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19 days ago

This was my first trail without kids, longer than 5 miles. It kicked my butt, because it was 95 degrees and I was hiking with experienced hikers who didn't take breaks as frequently as kids do!
I want to return to this trail now that I've gained experience. I remember it being lovely, but hard. I think upon return, it will be lovely but a little less challenging.

20 days ago

Is there a place here to camp? We can stay in the horse trailer but need a place to put horses and camp for the night.

Great trail. Head the black diamond warning. My friends and I had a blast while riding this trail.

trail running
28 days ago

Very well maintained. Great trails. Great walking track. Great location.

29 days ago


mountain biking
29 days ago

Very well maintained. 357 trail is a blast, and the 6 mile trail will give you a work out.

Love walking part of this trail everyday with my dog! It’s always well maintained and is stays pretty busy with bikers and runners. Definitely a fun thing to do in Hattiesburg if you want to spend some time outside!

As a local, this is a fun and moderately fast trail for those that know it well. For first time riders, it can hold some challenges. It’s not flat but nothing insurmountable. It’s been affected by work on the lake and may have more changes as lake repairs continue in 2019.

great trail running trails. long and lots of creeks and water. lots of trash on the trail but entertaining.

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail, well maintained with great scenery!

not really much of a hike, we walked on the road half the time lol

wouldn't recommend

Came on October 27th and didn’t know trail would be closed until we got here and ‘trail closed’ sign was at trailhead :(

The road to get to this trail is closed on Sundays

This trail has so much potential if they would run a bush hog through it every now and then to keep the overgrowth in check. We had to turnaround after about a mile and a half in because the underbrush just got to high for my kids and dogs.

3 months ago

The trail is a little tough to follow in the fall with leaves on the ground but a pretty easy hike and nice rolling hills. Clear Springs Campground is a hidden gem. Very nice.

3 months ago

One of my favorite places to hike in MS. There is a pea gravel trail that is nice and wide. Lots of hills so it’s a little tiring but not bad. There are horse/bike trails that go into the woods as well. Very pretty especially in the fall...beware of ticks in the spring!

trail running
4 months ago

The trail at Bonita Lakes, Meridian MS is one of the most beautiful trials I’ve ever been to in the southeastern USA. Great for power walks

5 months ago

Awesome trail! It was great terrain and the view was beautiful! The sign recommends for hikers to do the 2 mile loop. However, we did the 6 mile and enjoyed it very much! Nice to hike because of the variations of trails, we didn’t run into anyone until the end. Come prepared with good shoes, water and plenty of bug spray!

Was expecting to see more of the marsh/seashore. The kids did enjoy seeing the wildlife.

5 months ago

great little nature walk short and easy enough for kids the route I took put me around 3 miles the ccc lookout spur was hard to follow after the first sign describing the ruins so I would turn around there on future walks

Remote beautiful trail system. You can bike it year round due to the Gulf Coast weather. Good up and downs with tight turns. Terrain differs as you scale thru different ecosystems, but just be careful in the more warmer months for snakes, spiders, and biting flies.

5 months ago

Great place to camp, swim, and hike. A few snakes, chiggers and ticks but mostly just beautiful scenery

Started on edge of Hattiesburg and hiked west several friendly folks on trail I stopped and ate at a restaurant in one of the small towns I have hiked and road many trails across several states and I really like this one. It’s easy so just add on the miles if you like a challenge. Go in the late spring and you can travel through the middle of pretty corn fields. Also lots of pretty long leaf pines. There is also a company that you can pay for a ride from one side to other to get vehicle if need be.

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6 months ago

Great trail pretty well maintained

just a rough grave path, no sights to see.

Walked the trail! A few different variations you can take on it. Very pretty walk, though a lot of it is on the road. Fun time!

Went in early June before 8am and it was so humid and had so many biting deer flies that it was intolerable. Even worse, we didn’t see any wildlife except a few dragonflies and 2 butterflies. We did hear a white eyed virio but never saw it.

7 months ago

Easy trail, was mostly clear and well-maintained. We just did the loop around the lake due to time constraints. Typical concerns for Southern summer hiking: ticks, chiggers, poison ivy, & snakes. Just bring the OFF and beware your steps.

7 months ago

Really great trail. We took our five year old on the trail with his nature book and had the best time. Very well maintained.

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