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Excellent! Especially on cool mornings in the springtime and

TICKS galore!! mud, horse crap, every step attacked by spider webs, got lost, definitely not kid friendly. Probably won’t try this one again

The riverside portion of the loop traces the east bank of the Missouri RIver across from downtown St. Charles to the Ameristar Casino. It's paved except for a short stretch around a washout. Lots of bikes and joggers use this trail.

12 days ago

A fine, paved trail through beautiful woods and along rock faces. Lots of locals use it for biking, jogging, and dogs, and you'll see families of all ages out there in the evenings. The paved trail follows a creek, which follows a railroad, which is right on the edge of Hannibal, so you're never far from the sound of vehicles, and unfortunately there is some degree of debris at either end of the trail.

The loop marked by Shannon Street on the map is actually a second walking path, no fear of motorized vehicles. If you take that route, you will pass by grand limestone caves, the very ones which inspired the cave scenes in Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer"! These caves all have special gates to keep people out but let the native bats come and go freely.

I went out on May 9th about 1 hour before sunset in hopes of seeing bats. But I was informed the big swarms are only in the Fall. So I didn't see any groups emerging from the caves, but I did spy a few flitting around the treetops.

Not my first choice for hiking. Most of the traffic on this single lane trail is mountain bikes so you are constantly stepping off of the trail to let bikes zoom by you without warning. Trail has a section of a 1000 switchbacks that will annoy a hiker because there isn't much elevation change. Great fun when you are on a bike but when you are on foot not so much.

17 days ago

Very nice trail, although heavily populated in areas. Be aware if you take this trail, there are multiple runners, walkers, and bikers that use this along with families.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike, though would recommend having the trail downloaded as it is not well marked. We made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong trail. Beautiful place to get lost though! Lots of wild life and overall a great hike.

The most interesting features of the park are in the west side. A few folks out on a Saturday afternoon, using the picnic shelters, playing baseball, and just laying around. Nice place and plenty of parking.

The mileage for the route shown here is much less than 1.9 miles. Maybe a 5 minute flat walk each way to a forested summit. Gotta do something a bit longer for some views.

Challenging. Not the best views but good workout and trail. Easy to lose at times

Trail is very confusing to navigate as other users have stated. It is nice going through such a heavily wooded area though.

This is simply the most beautiful park in Saint Louis. I lived about three blocks east of it on Magnolia Avenue for many years during college. Despite being sandwiched between two very busy thoroughfares you can still get lost in the nature of this park.

Every season offers incredible depth, if you arrive early after a fresh, powdery snowfall in the early morning hours it's quiet and stunning. The spring is vibrant and alive in TGP, with the smell of flowers blooming and bright spectrums of color from the various blooming flora. Summer is green and alive with people playing kickball, cycling, running and walking. Fall is majestic with shades of ochre and the soft crunch of leaves under your feet.

Visit this park, it's absolutely amazing and has so much to offer.

This trail is probably five stars for mountain biking, and I give it three stars for hiking. The trail is overall smooth and rolling, I've hiked it once and was constantly stepping aside for mountain bikers. I would say if you want to hike in this area, definitely do the Lewis & Clark trail just to the east of this location. I also found this trail got fairly boring without much in the way of scenery.

fair trail, some nice water features

The area is beautiful. My dogs enjoyed the woods. The trail is hard to follow but with the help of the GPS it was a great trail. The leaves were covering the Rocky trail. Becareful of the loose rocks.

24 days ago

First hike of the season...weather worked out great. Trail listed as moderate but I would say easy and a half....not quite moderate but definitely more than easy.

26 days ago

I Loved this trail! However, I took the suggestion of a previous reviewer and Did Not Go Left on the trail starting out.
OMG, Do yourself a favor... Go Left, the incline is much gentler.

27 days ago

Nice trail that's easy to follow. Gets a little confusing right before connector 5 so pay attention to the trail markers!

We love to take our pups out here and let them play in the creeks! It’s never been too crowded, moderately easy trail!

Lot of trees down but very nice hike.

Very peaceful. Couple of creeks. Only made it 2 miles. Dogs were done by then lol. We have little ones. A lot of horse tracks but saw none.

What we saw was nice but only had about 30 minutes. Found an old cemetery at the top of a hill. Pretty spring flowers, butterflies and the first bumblebee of the season.

1 month ago

good trail, enjoyed very much but I walked the legs off my lab and wife and I am old (lol). it is not a dog-friendly trail, the dog must be on a leash.give it a try.

nice place.

this hike is not 6.6 miles more like 4 miles.

1 month ago

Like others have said, there could be better markings for the trail. Didn't see anyone else out hiking so we had the trails to ourselves which is always nice. We did a couple offshoots from the trail which is nice to have several trail options when you are looking for more miles.

trail running
1 month ago

Found this place by accident. Became a favorite when I lived near by.

1 month ago

Fun loop around a lake. Easy, relatively flat trail. Yellow-rumped Warblers were thick.

We did not realize upon making the drive to Ava that this is a scenic drive and not actually a hiking trail like we thought. Oops! It might be good for the Glade Top Run held every year or even biking, but we should've done some research first. It was a pretty drive.

Lovely hike along riverside! Some of the trail is on the edge of a steep cliff.

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