2 months ago

I went without GPS, just a map on my phone and a compass. The trail is pretty easy to follow except when you hit the open meadows. The overgrowth is starting to crowd the trail since not as many people are on them. The views from the open meadow areas on the ridge about 3/4 of the way to the falls is breathtaking, stop and take some pictures and rest. Once you start getting closer to the falls start really watching for snakes. There are four great camping spots near The Falls. I really thought after all the rain we’ve had over the last few days The Falls would be running, it was not. I camped near the spring just below The Falls to hear some water moving. I saw one baby copperhead on the way in, a very large cottonmouth on the trail (we had a standoff for a few minutes, I went around) and another baby copperhead that popped out of the water just before I was crossing the creek on the way out. I didn’t backtrack to get out because there’s an unmarked trail that follows the creek out. I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re pretty good with a map. It crosses the creek several times and is extremely overgrown. I’ll be going back in the fall to take more pictures. Hopefully The Falls will be running then. LNT