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Branson, Missouri Map

Interesting place. Miles of hiking paths. Found five caves and explored. Each less then 150ft in length. Some interesting history. Beautiful hike around and up against the mountainside, with lake in view. Awesome boulder formations and a few stops to take pics of the elevated scenic view. Doesn’t loop, so however far you hike, be prepared to hike the same distance back!

We really enjoyed the trail! Saw some deer at several places.
I would recommend paying attention to the posted signs of when the gates back to the highway are closed. we were about 10 minutes late getting back to the car - thankfully, the crew waited on us. I'm not sure how long they would have waited however...

25 days ago

This trail is one of my favorites. It's a pretty easy hike. Watch out for slippery rocks and you will get wet.

Easy trail, Easy to get to in Branson.

on Waterfall Trail

29 days ago

Good trail and not very long but supplied great shade! Personally, I would rate it as easy rather than moderate. It would be a great the week after a good rain!

I've done every inch of this trail several times. Really a nice trail. if you go right off the main trail onto the red loop it's a nice sloping walk with great trees. if you go left from the main trail you can see a lot of great rock formations, caves and waterfalls. falls only have water during storms by the way. there's some homeless activity on the left side, and I'd be careful about that. I've seen hobo camps up there and some people who clearly weren't hiking up there.

1 month ago

Easy hour-long trail, walk off your lunch alongside a nice little creek. Your shoes could get muddy.

We took trail to right. We missed steps and waterfall. Good hike And as everyone said right in city

trail running
2 months ago

Fairly precarious for trail running with lots of rocks and tree roots to navigate. Well maintained but a couple of fallen trees across the trail that were easy enough to go over or around. I’d give 5-stars for hiking and 4 for trail running.

FYI- After you park you must walk across the creek bed/across the bridge to the other side to begin the trail. There were cars in front of the signs alerting me to the fact that the trail started on the other side of the bridge so I took a small trail to nowhere for 20 minutes before I realized I wasn’t on the right one. This is such a beautiful location. Very rocky so be sure footed.

Nice short walking.
Great view of city of Branson.

Had a great hike with my husband. the beginning of the trail was a bit confusing- you have to walk to the "lookout" in order to find the trailhead. The steps leading from Taneycomo waterfront back up to the lookout was handbuilt in 1938, look for the engraved poem!

This trail was difficult for our younger and elderly. The trail down the 330 Rick steps was brutal coming back up in the 90 degree plus heat. Bring water. The rest of the trails were really nice. There apparently is rarely a waterfall as it only goes when it’s wet outside.

2 months ago

Fun for young kids. Had to carry a cobweb stick much of the way. Wouldn't be a bad idea to let some other hikers "clear" the way for you. Nice creek to splash around in at the beginning/end.

short but fun along the river

awesome trails. nothing to hard. great views from the top of the water fall. unfortunately no water this time.

3 months ago

This was a pleasant surprise for being in the middle of Branson! The scenery and difficulty took us by surprise! The terrain is definitely rough on most parts of the trail, but not unmanageable. The waterfall is a must see, even when dry. There’s tons of little trails to explore and places to climb. Lots of neat rock fixtures. Negatives: The Rock Bluff Trail, or whatever it’s called is not easy at all. I don’t suggest taking it if you don’t have good footing. My friend slip and cut her knee. Also, the trails are confusing and poorly marked. They’re only marked when you cross paths with another trail. At some points, the actual physical trail doesn’t really look much like a trail anymore.

Great trail!! Could use better markings!

Amazing trail! There is something for everyone here. The yellow and green trails are on the easy side and well marked. The red trail was also well marked, but moderate. I had trouble finding the Tanycomo trail which is more difficult, but it was worth the search when we found it. In late June there was no water on the falls, but still so beautiful and cool in the early morning.

According to my 8 year old, "This isn't a trail, this is an adventure." We started at the trail head off of 76, made it to the Homestead Loop and then turned back. We will return to do the big loop for sure!!!

Very nice hike with my 15 and 11 year old kiddos. Took the trail to the grotto and cave, very unique and certainly worth a couple of hours.

4 months ago

Trail is more moderate than easy, due to the rocks mainly. My husband and I, along with our 9 year old son, completed this hike in about an hour and half. Had a little scare when we had to maneuver around a rattlesnake but overall it was a great hike.

My husband and I, along with our 9 year old son, hiked this trail in about 2 hours. Taking numerous stops to admire various beauties of nature, especially the Owen's homestead.

4 months ago

My husband and I, along with our 9 year old son, hiked the 3.4 Homesteaders Trail in about 2 hours. We took our time and stopped to look at different trees, the wells and other various beauties of nature. Unfortunately the little creek was dried up. Trail was rocky, various hills and had a couple of clearings. Wildlife including: squirrels, wild turkey and deer (fawn also).

Difficult and hot trail, but great views!

We entered at the north trail head, off of Sycamore church road. Enjoyed the trail. It was very well marked along the trail itself. That being said it seemed a little silly to have the big conservation sign at the head of a trail, that dead ends. It was misleading, we actually started down this trail at first. There was a smaller sign explaining that the actual trail head was on the other side of the bridge. No big deal, it can just mislead you if your not paying attention. I would definitely recommend this trail for a nice 2 or 3 hour day hike.

Awesome trail - great for our family. Loved the caves, steps and wildlife. The grotto was definitely the highlight!

Great hike with nicely kept trails! Lots of interesting foliage to see!

Awesome trail. Be in shape if you walk the cliff trail. Great scenery, take pictures.

Spent almost 2 hours hiking with a grandad, a adults and 2 tweens. Enjoyed the terrain and flora. Very different than what we’re accustomed to in the northeast.

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