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Farmington, Missouri Map

Favorite trail in the state. It wasn't difficult, though it had a ton to offer. Great views with elevation and beautiful creek crossings. Plenty to see through the hike.

Beautiful, quiet trail. Cool rocks, nice views from the hilltops, lovely little creeks, and towering pines.

Very pretty...super easy to get off the trail, though.

It was amazing. It was a little hard to follow the trail at some points.

I cannot express how much I LOVED this hike. Lots of different rock formations and elevations changes. It was rough and rugged yet nice and well maintained trails. Yes, parking was tight, but it was more than worth it. I did not find it too crowded on the trail at all even though parking was full plus some. This trail is worth it and you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent trail/camping area!! I recently hiked this trail, doing approximately 11/12miles. We camped on the trail overnight also. The scenery is fantastic. It had recently rained, so the creeks were flowing pretty good. We have have hiked sections of the Appalachian Trail, so comparing this trail to the AT, similar in areas but not as difficult. For an inexperienced hiker, this trail would be perfect to start on. Highly recommended and I will go back and do different routes. I’ll give it

Wonderful hike.

The canyons and stream were beautiful. You're going to need to wear waterproof shoes after a ton of rain as the streams are not at all easy to cross here.

Great trail. Easy to follow. Had a nice day here with my kids.

1 month ago

I love this trail. Super clean and not heavily trafficked. There also sections of the trail that are different than others and I really loved the variety of the trail experience. Also, if you’re not up to do the whole trail (north loop), they offer a south loop that’s just 3.75 miles.

Even in January the trail is beautiful.

This is a hidden gem and well worth the trip!

2 months ago

I love to hike here. Only done the full trail once & it was amazing. Felt like I wasn't in Missouri at times. Beautiful.

Cool rock formations

Beautiful on 01/05/18
Ice falls are awesome

Beautiful canyon with lots of little waterfalls. Unmarked trails

Awesome trail. some dangerous spots watch the kiddos.

loved this trail but one of the trails was really hard to follow with all the leaves. trails are not marked.

trail running
4 months ago

I do a lot of trail running, and while this trail was not best suited for that, it was still enjoyable. There were a number of times I came to a dead stop to maneuver boulders, cross a creek by way of step stones, or find the trail. The trail marking is probably the worst part of the trail, the signs are about 2”x2”, all on trees, and 5-6’ up. That makes it hard to follow signs when you’re watching your feet for roots and rocks. I much prefer the sign posts as I find at many other parks.

4 months ago

My husband and my self did this trail. Camped out at one of that camp sites along the way. The map only recognizes 3 but there are many people have created through out the trail. The sign does say no fire but each campsite had a fire pit already set up. The trail was perfect not too easy not too hard. Great views ! The trails are maintained very well and clearly marked we only had one small problem while crossing the creek we lost the trail for a second but it easy to get back on track. Overall a wonderful experience and can’t wait to do it again in the summer.

4 months ago

Fantastic trail! Did both loops and did not se a single person all day, the scenery is breathtaking! Use good bug spray though, I got some chigger bites.

great hike. really cool rock formations and caves to explore. my only downfall was the crowd. it was pretty congested. parking lot was full plus some. I will do again but maybe when it's not such a nice day so not as many people will be there.

I love this trail. Best kept secret outside of Saint Louis. It's like Elephant Rock meets Garden of the Gods (Illinios)

Wow, what a beautiful trail! My husband and I camped at Hawn State Park and did this, and other, trails, and it was a great trip.

I was a little concerned that the trails would be muddy, as we'd had a lot of rain recently, but the trails were in great condition. There seems to be enough sand in the soil that they drain well. The trails were also very well maintained with fallen trees and other debris cut and cleared away.

As for the terrain and views--WOW. Beautiful lichen-covered rocks and boulders, stunning overlooks, rolling, wooded hills, lush pine forests, creeks and rock falls. We were there just as the leaves were turning for the fall, and it was like walking through Sleepy Hollow (minus the headless ghost). We will definitely go back!

My wife and I were very impressed with this hike! I would highly recommend going soon as the leaves were changing when we were there last weekend and it was beautiful.

We did the combined loop for an approximate time of 5 hrs 45 min and 10 miles. If you want a shorter hike I would skip the south loop as we both agreed the north was more scenic (with the exception of the furthest south point of the south loop which had some nice rock formations).

You can expect a very serene and relaxing experience as you wander along this beautiful trail. Only a few steep sections. If you want a better idea of what it's like here is a short video we made of our hike...


I had a great time. Kind of lost the path at one point but no big deal.

5 months ago

Went for a short backpacking trip. We hiked the North loop into South loop about
6.5 miles first day. Stayed at one of the campsites...clear and plenty of room for tents. Packed out about 3 miles on day two. Trails were well maintained with a few dots that were overgrown. Encountered a few other people. Overall a good trip. Would definitely come back.

5 months ago

Did the North Loop with my dog a few days ago which is around 6 miles. Would probably like to go back when more leaves have fallen. Most streams were dry so waterfalls weren’t active. Saw only one person in the 4.5 hours. Very good trail with some rough spots and climbing. I enjoyed it very much.

Beautiful rock formations.

Love it! Serene but difficult. Terrain is rugged, but wandering through the sprawling forest of pine trees is worth it.

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