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mountain biking
23 hours ago

Awesome trail and very well maintained. Totally enjoyed our first time on the loop and had a blast. Looking forward to coming back.

Great jog, watch out for snakes in the spring!

1 day ago

Am here at the end of April and it’s flooded. Could only make it about half a mile in. Flooded about 2 feet at the bridge

Very muddy, lots of barking dogs in neighboring houses, downed vegetation, very poorly signed in areas with many loops/spurs.

bridge out
2 days ago

A real hidden gem and I recommend going with someone who knows the area to get the most out of the beauty that exists here.

Nice little hike, beautiful weather and easy to follow.

on Tuxachanie Trail

12 days ago

Really nice trail; well marked. Nice variety of trees and evergreen. Warning: spotted 2 water moccasins on the trail, not far from trailhead by the bog.

15 days ago

Great State Park and a nice easy trail to go on. We took our three kids and they loved it.

off trail
15 days ago

trailhead was clearly marked with 4 no trespassing/private property signs

this trail should likely be removed from this app

This trail is just part of the overall Black Creek Trail.

19 days ago

I think this was a good way to begin your hiking and camping experience. The trail is marked well enough and the campground at Airey lake is great. The bathroom is definitely a plus. The fresh water is great too. It is never going to be a life changing experience but I am sure glad I got to do this and would do it again.

Easy hike, well marked trail. Mainly through the woods though there are some rock formations in the very beginning. Will do again.

This is a fairly easy hike but lots of places for bouldering and veering off the path for a little more of a challenge. The trail is well marked and seemed to be well maintained. There are some nice views, lots of bluffs and a river that you follow at the end. We will do this again and bring our kids.

21 days ago

went in early January- challenging for me, was VERY muddy and difficult at times. lots of slipping and falling (it had rained for months before we went)

Nice quick hike. Very beautiful in the fall.

Great for biking and running. Watch out for snakes.

Great trail. Very challenging due to the steep rocky slopes. I loved the portion going through the creak. The waterfalls were beautiful and easy to get close to. This time of year was perfect to go. Everything was turning green and the temp was just cool enough. Be watchful for wildlife. I did come across a young copper head snake. Luckily it was eating some small animal and hard it’s mouth occupied. Otherwise it could have been a bad situation. I also saw a family of possums. And check for ticks afterwards.

22 days ago

Trail condition was better than I had expected after reading previous reviews. What bothered me was the prolific littering along the trail and creek. I brought a 20 gal trash bag to collect litter as I hiked and I eventually had to stop because there was just too much... I fail to understand why someone would be so careless and lazy that they cant pack out an empty food container that they obviously carried out there when it was full. Empty fuel canisters, beer cans, and random clothing items are strewn all over the creek sides where landing from the water is convenient. I thought I had found a secluded spot to have a lunch break only to find the remnants of a tuna snack pack left scattered on the ground. One lazy "bushcrafter" left the detritus of a camp/bivouac three steps off the trail not 15 minutes away from the parking lot. Has the concept of leave no trace not caught on in this state?

22 days ago

Great hike with some hills! Bring water

Great for paddle campout. Best when water is 4-6’. Wear water shoes if you walk in the water. There’s broken glass and cans and who knows what else down there.

You can do out and back or you can also make a loop on the trail. Two spots with water access/good rest points along the hike. Some of the trail is sand so beware time of day you are hiking if you have dogs- their paws can burn in this sand. Recommend doing trail in reverse (go straight instead of right at the start) to have water breaks/swim breaks for dogs in the middle and end of hike instead of beginning. Nice open trail, you won’t be bushwhacking. Doing trail in reverse will also provide more shade opportunities further into hike. There is a waterspout at the Boyscout camp area but recommend filtering it (I’ve never tasted it)

22 days ago

Not well marked from Airey Lake. There are multiple paths that intersect with no signs. We followed some tree markers we could find but it was not Tuxachanie Trail.Airey Lake is midpoint if you start from hwy49. POW is another 6.5 miles from there.

Thru hiked the full 41 mile trail from Fairley Bridge Landing to Big Branch Landing in late March over 3 days and 2 nights. Thanks to Black Creek Canoe Rental for shuttling us to Fairley Bridge Landing. The trail was starting to get overgrown. I have been told the trail is maintained twice a year. Obviously now is not one of those times. I will probably call the U.S. Forrest Service to see when that occurs and put an update in this review. We started out carrying 2 Liters of water each but after realizing there are plenty of feeder creeks to filter water from we dropped down to 1 Liter each on the second day. Like others have said it really be nice if there were mileage markers. Maybe not every mile but at least 1/3 or 1/4 distances. My favorite part of the trail was probably the first 1/3 and the last 1/3 mainly due to the memorable creeks. Although the views of Black Creek are very scenic I really enjoyed Mills Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Cameron Creek, Marth Branch, Machlin Creek and many others. There are bridges or trees over almost all the wet spots on the trail except the last 1/3 of the trail between Hwy 49 and Big Creek Landing. This section had several wet areas you just had to walk through. Thank you to those that have contributed to the upkeep, signs, bridges and boardwalks. Please remember Leave No Trace. I saw several empty Mountain House packets and toilet paper on the trail. I now regret not just picking those items up myself and packing them out. Nevertheless, my daughter and I made wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. So overall I loved the trail and will do it again. Its probably the best backpacking trail in the state. You can look up my AllTrails recording.

Easy but exciting trail due to constant change of vegetation and many little curves. We didnt see much wild live other than butterflies and birds hut still an interesting trail system.

23 days ago

This isn’t actually the Tuxachanie Trail but it was a nice hike. Seriously needs better markers so you know which trail you’re on.

paddle sports
23 days ago

Wife and I kayaker around this little lake, did not do the nature trail. $4 entrance fee, only bathroom we could find that was unlocked was at the sports complex. Looks like it may have once been great, but has gone down a good bit. Somewhat littered...

Wife and I walked this loop a few times. It's nice if you live locally and just want to get out for a little while, but I wouldn't try to make a trip out of it. Fishing is also terrible.

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