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3 months ago

To begin with, the map on this app is only partially accurate. The western portion of this map is actually NOT the western most portion of Bushy Creek trail. This may be why people find the trail to be more like 17 miles as opposed to the 13 miles listed here. The western most part of the trail on THIS map is actually the white connector trail. So if you are using this map and hiking the trail counterclockwise, you will be off of this map and hook back up where the white connector meets the actual Bushy Creek trail.

The first day we hiked counterclockwise along the trail. This is when I realized the map I downloaded didn’t match the actual trail. Didn’t take long to realize the downloaded map used the white connector as the western trail boundary. The actual trail is marked in blue. This was fairly easy to follow. There were several step climbs and descents. Along this western portion there is plenty of water from the creek. All clear and cold water.

We lost the trail near the current river and decided to walk the creek towards the river. We found a beautiful spot and camped not far from the river. The next day we hiked back up the creek and found the blue trail markings with a little bit of effort. We hiked along until we found the white connector and toon that back. The white trail is difficult to see as I don’t think it gets much use. It was point to point and thankfully I had the map downloaded to use as a guide. This connector takes you through some beautiful Forrest. No water is on this portion, so pack up at the stream before hitting the woods. Also, we found two piles of what could only have been black bear poop.

This was a great hike. In all I think we did about 14 miles but not 100% sure. This is the most remote spot I have been in Missouri.

Also, I would NOT call this trail easy. With difficulty in following the trail, water crossings, rocky terrain, areas where the trail is covered in plant growth, and the 2200 foot elevation change, I would rate this difficult. I wouldn’t take an inexperienced person beyond the first few miles.