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I love Black Creek for kayak/canoe floats. This time we floated from Janice Landing to Fairley Bridge Landing to gauge mileage & scout out sandbars for an overnight paddle in July. This section is very scenic & easy for inexperienced paddlers. Water level was just at 5’, but the recent floods got up to 23’! You can definitely tell a massive flood tore thru the area with trees down horizontal to the bank, & fewer across the creek. Since this is a wild & natural river system, man does not clear any debris. He leaves it to Mother Nature, & she does a pretty good job! Last year, at 4.5’ or so level, there were several trees across the way & we had to find a way thru. Those are all swept away now & as of yesterday, we had no impediments. That may chance once the water level lowers another foot. According to my Strava & AllTrails, the total distance from Janice to Fairley Bridge Landing is ~12 mi. By segment, Janice to Cypress Landing is 5.8 mi, & Cypress Landing to Fairley Bridge Landing is right at 6.2 mi, which differs from other websites (4 mi & 7 mi). Use your own judgment to gauge time for the trip, allowing plenty of time for lounging on the numerous white sandy sand bars along the way. This is a great way to spend a hot day. Cold water, relatively little trash compared to most places, & so very peaceful. Be watchful for Fairley Bridge Landing as it’s tucked in on the west (right) bank about 500 yrds BELOW the Bridge. There is a nice wide sand bar on the right, then about 40 yrds further there’s a bunch of little marker ribbons, then the Landing. You will have to pay close attention or you’ll miss it. It’s concrete, but covered in mud & sand. Just looks like a break in the steep bank. Oh & if you need a shuttle, Red Wolf Adventures located on Hwy 29 about a mi south of Janice Landing is the best! Chris & Jason are really nice, & we always hire them even when we have our own yaks & canoes. REALLY REASONABLE RATES for rentals & shuttles. They also shuttle for the Black Creek Hiking Trail (Desoto National Forest Trail), too!

Great for paddle campout. Best when water is 4-6’. Wear water shoes if you walk in the water. There’s broken glass and cans and who knows what else down there.

Thru hiked the full 41 mile trail from Fairley Bridge Landing to Big Branch Landing in late March over 3 days and 2 nights. Thanks to Black Creek Canoe Rental for shuttling us to Fairley Bridge Landing. The trail was starting to get overgrown. I have been told the trail is maintained twice a year. Obviously now is not one of those times. I will probably call the U.S. Forrest Service to see when that occurs and put an update in this review. We started out carrying 2 Liters of water each but after realizing there are plenty of feeder creeks to filter water from we dropped down to 1 Liter each on the second day. Like others have said it really be nice if there were mileage markers. Maybe not every mile but at least 1/3 or 1/4 distances. My favorite part of the trail was probably the first 1/3 and the last 1/3 mainly due to the memorable creeks. Although the views of Black Creek are very scenic I really enjoyed Mills Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Cameron Creek, Marth Branch, Machlin Creek and many others. There are bridges or trees over almost all the wet spots on the trail except the last 1/3 of the trail between Hwy 49 and Big Creek Landing. This section had several wet areas you just had to walk through. Thank you to those that have contributed to the upkeep, signs, bridges and boardwalks. Please remember Leave No Trace. I saw several empty Mountain House packets and toilet paper on the trail. I now regret not just picking those items up myself and packing them out. Nevertheless, my daughter and I made wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. So overall I loved the trail and will do it again. Its probably the best backpacking trail in the state. You can look up my AllTrails recording.

washed out
4 months ago

Went out here about a month ago after a very rainy period. The trail was flooded in places. That was not an issue. In fact, it added some fun to a easy walk. There are markers identifying the different trees. The disappointing thing was all of the trash. It was disgusting.

Short, easy gravel trail along the old channel of the Yalobusha River below the dam at Grenada Lake

7 months ago

All in all a nice trail. (I backpacked from Janice landing to fairley bridge landing.) Although it could use a little maintenance (a lot of trees blown down in the recent storms we have had and very grown over in places) and a few well placed bridges over the more treacherous water crossings would help. *mile markers would be awesome*

Used to be good when it was maintained and well kept. Too tall of grass and bridges are out in various places.

The hike to the dam was beautiful and pleasant but after that the trail in the forest was poorly maintained, basically just paint on trees and had many many tiny ticks on us. The forest trail needs more work to have a more pleasurable hike.

Over the past two weeks I've started a hike from the north and also from the south. The trail is overgrown, in some places the grass is above the knee and it is hard to see what is around your feet. Our hike from the south ended about 0.5 miles in when my dog was bit by a copper head he/I just couldn't see because of the overgrowth. The area is otherwise beautiful, but the trail is just too overgrown for me to hike again in the summer which is a shame. If you do go, heavy pants/boots/snake gaiters are recommended.

I hiked this trail with a group of friends, 4.5 miles out and back. This was my first time on this trail and first time to visit De Soto National Forest. Both the trail and forest were beautiful. Some of the largest butterflies I've ever seen in my life. Saw a few deer as well. I was expecting the trail to be a little more narrow, but thats okay. Overall it was a fun trail, easy to find, and very easy to hike, (at least for this section.) I'd like to do a thru hike at some point of it, most likely some time in the fall or late winter. The Mississippi heat is real.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Had to lower the rating after coming over and seeing some ticks on my leg

Sunday, January 28, 2018

My 3 kids (age 10 and under) and I did this hike the week of Thanksgiving 2017. We did a there & back starting at Janice Landing and hiking to US 49 before turning back. We stashed food and water on US 49 to keep our weight to a minimum and did this in a 3 day 2-night trip. We camped at 31.02766 -89.09828, which is on a nice high bluff about 50 yards off the trail. This made for a REALLY long second day of about 20 miles, but was necessary as we got a bit of a late start the first day. The trail is decently marked although we did go off trail twice by mistake. There are a lot of hunting trails that intersect where its easy to suddenly find yourself on the wrong trail. I used an app on my phone that used my GPS location to tell me where I was, which was helpful when we went off trail. The biggest bummer on this trail is that it doesnt have mile markers. You can only use landmarks on a topo map to estimate where you are. A good topo map and a compass is a must. Make sure you know how to use them as we passed two ladies who had no map and thought they were on a different 0.5 trail, when they were actually a mile or two away from their car. The trail follows the river for much of the it, which provides for decent scenery. I thought the most beautiful part of the hike was being on the top of the hills. The only wildlife we saw was a flock of turkeys and a couple of hunting dogs. There were very few people on the trail.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lowland trail through pine forest and some tall grassy open areas. Topography not all that exciting but it is a nice quiet path great for a relaxing afternoon hike.

Pretty, but would've been better without the trash strewn around the trailhead area.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

my husband and I did the Virginia Pine trail. overall ok but got a little lost once we got to the campground on where the trail picked back up. We look forward to doing the other one soon.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A solid recreation area/campground hike. Features an Indian mound and an overlook of Chewalla Lake. The section through the woods south of the campground will need to be reblazed soon. Also, you can combine this route with part of the Virginia Pine Trail to form a semi-loop.

Under construction on the early parts of this trail but overall well marked.

The scenery is beautiful, but it's not labeled properly. I didn't see any mile markers on the trail. It was just okay for me.

Launched at the first launch and paddled down to Moody's to let some people off. Paddled a little over half way to Janice landing, and spent the night on a sandbar, camped overnight there, woke up the next morning and headed out. Over all a great experience and would be good for family and friends. Wasn't too technical and definitely makes for a great day trip or overnight trip.

The trail was overgrown in most areas. The trail also just stops without warning and I found myself trailblazing through the woods. Which isn't a bad time, but it wasn't the fun that I was wanting to have. If you run across the damn there are some four wheeler trails you can run on through the woods, but those aren't very good either and are pretty overgrown. Overall the woods are beautiful, but the trails don't seem to have been maintained at all in years and years.

Nice little 2 day trip. Launched the canoes at Moody's Landing and finished at Cypress Creek Landing about 16 miles down. Camped about a mile north of Janice Landing on a great sandbar after seeing a deer cross the creek and climb the ledge up the opposite side. Water level was at roughly 5.5 feet, which kept us from having to do any walking or lifting the canoes over logs.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hiked from Old Hwy 49 to Anderson Loop-Government rd. 319. It is a beautiful pine forest hike with few water shed ravines. I found it to be an easy hike. It had been cleared recently.

This relatively easy kayak and canoe trail winds its way through DeSoto National Forest. Don't expect rapids or too many other impediments, the paddling is very easy. White sand beaches throughout the river make it an ideal spot to camp along the way.

Monday, June 20, 2016

This trail was a nice surprise in Southern Mississippi. It was never too difficult, but I recommend long pants and maybe boots as the grass is rather talk and the snakes plentiful! Also, it was a tough task finding the start of this trail. Overall, definitely worth it!

Good trail, though I only went 5 miles that day. There seems to be some confusion about how long it is, as I've seen 16.6 miles, 23 miles, and now 40 miles? In any case, it has been cleared since Katrina, as some of the older reviews seem to have been written while it was mostly impassable. There are some wet areas if it rained recently, but the trail is pretty well built up in most places and planks were put down in the worst swampy areas. Wear pants and hiking boots and they shouldn't be a problem. There were also a few camp sites at the trail head that anyone could use without charge, so I plan on going back one of these days for a longer trip.

Trail is well kept up. Took the scenic trail. Hiked in about three miles. Little disappointed in the views. The trail follows the creek but very rarely can you actually see the creek just to thickness of brush between trail and creek. Enjoyed hike. Will do again.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I hiked across the dam and up the trail to the left for about a mile. It was a fairly easy hike. It looked like horses had been on the trail too. I want to make the complete loop this spring.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

It was enjoyable. However, the very beginning is very wet and most of the trail is overgrown. I would wear long pants and waterproof shoes or you will regret the consequences. However, the water features I saw were very pretty (I only went 4 miles in). The dog also did great.

This is the 1st park I went to using this park. I didn't read that is was there and back (my fault) so we went further until we run into people who said we should turn around. We walked about 6 miles instead of 4, but it is ok. it wasn't real hard or steep. there are no signs (that's bad). the 1st mile is very easy and it is a beautiful area. This a great 1 to 2 hour walk on a pretty afternoon.

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