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This trail is not an out and back trail, once you reach the shutins there is a trail that goes up into some rocky glens, and loops back around to the parking lot. We saw a bunch of lizards and skinks up there! Even some cactus?! The shutins themselves are gorgeous, we scrambled up the rocks on the north (east) side of the river and found a way back across downstream. I honestly can't wait to go back and explore, Amidon CA seems to be much bigger than just that one little stretch of river.

First you should know the road up to the trail head is washed out so don't expect to get there with a car or anything with low clearance. We had actually rented a Ford 250 so had no issues other than a bit of a bumpy ride up. We did find the trail head just fine. I would suggest taking a GPS as though we were able to find the trail and stay on it there were certainly times where the trail was questionable and no markings to keep you on it. Some steep inclines/declines but not an overly difficult trail if you are in shape which if you are going to do an 11 mile hike I would like to think you should be. Saw several turtles along the way but that was it for wildlife. Was a little underwhelmed by the rockpile but that may have been more of my high expectations. It was a fun hike and I will definitely be back to do more trails in the area.

16 days ago

It’s a really beautiful area as many have stated. It may be different with very high or low water levels but when we were there there was pool after inviting pool as we hiked along the creek. Some of them were ~20 feet across.. Next time I’ll do some wading.

Knocked off one star because of how poorly marked and maintained the trail was. There are a couple pics of one of our group with her toes on a 6” ledge. I doubt that was the way the trail went but it sure appeared to lead us there.

I rate this as difficult, because of the challenging nature of climbing over and around the big rocks, which are incredibly slippy when wet.
You can camp at the trailhead by your car, or at the river some 40 mins in or further upstream, I found it difficult to get around rocks with my backpack, and because I was on my own, return and camped at a safer place. This is a beautiful site to camp, relax and hike. Totally recommend it.

23 days ago

Every other review I’ve read is pretty accurate. My GF(inexperienced) and I hiked yesterday 4/28/18.
The trails are definitely not maintained, which is fine with me because it means not many people go here. It’s not the easiest trail to navigate; with occasional rock climbing, rock hoping and super slick rock along the river. Yes there are definitely an abundance of snakes but that’s just a part of nature, watch where you put your hands & feet and you should be fine. The trail can be difficult in places and easy in other spots but well worth the experience if the river and falls (lots of rain last week), the views and serenity of it all.
We will be back again to see more soon. I expect during the summer it would be incredibly overgrown, so come prepared to work for it.

Beautiful area with some interesting geology

2 months ago

I started at the trail to the dam, ended up at a fork to where you could go see the dam or take the turkey creek trail. I went towards the dam and then went down turkey creek a little ways but couldn’t find where you cross the river so I turned around. It is a little rugged but my dog and I made it just fine. I would like to go back and try and find out where the crossing is.

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

This area is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of Missouri I have experienced. As Cory said pleas take care of this place. Pack in/pack out, practice safe fire use and watch out for snakes in the warmer months.

my favorite spot in the state. very remote and serene. not for anyone afraid of venomous snakes or four people looking for an easy path. please take care of it. pack in/pack out

3 months ago

Great scenery in this area - make sure you do both sides of the river and go all the way to the dam on both sides - the one side will take you to an old mine entrance

3 months ago

Great place to hike - was a little muddy in spots but nothing extreme - great place to take pictures

This canyon and surrounding bluffs are one of the most desolate and beautiful spots in Missouri. Watch out for Cottonmouths!

Camped here as well. Good times.

We loved laying on the rocks & playing in the river. Cool spot

Fun to play on the rocks in the river.

Great little hike, take your time!

had a great time here today. nice stone arrow pointing the way at the fork and some cairns to help you back to the trail.

It took us at least 90 minutes to even find the trail. The GPS had us turning down roads that didn't exist, then rerouting us to gravel single lane roads that went nowhere. After circling the area once looking for a brown sign...we tried a gravel road we had turned around on once already and decided to just park the car and walk that road, which was CR 2124 that turned out to be the right road. There are no brown markers or any kind of signs till you get to the trail head The road up there is so washed out, don't try it unless you have a jeep. We didn't go far on the trail itself because it started heading downhill again and it was getting late. We backpacked this trail 20 years ago and it seemed in a lot better condition then....so were we....in a lot better condition. haha

KEEP LEFT!!! We missed that about 150 yards in. Thought by the downed trees that we should take the path to the right. Major climb, up and down Trackler Mountian.
Stayed overnight at a middle camp site. The kitchen equipment is worse for the wear, but the trip was great.

Beautiful area - climbed on the rocks to get pictures - was a fun time

9 months ago

Great hike - first part is paved - then there are two unpaved trails - make sure you do both. I went down to the river for some pictures - wasn't very hard to find a way down if you don't mind a little rock climbing.

Nice trail for solitude, but it is a trail I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Go prepared. The trail is hard to follow at times and very rugged at times. Lots of down trees and overgrown in several spots. You could easily get lost. If you pack, take water, there is almost no water. Hang your food to protect from pigs and bears.

NOTE: Road to trail head is heavily washed out in several spots.

beautiful area. Better during off season. Can get a little trash ridden throughout the busy season unfortunately.

It is a more wilderness feeling trail. I like that. If you are not an avid outdoorsy type, be careful not to get lost. The trail is not always well marked and can be very weedy. Snakes don't bother me, but we did see some, including Copperheads. Enjoy.

On one side it is pretty, but on the other, it was like going into a trailer full of roaches. People were everywhere and loud. It probably is amazing during the off season. BTW, I'm not saying people are roaches, just there were a lot of people.

11 months ago

Nice trail. Not too busy and having the water below is nice.

Really nice area. A little busy, but pretty scenery.

11 months ago

Great hike with amazing scenary. The trail is a little rough but not to bad. I saw 2 cotton mouths by the creek but I left them alone and they left me alone. I did not get any ticks either.

Just went this past weekend and it was incredible! We only saw two other people the entire time we were there so it really had the feel of being out in the wild on your own. The creek was beautiful and very full from the recent rain, everything was so green and lush, moss and lichens everywhere!! Even saw some cool liverworts! An untouched paradise.

Just watch out for snakes and slick rocks because we all came away with bruised knees from falling a few times.

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