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Super fun! The spring at the end of the tunnel is good for wading in. Not much elevation gain but there are a few steep climbs. A lot of tall grass and shrubs so definitely bring bug spray.

great trail. a little of everything from up hill down hill. very rocky in places

10 hours ago

Hiked CCW the loop on the north side of Highway KK on Tuesday afternoon, 7/17/18. No one else had been on the trail all day as I encountered tons of spider webs spanning the trail.

Luckily, I didn't pickup any ticks even though the trail was a bit overgrown in places. I also encountered about 7 down trees crossing the trail. The primitive campground was empty and the spring down the hill from it was dry.

I didn't run into swarms of mosquitoes, but there seem to be at least one that nagged me most of the hike in spite of my Deet.

The wildlife was pretty sparse. I encountered two deer but surprisingly no squirrels at all. The birds in the canopy were also rather quiet.

I've hiked this trail several times since 2015
All in all, this is a very nice hike.

My GPS tracked the loop at 3.6 miles. I hiked very leisurely. It took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes including stops at the primitive campground and the spring.

we will go back in the fall to hike and see the pinnacles.

A big loop with some off-set trails. Its good for the casual walker.

Very boring besides a couple waterways, you should really just bike it instead of hiking it. Lots of bugs. Better off going somewhere else.

Not a tone of shade and lots of road noise, however I only did 2 miles of walking so it may get better

Beautiful trail. Very maintained. Like 60 seconds from the city. Map at trailhead, however seemed to be a lack of trail markers while on the trail.

Great paved and off road trails! A new favorite!

It’s a nice little nature trail to go for a walk, but me and my husband went there with our 2 year old and got so lost. There are several intersections and no signs or anything, so make sure you know where you’re going. But other than that it was a nice place to get out into some nature.

Nice little spot within Lee’s summit. I’ve lived in LS for a few years but never noticed this park was here. There is a paved trail that goes around the softball fields but then a mulch nature path that goes through the woods
and up to a creek. Me and my 2 year old had fun but didn’t get to explore all of it because of the heat but we’ll definitely come back. It was pretty clean too, I did see a little trash but not as bad as other parts of the KC metro area. There’s also a playground before you get to the trails.

1 day ago

Nice little place to take the kids or go for a walk. I struggle with finding good places to hike in he Kansas City area so this will do in a pinch. My 2 year old had a great time. One part of the trail goes right up next to a busy street, separated by just a thin layer of trees, so it’s not the most “nature-y” or secluded/remote by any means but still nice. Did find quite a bit of trash which is very disappointing.

1 day ago

Plenty of steps and rugged in places. Nice view of spring and cliffs with several side trails including one set of stairs that leads to a cave, although exploring it requires a permit.

Short interpretive trail with signs posted on different tree species on the trail.

The actual trail is 1.5 miles. Using the map for this app adds another half mile of the Spring Trail before you reach the trailhead. Going counterclockwise at the loop, the trail passes through a tunnel of trees until it loops back at the point where there are some views of the lake. The trail then passes through a boulder field and is rugged for the remainder of the trail. We met a ham radio operator along this part of the trail with an antennae in a tree who was contacting people in different states using Morse code, which was cool.

1 day ago

Trail passes through the woods and a glade before descending to a paved path that leads to the spring. After the spring there is a set of 216 stairs that will give you a heck of a workout. The trail then loops back to where it started.

very well marked, mostly shaded in the summer, trail appeared to be cared for (only a few weedy areas), some ticks even with repellent

road biking
2 days ago

Calm and serene.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Very easy trail all gravel but a little on the short side but overall it’s nice.

Love this trail, great for a quick morning hike. Lots to see . My kids love it.

on Devil's Kitchen Trail

2 days ago

We actually hiked portions of Devil’s Kitchen, Colosseum, Castle and Spring trails. The Ranger tied them all together in a loop (see photo) with one short distance reversal, totally around 4 mi and we did it in less than 2 hours with photos and a few breath-catching stops during/after the 300+ stairs. It was a great way to see the various features of the park, but overall, I think we liked the Devil’s Kitchen portion slightly better because it was denser and very little traffic. Very nice hiking, possibly 5 stars for our home state of MO but we reserve our 5 star ratings for awesome national parks. :)

2 days ago

Wife and I just walked this on vacation. I wouldn’t call it a hike as much as a walk. Big hilly sections though. My suggestion when you get to the loop... go right. The pools in the picture were more the creek outside the trail though not in the trail.

Good trail for even inexperienced day hikers. It for sure takes 2 hours with a small group and 30m at the falls. No chance of getting lost if you look for the red blazes on the trees.

2 days ago

Wonderful trail that passes along the lake before crossing a wet weather creek and ascending into the woods. A couple of glades are on the south loop and the views of the lake are best here. The trail loops back across the creek and ascends through the woods before popping out onto a beautiful open rocky ridge (hence the trail’s name I’m guessing) that is a tenth of a mile in length and like something you would find at Ha Ha Tonka.

2 days ago

This is a wide chat trail for the first half before descending down steps into a forest. The last half of the trail is rocky and slowly ascends back to the trailhead. The map on this app shows the Lake View Bend Trail loop and not the Fawn Ridge Trail, which is 1.25 miles and blazed yellow. We actually saw a doe cleaning her fawn just off the trail and a total of 13 very tame deer.

Easy trail for small children. Playgrounds and Restrooms are available. Good for kids and pets.

Great trail for biking/hiking/jogging. Easy for kids and pets. Mostly paved, some parts get muddy after a rain. There are some hidden fishing spots along the way. Good river for crappie.

Beautifully built trail along historic Forest Park. Give yourself plenty of time to explore. The Jewel Box is at the end of the park, and further along you hit the Zoo. Great trail, easy for children and pets. It gets congested early, and be warned there will be a LOT of people. Its not a wilderness hiking trail; it's the main path through Forest Park. However, it's terrific for jogging, biking, and running/walking. You can meander off the path and find little spots for peace and relaxation. All the museums are free, Art and History plus Science Center. This path will lead you to each however it does not lead to the Arch. You have to take a different trail to that but all the Museums can be accessed by this trail.

2 days ago

Not exactly a walk through nature. trail goes through a neighborhood, along the road and past some storage facilities. did appreciate benches tho. overall not bad but I don't think it's one we will do again.

Nice trail. Should be fairly easy for everyone

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