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Missouri Map

Pretty easy trail. Well maintained. A couple hills and trail is rock-gravel. Aside of dog owners not picking up their dogs messes.... its a very enjoyable trail to walk, or run on.

nature trips
10 hours ago

it was a great trail just lots of spiderwebs that you would constantly run into. other than that it would be great to do again.

10 hours ago

I loved this trail. It takes you deep in the woods, and it has many great views and sights to see. Highly recommend it. I made a video with some highlights from my trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUQxymOH9iQ

The trail itself is great: not completley flat, has hills and incline, near the river, pretty scenery. I went in July so the humidity and smell was worse since it was so close to a body of water, and the place was crawling with daddy long legs. They were everywhere. Creepy.

1 day ago

Trail was ok, but nothing too interesting. that being said, it was a lot better than just staying home and watching TV.

This section of the trail is not really a hike but more of a walk as the Katy Trail is hard-packed limestone suitable for biking. The roadway has virtually no grade in this section.

I've done this trail section several times over the years. Sometimes the mosquitoes can be rather annoying (there are places with standing water) but today they were next to nil.

Except mid-day when the sun is high in the sky, most of this section of the trail is covered by a forest canopy giving one lots of shade.

I noted that the sign at Defiance indicated the distance back to Weldon Spring is 2.6 miles. That would make the walk only 5.2 miles unless you had walked all the to the "Z" turn in Highway 94 where the two bar & grills are located.

I walked this on a Monday morning in August and perhaps about 30 cyclists passed me going either way and I only encountered 3 other walkers. This makes for a very comfortable stroll that can be done by people of most ages.

I'm at leisurely walker and did the round trip in just under 2 hours. If you wish to break your hike into two halves, it is possible to have lunch or a dinner in Defiance.

Went here on a whim and DID NOT REGRET IT. Drove the quick hour drive from St. Louis and got right to it. NO BATHROOM AVAILABLE AT TRAIL HEAD.

My friend and I absolutely loved climbing on everything! Every corner was a new view and adventure. I cannot wait to go back!!

1 day ago

I thought it was really pretty! The lookout point that overlooks the river is well worth it. It’s a fairly easy trail. Narrow, but not too much of an incline. Mostly throw the woods, but there is a pretty field and overlook of the river. Boaters seem to be really friendly. They’ll wave as the boat by.

Well maintained trail with typical Missouri scenery.

One side of the loop trail is stairs (trail head across the street from the camp store) and the other is a gentle slope (same side of street as camp store), which could affect how hard/easy the ascent is back up from the lakeside. Stairs down/slope up is the easiest. The trail is easy, but scenic - with the lake, wildlife (4 whitetail deer that allowed us very close) and quite peaceful on a mid-Sunday. 1.5 hours at a leisurely pace if you stop and take a log of pictures, which we did!

Cool trail on the lake. Had a nice breeze, clear weather, and swimming area. Nice overlook trail with good elevation that breaks off loop.

Clean nice trail , brings you into downtown Weston

2 days ago

This trail is absolutely beautiful! Definitely a good beginner hike. Came here for a backpacking trip but cut the trip a day short. First day I was covered in seed ticks and went to wash off in the closest bit of water which had leaches in it. Beautiful trail just don't recommend coming here in August!

The trail itself was beautiful and felt fairly moderate, although it may have been the 100+ degree weather talking. :) The only downside was who we are fairly sure was a homeless man hanging around at the far edge of the loop, near the highway. Didn’t get good vibes from this gentleman, and my boyfriend and I hightailed it through the last 1.5 miles. A shame, because the hike really was fantastic!

trail running
3 days ago

Fairly precarious for trail running with lots of rocks and tree roots to navigate. Well maintained but a couple of fallen trees across the trail that were easy enough to go over or around. I’d give 5-stars for hiking and 4 for trail running.

For a hot day was a great shaded trail! It was 90 degrees but shaded with a nice breeze, it didn’t feel bad at all. We hiked down to the canyon and was well worth it. I would not go if there was a chance of rain it looks like it could flood easily.

We enjoyed our 2 1/2 hike on Saturday Aug 4th. The weather was perfect for hiking. The map read that there "would" be ticks and to use tick repellent but of course that's the one thing we didnt bring. Half way through the hike we got seedticks up to our ankles Even my dog got seed ticks on her legs. So what I would recommend is to bring tick spray and a change of shoes for after the hike. After our hike, we went to Moon Valley and waded around in the water. That helped our ankles

The trail was well marked with easy access to the trailhead. There are plenty of trail maps but no bathrooms. The trail is very rocky and narrow making the rating of “moderate” accurate. My two children got excited for a bench at about two miles. They sat down only to realize a minute later that they were COVERED in termites! My five year old was in pure horror! We tried to finish the loop with the shortcut but after a quarter of a mile farther, we decided it was best to turn around. After returning back to the car and fully stripping their clothes, we also found three ticks on my husband and daughter. Heads up that this is not a young kid friendly hike. I wish we would’ve have gotten a chance to see the entire trail and what it has to offer. I gave it three stars because I’m sure it’s a good trial for others, but I wish I’d known it wasn’t for my family. Oh well, you live and you learn.

3 days ago

This well blazed wooded loop trail is probably best hiked during the fall or spring when there are fewer leaves and you can see the valley the Meramec River flows through. It would be a nice trail for trail running as it has some nice ascents and descents and is rocky in parts.

3 days ago

A very short out and back walk to a cave that has been closed due to White Nose Syndrome. The trailhead is a little hard to find. From the parking area walk up the hill toward the brown cabins. The trail starts at the tree line half way up to the cabins.

3 days ago

The trailhead sign shows the trail as a 1.25 mile point to point trail but it will most likely be used as a 2.5 mile out and back trail. The trail ascends through forest until it reaches the highway where you turn around and descend back to the trailhead. There were several mushrooms along the trail that were beautiful. We did spook a white tail deer so the trail is aptly named.

The distance is best thing about this trail. Not much elevation change and a lot of abandoned roads. Watch out for bikers.

3 days ago

Short but fun trail. The trail is steep and rocky in parts and passes mostly through forest, although there is one overlook of the valley below. The bluffs and Indian Cave are interesting. The cave is one of the few in the park you can still walk back into.

Great trail for hiking

Paved trail with much of it in shade. I really enjoyed the Dewey Short Visitor Center by the dam. I parked at Showboat Branson Belle parking lot and walked toward the dam. .8 miles then back. I also went the other direction toward another state park area which is also .8 miles. This trail is in sections with many benches to sit and enjoy the view. I use the restrooms at showboat park area but there are outhouse type restrooms at each of the Missouri state park areas. I love this trail and will do the entire beautiful walk He next time I am in town.

FYI- After you park you must walk across the creek bed/across the bridge to the other side to begin the trail. There were cars in front of the signs alerting me to the fact that the trail started on the other side of the bridge so I took a small trail to nowhere for 20 minutes before I realized I wasn’t on the right one. This is such a beautiful location. Very rocky so be sure footed.

The walk was really pretty, but there is no signage and I didn't go out for long or very far because of this.

mountain biking
4 days ago

very cool trail to mountain bike on. lots of unique sections of the trail to tackle. very interesting old style farm equipment. one section of rock is tough for bikes though but the rest is a cake walk. if you take a right through the prairie a trail leads you to the town. go forward and its back to trail head.

We parked at the Smoke and Davey Trailhead and took the Neale Trail. So great. Somewhat challenging, very cobwebby at 8 am but found a good stick to help with that. Very well maintained and pretty views everywhere. When the trail crossed the cement path that ran down the center of the trail system we occasionally saw another person but aside from that no other people once we were in the woods. Great views of the lake.

awesome trail

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