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Ironton, Missouri Map

Phenomenally beautiful trail with many waterfalls and geological formations.

Had a few cool little look out spots, generally easy trail, waterfalls were cool and there is a bathroom at the trail head.

breathtaking views! Go after a big rain to aee the falls in all their glory..

great trail! definitely get the provided walking sticks, they're extremely helpful. we'll have to come back again in the wet season, because the falls were just a trickle here in december.
lost the markers for a bit because we went straight when it curved a hard right, but the app's gps showed us where we went wrong and got us back on track.

Fun winter hike with my husband and our 2 dogs.

3 months ago

This was a great hike! i would recommend it; though when it is during the wet season, but still, it was a beautiful hike. I do recommend hiking boots, its very rocky....jetting rocks, etc. I would also grab one of the walking sticks at the beggining of the trail and return it at the end. They're free and would have been very useful! We would do this hike again.

Go in the spring or when there is plenty of of water or there will be no waterfall

Trail is fairly well marked but rocky to walk. I suggest hiking boots. Took us 3 hours to hike. Beautiful time of the year to hike the area. Changing trees are amazing.

This was my our first "trail" hike. We are young seniors and in fair to good shape. We are both walkers so the distance was not a problem. It is a rocky trail so we both wished we had put on hiking boots instead of tennis shoes. The falls were just a trickle but we knew it was a possibility. Nonetheless it was a beautiful hike and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We strongly recommend it!

5 months ago

Great trail to hit and pull an over nighter while watching the sunset on the cliffs. There is a flat patch about 100 yards south of the falls. Great place to enjoy what the mountain has to offer. Only downside is the trail is short and you have to hit theOT to keep hiking for a multi day trip

Paved, and no views

6 months ago

Mina Sauk Falls is an excellent little day hike for any average trekker like myself. My wife and I are both teachers, so we headed out earlier this summer during the work week. We were able to enjoy most of the entire journey in perfect privacy. The few folks we passed were very friendly. It's worth a stop at the lookout to get a view from the highest point in MO, but we appreciated the views from the falls more (even though they weren't flowing). The rocks were fun to climb, and the landscape is a joy to witness. Only 1.5 hours outside of St. Louis, it's a perfect alternative to the popular Elephant Rocks if you're wanting something a little different. PS we stopped in Arcadia on the way home for a bite at Thee Abbey Kitchen. Delicious cinnamon rolls!

6 months ago

By far the most difficult trail I have encountered around the area. But far from impossible or daunting. The Falls were not flowing so that was a disappointment (is it to much to ask for some rain). Meet some very friendly, helpful people along the way.

Definitely will be back later this fall/next spring once rain picks back up. Make sure you are prepared with essential items, the trail is not easy going. Good shoes are important.

Ate lunch by the waterfall! Beautiful day.

7 months ago

We just took a group of our older American Heritage Girls on this trail. There were 11 of us in total. We went on past the falls down to Devil's Tollgate and then back up to the highest point, about 8 miles total. The falls themselves were not flowing, because there had not been a lot of rain, but still very beautiful to see. We saw 3 camping sites along the way. The trail is mostly made up of large rocks, which may be a little hard on your feet without good shoes, and makes for a little slower hike. There is some rock climbing involved on the trail, nothing major, but it is good to be aware of that. We went in a counterclockwise direction to make the way back up a little less strenuous. On the way back from Devil's Tollgate, there was a part of the trail that was not marked very well. When you are about to cross back over the creek, there is a little jog to the right that is not really apparent unless you know about it. The trail is marked fairly well other than that, but you do have to be vigilant in looking for trail signs. I would definitely hike it again!

7 months ago

Great trail, came after a rain so the falls were trickling a little, can't wait to see them in the spring. Pretty steep coming back up from Devils Tollgate, also loved the view coming in from the parking lot.

7 months ago

One of the best hikes in MO. Great water feature in the middle section. Lots of inclines and declines.

There was no waterfall! Honestly I found it a bit misleading that the name of the trail suggests a waterfall, but there was no information posted anywhere that it's rather seasonal. It's August now and dry, so not even a trickle. It's a nice trail with some lovely views, but mind you, I wouldn't have forced my 3 kids to keep going had I known that the steep descent and then ascent back up will not be rewarded with the views of the waterfall. So please check ahead, otherwise I would say, it's not worth it and you might make other plans for the day.


Nice trail with good views. Go after a good rain to experience falls at their best.

8 months ago

Great trail, beautiful sights. Went there with my wife and our dog and will definitely go back again in the fall!

8 months ago

There are many different terrain types along this beautiful trail.

Definitely will have to come back after a rain. The falls were just a trickle. My dog enjoyed himself immensely. Some parts he found tricky to navigate.

Not much flowing water would have been beautiful in wet weather highest point in Missouri is a real disappointment we where expecting something more.

I'll have to come back after a rain. I was disappointed in the falls. The rock formations were nice and there is noticeable elevation change that is nice to have. A few nice views too.

Oh my time on the recording is not right accidentally closed out of the app. Luckily it kept most of the info. I averaged about an hour a mile. I also stopped to look at the scenery a lot. It said at the end 11.0miles 10hrs 39 minutes. But that included my time that I stoped and looked at the views, and playing in the water.

Ok so I am a newbie !!! Probably my forth real hike lol. Decided to try backpacking. It was very challenging a lot of rocks everywhere. But I have to say it was beautiful. There was a heavy rain the night before so the waterfalls were beautiful !! And the creak crossings as well. Also pretty muddy in some spots.

I started at taum hauk and headed 5.5 miles towards Johnson shut Ins. Stopped for lunch then headed back. There are a lot of campsites along the way perfect for setting up camp. This would be a fun two or three day hike. You could hike to the shit Ins and then head back. I hope to come back and do it again. I wasn't quite ready to camp out yet.

I went on a holiday weekend. So there were quite a few people out. Mostly at the waterfalls. The waterfalls are 1.2 miles from the start. A lot of people camped out there.

I took boots and water shoes for hiking. The boots were good but hurt my ankles from all the angles with the rocks. But I am happy I took both. It was nice to switch it up.

I have to say this is one of my favorites!! So pretty and love being by the water too. Although in the middle of summer I can imagine it would possibly be kinda dry and not so much water. Another hiker said that after the 5.5 miles there is not as much water. So be prepared if you plan to go all the way through.

Watch your step and have a wonderful time !!!! It is a great hike I think :)

9 months ago

This trail is well worth the hike. Great lookouts along the trail and the waterfall was awesome. Scenery is awesome and waterfall is a great place to chill and enjoy the peace and serenity that a waterfall provides. Many neat spots to sit and enjoy little waterfalls also. A great lightly traveled hike that's worth driving the gravel road to get to.

Great day for a hike and the scenery didn't disappoint. Loved the stream that leads to the waterfalls so peaceful. Would definitely hike the trail again.

Hiked this loop a couple days ago in perfect conditions. Took the loop, although we saw some people doing this as a out and back and it was great. Beautiful views and the falls was a bonus. Trail was averagely trafficked on a great day to be outdoors and it took us a couple hours to finish this loop. Be sure to spend some time and take in the views at the falls!

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