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Brumley, Missouri Map

Not a bad trail. Good walk. Very limited view of the lake, so not that exciting.

Easy trail with pretty sights. Only warning is WEAR BUG SPRAY. Especially around ankles and such as we were infested with tiny seed ticks after it. Had to pick off ourselves as well as spray our vehicle down. (Or “bomb” it).
We had to be put on antibiotics because of issues with tick diseases.

on Woodland Trail

21 days ago

I would bump this trail up to a moderate rating. Lots of elevation changes. Had some trees downed on the trail but that made it a bit more fun if you ask me. Went mid July and the deer ticks were out in full force. The cedar forest in the third quarter of the trail was very peaceful.

1 month ago

A nice wide well blazed trail through deciduous forest before running next to the lake. There is a short side trail that gives a nice view of the lake even in the summer. The trail is heavily used by trail riders so watch your step. There is a small cemetery next to the trail. The trail is rocky in parts but nothing unusual for the Ozarks.

Went for a run.. Not able to see great views. The meadow was pretty but there was a TON of cobwebs. Overall just a windy wooded path. Good for a short trail run, you won’t get lost. Went on it in the late evening, almost at dark, kinda gave me the creeps.

TICKS galore!! mud, horse crap, every step attacked by spider webs, got lost, definitely not kid friendly. Probably won’t try this one again

3 months ago

First hike of the season...weather worked out great. Trail listed as moderate but I would say easy and a half....not quite moderate but definitely more than easy.

Very peaceful. Couple of creeks. Only made it 2 miles. Dogs were done by then lol. We have little ones. A lot of horse tracks but saw none.

4 months ago

It was alright... Nothing extreme and beautiful woods. All good views are obstructed. However it connects to the Squaws Revenge trail which has amazing views.

4 months ago

A very fun trail full of all sorts of great views in the early spring, fall and winter. A few elevation changes but nothing difficult. A fun, quick hike.

We clocked it at 5 miles. None of the climbs were difficult. Several stream crossings some easier than others but we made through dry. Lots of horse tracks but we did not see any. Lots of different terrains. Very enjoyable

The quarry part is kind of neat to see! Nice, easy trail.

Went this morning with husband and dogs. Great trail. I loved all the changing sceneries. It went from woodlands, to creek beds, to meadows, to rock quarry’s, and then pinky pathways. Very beautiful and it was pretty well maintained and the trails were marked and easy to find.

11 months ago

Terrible. It was the worst hike I ever had, the hike from hell. Expect to wander through thick brush, a lot of spiders, no clear path at all. The best part- chiggers all over our bodies, in our shoes, and then infesting our car.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The trail was easy to follow, but the view of the lake was absolutely horrible, blocked by trees. The whole trail was sandy, and covered in horse poop and giant spider webs. We had to get sticks to wave in front of us, because of how many times we were hit right in the face by a cob web accompanied by a spider. Maybe a better trail to do in the winter, when spiders are dead, and it isn't too hot. We went in mid-July.

Trails are overgrown and I was covered in ticks at the end of it. Tiny ones.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Very poorly maintained- lots of climbing over fallen trees. Blue markers were easy to spot at the beginning but grew further and further apart. All of the creek beds are bone dry.

trail running
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nice terrain for trail running but not recommended if you're an early morning runner. The trail is narrow through much of the wooded area, and as the likely first visitor of the day, I spent half of the time clearing cobwebs.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Great hike! Beautiful views, path is great (remembering that you are in the ozark mountains and there are going to be some rocks)... Just long enough and hilly enough to provide you with a nice workout. We loved it!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nice trail with good views. The only downside was that there were large rocks on the trail (which is to be expected in November), but you can't see them because of the amount of leaves. I rolled my ankle a few times, but luckily didn't sprain anything.

We thoroughly enjoyed walking this trail. The various creeks were beautiful and the old stone bridge was a perfect place to take pictures. We saw various types of woodland scenery, an old cemetery, and the old quarry. The terrain was rocky and uneven, but that is why it's marked moderate. If you are sure footed and in decent shape, you won't have any problem with this trail.

Monday, June 06, 2016

I hiked the North Loop of this trail. It was very easy to navigate with the green blaze markers. There is a fantastic variety of terrain. The trail is very rocky in places but runs through several meadows and crosses creeks. I was able to complete it in just over 2 hours. Absolutely beautiful!

on Hidden Springs Trail

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

So beautiful. A must, trail.

on Squaw's Revenge Trail

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trail starts at horse stables and is an easy walk thru oak forest to views of the Lake. My 2 sisters and I hiked it in April when many Dogwoods were in bloom.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

We did this very easy hike Nov 2015. The overlooks to the lake were beautiful. We also found ourselves less than ten feet away from five large buzzards/vultures/not really sure. They were beautiful, not what one would imagine when confronted with scavenger birds. The trail was, obviously since it was fall, covered in a thick carpet of leaves. There was also copious amounts of horse poo. Walk carefully. Overall, a fun, easy hike for a brisk fall day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gorgeous in the spring with a sea of dogwoods in bloom. Very quiet and pristine. This trail goes up and down several hills with rocky terrain. No man-made structures or signs, just blue trail tags. Trail crosses several dry creek beds that might be a challenge in the rainy season. The hilly parts of the trail are pretty washed out so it was a bit like climbing the hill in a ditch. We had to climb over a few fallen trees but that also meant there was an occasional spot to rest and enjoy the birdsong.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Great trail. We notice the blue marks were hard to find on the way back and few signs need to be replace. It would be nice if there was more maps on the trail.

mountain biking
Thursday, July 25, 2013

This trail is always a challenge, with plenty of elevation change. It is reasonably well-maintained but some parts are very rough due to equestrian use. The trail travels through the standard Missouri oak and hickory forests and a small part of the trail runs along the shoreline of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We try and get over to the park as often as possible. Easy trails to walk, great picture oppertunities.

mountain biking
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Went for a ride through the first connecting trail at Four Winds. The trail was in bad shape from a recent storm. It was definitely dry, but there were lots of down trees and plenty of sticks and branches on the trail. It would be much better for hiking than riding. In fact, we spent plenty of time off our bikes just trying to get over trees and other obstacles. The trail is very rocky with many loose rocks. You definitely have to watch your footing or where your wheels are headed.

That said, it is a gorgeous trail and provides plenty of ups and downs to test your stamina. It took us an hour to complete the 3 miles trails and we were both worn out after such a "short" ride. I doubt we'll ride it again, but we may go back for a hike.

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