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6 hours ago

I combined this trail with the castle/island/boat/quarry trails to make it a little more substantial... ended up around 5.5 miles. Lots of variety of scenery - springs, streams, rock walls, quarry ledges, and the castle. Nice little jaunt.

Good trail for running or relaxed walking. Prefer coming here over the local park. Nothing special.

Just hiked the trail and it was a nice hike except there are a lot of cut down trees.. good marking except a brief period when passing the field on the left. Frequent change in elevation. As mentioned before, I think the hike is closer to 7 miles. The loop is over four miles then it’s a mile to get to the loop (from the highway) and a mile to get back from the loop.
Will hike again!

12 hours ago

Well blazed and maintained trail entirely through the woods. It can be rocky in places and there are a couple of mild ascents and descents.

13 hours ago

great! love the treehouse by Pete Nelson

14 hours ago

Beautiful day (sunny and sixty in mid November). Not many people out, and the trail was pretty well marked (some parts covered in leaves, but that is to be expected at this time of year). Trail head not conveniently located, but I was able to find the trail with the help of the app.

15 hours ago

Nice wide chat trail through mostly woods. Surprised to find two snakes crossing the trail during mid-November. The trail is next to I-44 so there is quite a bit of road noise during the day.

Beautiful views of the Missouri River from the bluffs. Just enough nature without getting too far off the beaten path. Clearly marked trails, and maps available.

Great fall hike! Well maintained and features a nice section of ridge walk along the bluffs. Very scenic and peaceful!

Really enjoyed the variety of scenery, open meadows, woods and glades. Several stream crossings, so be well-balanced or prepared to have soggy shoes. Trails are shared with horses so lots of manure too.

Easy walk for older couple Beautiful View of Smithville Lake just been 1/2 way but u never loose view of lake

Hard climbing. Many great views. I like to take the steep route up but the less steep is difficult as well .

Great easy hike! Pretty views and good picture opportunities.

This combined trail hits several of the special scenic areas in the park. A lot of stairs in one point. you want to enhance the experience and combine the island trail also. If you do the loop counter clockwise you will go down the stairs vs. climbing the stairs.

This is an excellent trail, well maintained, and with breathtaking vistas of the Missouri River basin sprinkled along the backside of the route. The trail features shorter five mile loop as well as the longer seven to eight mentioned here. Seriously one of my favorite day hikes - I stop here at least a few times a year.

Also good for trail running in my experience.

Great hike!! Beautiful in mid October

It was a very easy stroll. We even got to see some deer. The little adult exercises they have from time to time are fun too.

Hiked west from Johnson Shutins trail in the day use area of the park, to the Ozark trail junction. Then we followed the OT blazes west over highway N and north toward Tom Sauk mountain. Very rugged terrain most of the way. Trail blazes are difficult to find in more than a few places. Keep an eye out for the hikers cairns, they kept us from getting lost more than once. Also if you don't see any blazes for a while look for two horizontal nails in the trees about 4 inches apart. They mark where a blaze used to be. That also served to keep us on the trail a few times. Very nice hike other than the trail not being very well marked in some places. Watch out for hogs. My brother and I jumped a small herd rooting right in the middle of our path.

Beautiful Bluebells in Spring.

Beautiful in Spring and Fall!

Be very careful during wet seasons. I hiked this trail this weekend and ended up slipping on a muddy hill and breaking my ankle. The EMTs said that they have to pull someone off the trail once or twice a month. Very beautiful trail other than that.

nature trips
5 days ago

Warning: you may not have gps or cell reception in this area! Download the map if possible!

This is the deepest spring in the state that the public can walk up to! It gets the royal blue color from how deep it is (310feet). If you put the Statue of Liberty in the blue spring she would be submerged (even the torch she holds!). That being said, there are signs staying things about the delicate ecosystem there. Do not ignore that. This place is a natural beauty and a neat opertunity to look into a deep blue abyss. Let’s not ruin that!

There are two trails to get to Blue Spring, me and my group got there from the road and parking lot.
It was pouring down rain. If you drive there and have the same experience, take it slow on the gravel road. Puddles are deceiving some holes were bigger then they looked.
Considering the weather condition, our short hike to the spring was still lovely. The river on the right flowing strong and a beautiful forest to the left that is noticeably a conservation area.
Everything was worth it. The spring was more then blue. It was full of different plant life and fish. Again, I can’t speak for the other trail but as far as driving there goes it is a must-see in my opinion!

mountain biking
6 days ago

Great trail. One very challenging up hill that we had to walk but other than that AWESOME.
Lots of drop offs.

I have done this trial 3 times. Twice I went up the 1000 steps and once down. Going up is steep but reasonable. Going down is trickier for footing. The overlooks.are very nice. Combined with the other trails It is about a 2 hour trek. The last time I did the trail it was -2 degrees outside when we started. When finished it was 27 degrees. Also there is an area of native Americans carving along the trail. Add 30 minutes to check them out.

6 days ago

The fire tower was the highlight. The trees are taller than the tower, so there’s not much of a view from the top. The climb to the top of the tower is still worth the effort. Most of the trail is just a walk through the woods. There’s a few rock outcroppings and Bluff lines coming down the hill to the glade. Once at the glade there’s some decent views from there.

An easy hike. A few bluffs and rock outcroppings to see nothing to extraordinary.

This trail was beautiful and well worth it but I would not rank it an easy trail. This is at least a moderate, the hill about 1/2 mile in is killer.
The views at he top though are just simply amazing.
About 1/3 of the trail is remote and peaceful but the other 2/3 follows along side roads, the pool area, and some other pavilion stops.
There are some pretty rugged declines as well, make sure you have good hiking shoes with traction.

Did while at the visitor center, just a chance to stretch my legs.

Very pretty...just a little snow on the grow and lots of beautiful leaves

7 days ago

It was 29 degrees and sunny the morning I went out. Saw 4 couples on the trail and one very large spider. There was virtually no water in the creek which made it easy to cross the three or four time that is needed. The riverbed was fun to check out. And I imagine if you go in the spring it would be great for bird watching. If you mountain bike bring your bike. There are a lot of fun trails for bikes in the area.

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