail needs maintained. great location.

Nice secluded area in the city. Can join the west trail from here.

Fun secluded area in an urban area. Pleasant little walk.

pretty but short trail. nice with fall colors

This 4.5 mile trail was the perfect 1.5 hour walk. The pretty fall colors were on display. An earlier review had mentioned that it is difficult to keep in the 4.5 mile loop. The key is paying close attention to the green signs for this loop which is called the DeLux Rancho loop. It is constantly bisected by the Woodchuck Run which runs concurrent in some places and crosses it in others. Since this trail is all within cell service it is easy to verify your location on the trail here in the app if you ever get concerned you have gotten off track. This is the perfect little hike surrounded by nature in the middle of the city. The only thing that pulls you out of the calm is that for about 50% of the hike you are within the range to hear traffic on various roads, but that also means 50% is actually noise pollution free!

Trail seems to be closed for construction. Very disappointing.

Great place for daily dog walk, bike ride, or run. Varied and interesting. Easy access in several areas to change up the route. Loop section is especially nice. Can access the creek in early spring.

Great hike - feels like you left the city but you are still close to home!

1 month ago

So beautiful! Nice fresh mulch trail. Beautiful thicks trees, flora, and memorials. Such a quaint and pretty pond!! Saw many people walking their dogs off the leash - all well behaved and thoroughly enjoying the trails and pond. I highly suggest this trail. It’s a hidden gem. There are parts that are more on the steep side.

Really nice trail. Hilly terrain, some rocky parts. This is more like towards the moderate level. Not a struggle but it’s not flat and simple. Nice easy to follow loop trail with halfway shortcut. Beautiful biodiversity. Couple of spiderwebs at head height here during late September. Saw a HUGE spider hanging just right off the trail that my brother pushed me towards so he could get away haha. I didn’t use a hiking stick but my brother did and it is more useful on this trail. Pet friendly trail. Can’t wait to see it when the leaves change. Sad to see some vandalized trees, and I don’t like being able to hear cars from the trail. Also very close to backs of houses during some parts of the trail, which is kind of annoying but could be helpful if an emergency occurs.

nice inclines, beautiful scenery!

Just right for my skill level. There is one point after the 1.5 mile marker in the counter clockwise direction where two trees are very close together and on an up slope right after a down and corner, so in a transition I guess, that brought me to a stop both times I reached it.
There were also two logs that I kind of had to pause to go over, but that is mostly because my bike is more cross country edition and has the large sprocket on the front that many mountain bikes these days do not have.
Overall, great ride and flows well, definitely a course one could ride for a while without getting bored and at the same time improving your skills and confidence.

The hike itself was find it just took us around 3 hours to do the loop because there were around ore 100 or so spider webs in the middle of the trail. Not so much fun swatting webs every so often. The small loop around the park was really nice though.

2 months ago

Great nature trail. Lots of spiderwebs, but that is to be expected on any wooded trail in Missouri during the late summer/early fall. We will definitely go back in the winter/spring, Didn't do all of the trail (didn't do the southern most loop), had to end the hike after 2.4 miles because we felt like the spider stick Shreck and Fiona used, then ate like cotton candy.

Very wooded and mostly shaded, they used a series of vertical rocks over the shallow concentrated flow areas to keep from washing away the trail, I would think that might be somewhat of a challenge for bikers, but great for hikers (and there were maybe 4 of those -so not many). Path would be muddy right after a rain, but we went 24 hours a .5 inch rain and the trail was perfect. Very nice trail, don't let the spiderwebs deter you.

My daughter and I decided to take a hike on a hot Sunday. There is gravel that has recently been laid at the beginning of the trail and it is uncomfortable to walk on to say the least. ( with hiking boots it’d be more comfortable, we had on sneakers)
We were lucky to see lots of butterflies along the way and one even guided us out of the trail.
It’s not very well maintained and a odd place to start. The trailhead started at a apartment complex near the dumpsters.
We didn’t let it deter our hike and enjoyed the semi steep hill down to other trails. We came across deer bones and carried a “web swipes” aka a stick to get through what we called Spider Alley. We loved how the trees naturally grew into and archway above the path so we understand why spiders were so plentiful.
Hope this helps!

Nice and mostly shaded Trail that follows the creek. Likely encounter Bicyclist, dog walkers, joggers..

trail running
2 months ago

I love the ability to train on a technical, challenging trail within minutes of midtown KC. I can double and triple up my loops and feel like I’m off somewhere in the mountains.

My absolute favorite hiking trail in KC! Stunning scenery, flat stretches, rocky stretches, abandoned buildings, broad flora and fauna. Gorgeous and well maintained. However, definitely keep this app on you. Trail changes are not marked at ALL. Very confusing if you’re sticking to the 4.5. Otherwise, be prepared for more like 8. 

Not allowing dogs ruins this trail

Nice walk through the “woods”. Like taking dogs on new adventures!

What a peaceful gem in the middle of the inner city. The trail system was fantastic, quiet and beautiful. The shade made the hike tolerable on a sweltering day. Wish we had brought our bikes because the trails would be amazing for mountain biking.
One warning, there is broken glass all over the parking area, make sure all valuables are hidden away. Also, there were hundreds of spider webs across the trail.

nature trips
3 months ago

it was a great trail just lots of spiderwebs that you would constantly run into. other than that it would be great to do again.

The trail itself was beautiful and felt fairly moderate, although it may have been the 100+ degree weather talking. :) The only downside was who we are fairly sure was a homeless man hanging around at the far edge of the loop, near the highway. Didn’t get good vibes from this gentleman, and my boyfriend and I hightailed it through the last 1.5 miles. A shame, because the hike really was fantastic!

mountain biking
3 months ago

very cool trail to mountain bike on. lots of unique sections of the trail to tackle. very interesting old style farm equipment. one section of rock is tough for bikes though but the rest is a cake walk. if you take a right through the prairie a trail leads you to the town. go forward and its back to trail head.

3 months ago

Follow up edit: Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department has no record of there being a trail here. The pedestrian bridge exists only to help children safely cross the steam on their way to school, not as any part of a maintained trail system.
As others said, lots of spiders. This seems less like a hiking trail and more like a game path. It is not marked and in several places completely disappears. I'm not sure this was ever a real trail and not just a path back to some homeless encampments.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Went clockwise on my mountain bike. Some of the best flow trails I've yet to experience. I rated 4 b/c I thought the trail was going to be super easy, but I wound up having my 1st crash in my KC trailing life (I moved here in May). I've ridden Landahl, BSLNST, part of Lake Jacomo, Kessler Park, & Rancho Swope. A lot of those trails were quite difficult, some were extreme. None of them I've had a wreck in until this one.

It was on a simple dip that happened to be too steep coming up. I was going a bit fast & it felt like my front tire hit a brick wall - it knocked me off balance. It also slightly bent my front wheel.

Other than that, it was pretty great. Almost like a roller coaster. The valley was also magnificent. Will go back & be more careful. Heh.

This is a dirt trail that is very easy to follow, well-marked, and fairly well maintained. In dry weather it was completely fine but I can see it being very difficult in wet muddy weather. There were lots of butterflies, birds, and insects. We also saw a raccoon and a few squirrels. It was easily passable and enjoyable with a small dog. This would even be a really enjoyable mountain biking trail for someone with at least moderate skills. In terms of exercise, hiking at a brisk pace made for a decent workout with the number of hills and gullies. The only real downside was the number and frequency of spiderwebs. We probably encountered 40 to 50 small ones across the trail as well as significantly more off to the sides.

3 months ago

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