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A short easy trek that ends at a sandy shore with a picnic table to rest or enjoy a snack. I had my two pups with me. They enjoyed it more than I did. (Expect trash along the shore.) There were plenty of bird sightings and even a lone deer to amuse the pups.

There are actually two trails. The Plymouth Bluff Trail hikes along a bluff area with views of the river below and has a few ravine crossings and then the River Trail goes along on a flatter section near the river and around a cypress swamp. Both combined trails are just over 4 miles with two different visual views of the river.

We did this over a year ago and it was not well maintained and it smelled like a chicken processing plant. This trail is not scenic at all.

Been here several times and it never disappoints. Highly recommend!

We love this trail and do it all the time. If it’s been raining then it’ll definitely be muddy so I’d definitely recommend hiking boots.

We do the ARK trail all the time but we usually do the 4 mile one and we absolutely love it. The first half is pretty flat and then it gets to be more up and down hills but it’s lots of fun. You’ll definitely want hiking boots when it’s been raining because it is definitely muddy.

Trails were easy to access and overall safe. Took rough 2 hours to complete without completely exhausting the kids. Camp area was close to the trail head. Trails are well maintained and marked well.

This was formerly a 2.5-mile loop. A tornado in December 2015 destroyed everything on the southern half of the trail. That section of the trail is completely gone, with all the trees down and no efforts to recover the trail. It is now just an out-and-back trail to the hill above Baker's Pond.

Fun trail, but felt more like 2 miles. The first half had cool cliff/rock views and small waterfalls. The second half followed the river - due to the recent rain there were several fun jumps over the creeks adjoining the river

18 days ago

Is there a place here to camp? We can stay in the horse trailer but need a place to put horses and camp for the night.

19 days ago

It’s a nice stop if you like history of the local areas or looking for a place to cool down in the summer. Other then that I would have a hard time talking the place up. Wooden safety rails and most of them are decaying and falling apart. I really wish they would have kept the water wheel up in shape and have it turning just to show kids what it did. The mill itself might have another 3-5 years before it falls apart. We have been coming out here for almost 8 years now and it’s getting worse.

Beautiful Mississippi!

Actively cleaning the trail from past flooding with students from my school: NWCC!

Also building a new, higher trail (Highland trail) which is predicted to be flood free and garbage free! In December of 2018, it has been constructed and is marked with green and orange fluorescent markers.

I see signs of deer here, but not actual deer!

Please check out my Ark Trails playlists on Darrell Barnes' YouTube channel for actual footage of this trail.

Love Ark trails. I have had the good fortune of hosting guided nature hikes here!

Let's go hiking!

Nice walking trail. Well maintained and well marked. Pretty scenery.

nature trips
26 days ago

Pretty good, short train. $4 to get in. Building from the 1800s and waterfall!

trail running
26 days ago

Very well maintained. Great trails. Great walking track. Great location.

27 days ago

Personally challenging

27 days ago

Did this one late December, and it’s my new favorite for Tishomingo SP. Most of the reviews below are actually reviewing the wrong trail. Note the recording follow the Outcroppings trail, that is the most popular one in the park, but this is my new favorite. I started from the Pioneers cabin and hiked clockwise. I feel like that is the best approach cause it puts you really getting into the good stuff the last half. Great trail and much more isolated than Outcroppings (which is good too).

1 month ago

Fun hike! Get ready for a mouth full of spiderwebs.

Nice place about 2hrs away from NOLA. Took the family here for my birthday. Kids loved it, but said they’d rather go hike back in Colorado. Lol We arrived around 8:30am and we left about 3.5-4hrs later it was packed.

i branched out recently this year to hike locally near my hometown in South MS because i no longer had as much opportunity to visited the smoky mountains, and CRAVED a good hike. Clark Creek fulfilled every bit of that craving and then some ! i had so grateful that this place exists. it is absolutely gorgeous and seems to grow each time i go. i always discover something new and i can never get tired of it. such a wonderful place !!

1 month ago

Trail is open. Very flat. Not a lot of changing scenery. Fall collors were very good.

Love coming here. We came back and brought the grand baby and she loved it too! Very nice and clean place

on Tunica River Trail

1 month ago

Check the hours of operation may not be open,.

This trail was nice and very pretty. It was really muddy in a lot of spots with a few hills. There are some trees down but it isn't too hard to get around them. about 3.5 miles in it isn't as well maintained. There are a horses on the trail so keep that in mind.

Love this place.

2 months ago

All in all a nice trail. (I backpacked from Janice landing to fairley bridge landing.) Although it could use a little maintenance (a lot of trees blown down in the recent storms we have had and very grown over in places) and a few well placed bridges over the more treacherous water crossings would help. *mile markers would be awesome*

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2 months ago

I did the first 4 miles of the trail. It was really muddy and wet when I went and there were a few ditches to leap over, but it was a good run. The terrain was not level but there weren't any steep hills.

As a local, this is a fun and moderately fast trail for those that know it well. For first time riders, it can hold some challenges. It’s not flat but nothing insurmountable. It’s been affected by work on the lake and may have more changes as lake repairs continue in 2019.

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