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Wiggins, Mississippi Map

This is actually a point to point trail covering some 42 miles from Fairly Bridge Landing at the southern most trail head to Big Creek landing west of Brooklyn, MS. This trail runs roughly along Black Creek, which is a large creek, would considered a river in most areas. That being said, it covers a lot of low lying swampy areas, when it rains it gets wet. The creek and its many tributaries are very prone to flash flooding. It can be perfect one day and near impassable the next. I just completed the 16.5 mile trek from Fairly Bridge Landing to Janice Landing. It was a perfect hike. But getting your feet wet on a perfect hike on this trail is probable. If you are expecting to see breathtaking overlook views, not there. But if you are an outdoors person and a nature lover you will absolutely love this hike. No heavy traffic, but you are likely to see other hikers. Pay attention to the water level at Brooklyn. When I left, the water level was just over 5 ft and falling.

Not a good trail AT ALL!! About 1 mile in bridge is out & no way around water so had to turn around.

Definitely not good for biking. Trails were boring and not well maintained. No inclines or excitement to it.

Not a good trail. Do not go here after it rains, the trails will be completely washed out. Went out there a day after rain and made it about 300 feet before water was everywhere.

This trail was very poorly marked, the very beginning was ok, very flat & easy, but when you hit the road in, there is no visible trail, so it appeared to be a short 3/4 mile treck, if there was more to it, we didn't see it. should have been better marked & maintained. I really had high hope for this trail

I will be hiking this trail come December , if anyone has any advice or great spots I should check out I would love to hear from you. also does this trail loop or is it a "A to B" trail. I have many questions about this trail, and if someone would help me with some questions I would be most appreciated. or if you know of a better more nicer trail I would love to hear from you. thank you in advance

Backpacked overnight from Fairley Bridge Recreation Area to Andrew Jackson Interpretive Trail. It was a nice trail. The weather was really good. Maybe a little on the humid side. Most of the trail is well marked. There was one section I didn't see any blazes. Didn't see any people on the trail other than our group. There were a few ups and downs towards the beginning, but most of the trail was pretty flat. The first few miles there isn't any water, but after that it wasn't to hard to find some to filter. Didn't see much wildlife except one armadillo and three snakes. Lots of ticks though.

Great hike, this was my first hike and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trail was kept clean no other hikers, very secluded.

Enjoyable day hike, the landing of course was extremely buggy so bring your spray. Lots of poison ivy at he beginning, but faded out quickly. My kids loved paying in the water and it was pretty shady through must of the trail.

what's up guys did hike this weekend. its about 25 min drive from wiggins. It have just rained so for the first hr i was above ankles in water. took about 2 1/2 hour to finish. i set up camp at a small over look. Not much wildlife didn't see any other campers / hikers. Peaceful. I would say pretty easy hike. maybe 50 ft biggest climb.

My hubby and I went here on father's day. The trails are alright but they need to be cut more. we had shorts on and my legs got scratched up. there were some wet spots that we had to walk through but no big deal. and the one trail we wanted to take wasn't there.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

We did this hike in April. The trail is well marked and maintained. The first section is flat and very wet we did make this hike right after the 2014 floods. The next miles are marked by some nice steep hills that after 4 miles can become nicely challenging. The river has some nice white beaches and looked quite inviting for a swim. We saw no one else save one elderly lady driving past while we crossed one backcountry road. I would advise big repellant and in the summer long hiking pants. All told one of the best hikes in this part of Southern Ms.

Hiked this trail from Fairley Bridge Landing, which was fairly easy to find coming from Wiggins. The trail was overgrown yet well-marked, and with a good machete and some conviction it would prove to be a worthwhile trek. My partner and I stayed nearer the river with its clear water and white sand beaches. Aside from a family cruising respectfully nearby on their flat-bottom boat, there were no other hikers or campers in the area. A peaceful, beautiful spot for all-around relaxing, and a challenging trail for the inner bush-whacker in you.

When you hear banjos you know you're in the backwoods of Mississippi. Seriously, there were a few people out for memorial day weekend, one had a guitar the other a banjo. The trail was easy to find and follow but was overgrown with Posion Ivy, thistles and thorns so I would definitely recommend pants for the hike. Overall it was a decent hike with a great forest and some nice little streams (and of course the Black Creek). There is a nice little beach near the boat launch which is great for lounging around on. Didn't see too much wildlife; a snake, a large Armadillo, and a momma turkey with her babies. Would recommend the hike to anyone looking for a somewhat physically exerting hike. Oh, and don't forget the deep woods insect repellant, plenty of bugs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

We hiked from Fairley Bridge landing five miles in to a beach on the Black Creek. The beach was beautiful. For the 10-mile round trip, our fitness app says we had a total elevation/climb of 669 feet - there are some steep, short hills. Well maintained. The Forest Service website says as of this week that the trail is closed because of Hurricane Katrina damage, but that is not the case. One thing I haven't read on any review or in the Forest Service website is that there is hunting on the land for most of the year - deer, small game, quail. For safety, you should bring and wear blaze orange. Luckily for us, there were hunters at the trailhead who had extra vests that they lent us for our hike. We would definitely go back.

Just got back from this trail. The trail is easy and well marked but was way over grown with lots of thorns high grass poison ivy etc. still the view is pretty and the waters really clear compared to a lot of other creeks I've been to in the south

This is my favorite part of Black Creek because of the Wilderness section. There is a small water fall near the end of Mill Creek where it dumps into Black Creek. Still one or two things to hop over because of Katrina, but not too bad.