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14 hours ago

This trail has everything. A view of the spring with its clear turquoise water. Then a steep climb through woods to fire tower. Then great views of cliffs and benches. Then a bit along the river. It really is a trail that covers everyone

15 hours ago

Favorite trail in the state. It wasn't difficult, though it had a ton to offer. Great views with elevation and beautiful creek crossings. Plenty to see through the hike.

20 hours ago

Beautiful, but the trail was poorly marked and difficult to follow in places. Included a copy of the trail map in the photos section.

As of 12/18/17 trail is closed for maintenance.

This was a great trail for my dog and I! You will have to cross the creek multiple times so wear a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes. This is a clearly marked trail so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting lost. The trail can get rather rocky in some places and there are also areas with a lot of roots across the trail so take some time in those areas.

Nice easy trail. There are picnic tables and a hitching post. Some fallen trees to navigate around, but overall an easy hike.

I started at the trail to the dam, ended up at a fork to where you could go see the dam or take the turkey creek trail. I went towards the dam and then went down turkey creek a little ways but couldn’t find where you cross the river so I turned around. It is a little rugged but my dog and I made it just fine. I would like to go back and try and find out where the crossing is.

This is my favorite spot. So peaceful. If you are quiet and pay attention on this trail you might be able to see the rocky spring wild horse herd.But I ask you to please clean up after yourself. I have seen trash at Klepzig to many times

5 days ago

I have been here twice. I can not get enough of this beauty.

5 days ago

Was disappointed that you can not get close to the castle. But it is probably due to lack of respect from others. There is amazing views from the ruins.We did see a lot of vultures.

Beautiful, quiet trail. Cool rocks, nice views from the hilltops, lovely little creeks, and towering pines.

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

7 days ago

Great hike! A little over 10 miles, completed it in 4 hours. Had some pretty decent inclines. Lots of creek access for the dogs. Will come back in cool weather.

The bald Knob has an awesome view, everything else on the trail is just a long stroll through the woods. Don’t waste your with the loop unless you are doing it for the exercise.

Simply put... beautiful place!

Similar to what others said: gorgeous, yet lacking in signage and maintenance. As few hikers attempt it between May and September, however the low ranger staff can’t justify maintaining the path until September. I loved watching river otters cross the Current, as well as having my legs cleaned by minnows while wading.

Beautiful trail! Plenty of camping opportunities. My gps clocked a little over 12 miles and about 1500 ft elevation .

10 days ago

Did this hike on 2.25.18 and loved it. Great views from the bluffs and great exercise on the hike. Pics are uploaded. Plus, see these and more at my IG: wdp_photographyinstructor

Good brisk stretch your legs walk !

We didn't get far because you literally have to wade through the river to begin the trail. However, I did it . It was only knee deep and not slick - just be ready to take off your shoes and wade across. So, we spent the day climbing around the beautiful waterfall and up the mountain beside it. We were able to see quite the view just there! It was so worth it!

Nice views as the trail stays alongside the lake.

14 days ago

Clean maintained concrete path trail. very easy, very fun! Great for families, dogs, and joggers.

17 days ago

My husband and I hiked this trail last summer and it was a great experience! Definitely a rugged trail, and any visitors should be fully prepared with water and water filtration systems if they're planning on a longer trek. The views were worth any difficulties!!! We were also surprised by several cleared campsites along the way that weren't on the MO State Parks map.

I did Bell Mountain Wilderness to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. This portion of my trip was absolutely beautiful! It was rocky, rugged, and steep; give yourself plenty of time. I planned to camp here; it took me 6.5 hours to finish this portion with a 30lb pack. I recommend doing this in the fall, winter, or early spring as there will be some overgrown areas. Ketcherside Mountain had some amazing views. Please leave no trace!!

Beautiful area, we had the entire summit to ourselves for the night a few months back.

Excellent trail/camping area!! I recently hiked this trail, doing approximately 11/12miles. We camped on the trail overnight also. The scenery is fantastic. It had recently rained, so the creeks were flowing pretty good. We have have hiked sections of the Appalachian Trail, so comparing this trail to the AT, similar in areas but not as difficult. For an inexperienced hiker, this trail would be perfect to start on. Highly recommended and I will go back and do different routes. I’ll give it

19 days ago

Cool trail running along the river in most spots. Enjoyed it very much. I do not understand how people can give it 3 stars just because it was muddy, its a river next to trail its not paved! What do you expect? Anyway, nice trail, connectors were easy for me to spot if you just know what and where to be looking!

19 days ago

Nice loop trail that connects to the other trails. You can easily do all 3 trails here looping back to the cave within a couple of hours. We took our 10 year old nephew out on them and he had no problem whatsoever. Very nice! One thing to note is when we got to the open field near the Loutre River section, the mosquitoes were horrendous! Make sure you do not skimp on the bug spray!

19 days ago

Cool little trail. You can do the whole trail system here looping back to the Cave, which is also neat. Loved it!

19 days ago

was a great hike. falls were roaring since we just had all the rain.

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