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A gorgeous park!

I only hiked the portion shared by the South loop as I hiked the entire south loop on 10/15/2018. It took me 7 hours with two short stops for about 15 minutes each and one about half way for about 30 minutes for lunch. Not many scenic views but there was such a nice diversity in the terrain. There was nice woodlands to some swampy area to open meadow. Part of the trail was closed and had to detour around.. It had rained the day before and several parts of the trail were muddy.So I am not sure if that was the cause of the detour. The trail was marked pretty good with the red and red/ green blazes. The most enjoyable part and most beautiful portion was that portion where the south and north loops share the trail. I would like to have been able to do the north loop as well to compare both loops.

on 370 Lakeside Trail

3 days ago

Easy paved trail.

It was great weather for a hike on the red trail but it wasn't marked very clearly. We ended up almost walking the entire trail twice because we ended up turned around. I wish there were maps that were available. Warm enough to see some snakes and what little water that was in the creek was really clear! I'll definitely be back now that I know the way better.

The trail would have been awesome (including a really cool cemetery). With that said the trail seems that it has not, and is not, being maintained. Many downed trees, tons of debris from flooding (I assume). We were the only ones on the trail for its entirety. Nice lake views, but a bit of a guessing game from marker to marker. I’m an experienced hiker so wasn’t bad for me, but hiker beware and be prepared.

Easy, flat and lots of shade.

It has some tough spots, but the course is poorly marked and overgrown. The marked map is off course in several spots. It would be great if it was clear and marked. Many parts of the path or loose rock at steep points.

Nice hike! There are three different options on the east side of the trail, are Silver and Yellow. Red was just the right length for a few hour hike and not very difficult! Very beautiful! Can’t wait to try the Yellow trail and maybe even come back to camp!

15 days ago

My first time hiking and I thought it was not only easy enough but beautiful. I saw the bluffs with the river view and a creek bed. Lots of great photo opportunities

nice trail... took 1 hour 15 min.

great as always! lotta vegetation creeping up on the paths + fallen trees. also be on guard for bikers hauling butt thru some very thin trails at some points. No ticks at this time but plenty of pesky gnats + flies.

great trail however it needs to be marked clearer. we got to a point that wasn't marked and didn't know which way to go. we picked wrong and ended up where we started but that just meant more miles bc we ended up at 4.5 miles! will definitely come back!

20 days ago

Nice trail. Watch out for mountain bikes.

Tower Grove Park is one of the nicest parks in St. Louis. When the hiking trails are questionable because of rains or snow, we will do the three mile walk around the park and finish off with a picnic. That make a great day!

Great easy loop. Must cross the river near the end.

25 days ago


one of my favorite places close to Nixa. Dogs love to splash in the creek after a short hike. I always go left at the bottom of the hill to the trails on that end, as to avoid hiking close to the gun range because my dogs get spooked..

Hike from visitor center to boat dock is very flat and not scenic. But I love anything outside.

29 days ago

Quick hike; good hill factor and the views from the top are soooooo worth it!

I hiked this trail CCW on a very warm Monday in September. I only encountered 3 mountain bikers but no other hikers.

I'd already hiked the longer Lost Valley Trail CW which is the direction in which the Carsonite marker posts face. So instead of counting up the miles in half-mile increments, they counted down the mileage if one viewed their reverse side.

I personally would recommend hiking CW as that puts a long downhill two track road at the end of the hike. I prefer to get the more challenging hiking done at the beginning.

This is a lollipop trail and the beginning stem portion takes about 15 to 20 minutes walking time (rather flat) before you reach the circular section of the trail.

Essentially, the hike ascends as you head north. My favorite part of this hike is the furthest north section where you hike the hilltops. I'm looking forward to doing this section when the trees have shed their leaves and that opens up more views of the surrounding hills.

BTW, the Alltrails app GPS showed the distance as 9.9 miles. I'm not a fast hiker. My moving time was 3:40. Due to the heat in the 90s F, I ended up taking about 40 minutes of breaks which made the total time 4:20.

mountain biking
1 month ago

A fun trail. A few more trail markers would help but still a fun ride thru some tight fast sections.

worst maintained trail I've ever seen. We spend most of our time trying to find our way to markers. We had two small children with four adults. We had to climb over trees and walk through washed up wood from the flood.

Very pretty area. Large variety of wild flowers.

Great trail, lots of shade. Good when you want to get in a quick hike.

Great hiking area! Definitely will be back

Love this trail! Well marked, but I did get confused and ended up on the Hamburg Trail over half way through. I retraced my steps and took a right to follow the electrical lines and BAM! I was back on the trail. Over all, lots of bikers and switchbacks, but that kept me on my toes and interested. The perfect hike for my pup and I! Beautiful scenery, streams, and weather. Bring plenty of food and water for the both of you; you’ll be out there for awhile :)

Tons of spider webs!

I enjoyed the hike, but ended up with poison ivy, 100’s of chiggers, ands tick borne illness. Would never hike this area ever again.

Follow trail signs for Bluff View

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail. Where is the turn to get back to parking lot if you want to stay off hamburg trail?

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