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If you haven’t realized (like I didn’t…) that all the trails in this area are part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, you should definitely check out their website first (https://www.nps.gov/ozar/index.htm). My boyfriend and I were planning on backpacking this section of the Ozark Trail this weekend, but we didn’t realize how much damage there was from a flood last year. The nps.gov website has all the recent updates on this section of the trail, specifically the Powder Mill Trailhead. The bathrooms and visitors center are closed for this year due to damage. We started hiking along the trail but it was so overgrown that we ended up camping along the river and finding some other activities. I think the Ozark Trail Association will be cleaning up parts of this trail at the end of Sept 2018 so it should be a lot better by then. We did stop at Rocky Falls, which is an offshoot of the Current River section, and one I’d highly recommend. Overall, it’s a really great area to hang out, but I’d wait until October time frame to really do any long hikes…I think we just went a few weeks too early! I’d also recommend stopping by any of the ranger stations along HWY 19 and 106; they were extremely helpful and had a ton of great updated information.