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We drove to walk these trails and had a blast. well maintained and clear path markers. We enjoyed the fact that we could take our dogs on a leash. Beautiful scenery.

Started on edge of Hattiesburg and hiked west several friendly folks on trail I stopped and ate at a restaurant in one of the small towns I have hiked and road many trails across several states and I really like this one. It’s easy so just add on the miles if you like a challenge. Go in the late spring and you can travel through the middle of pretty corn fields. Also lots of pretty long leaf pines. There is also a company that you can pay for a ride from one side to other to get vehicle if need be.

You can choose a 1, 2, 3, or 5 mike hike by following the colored trail markers. On the 2 mile hike i saw a snake, a raccoon, a large frog, many butterflies and birds, and plenty of mosquitoes. Lovely trail, bring bug spray.

Boy Scout hike to Aiery lake!

7 days ago

Full of huge spiders, butterflies, lizards and even armadillos. Gorgeous trail! Bring plenty of water.

Beautiful and well-maintained. Will definitely return, but with a couple of garbage bags! Clearly floods on occasion and there’s a variety of lake trash washed up in places. What a beautiful resource in hernando!

8 days ago

Great trail, some trees were down but other than that, no complaints. Easy to follow as it’s marked well.

Short, sweet, and dirty. Lots of litter!

Very beautiful trail with some nice rock formations and next to the water.

Nice trail through the wilderness of the park.

Very nice trail with some awesome rock formations and a nice waterfall you can cool off under.

8 days ago

Very simple trail and family friendly. Have your camera because you will have some great pictures.

Trails are not very clearly marked, didn't mean to do this trail in fact, but it turned out to be a great trail. Very clean, also super cool to be able to get to the natural spring. Even got to fill up a bottle.

Great trail want to do it again in fall

12 days ago

Trail is difficult to find without being given direction. Additionally, there aren’t many markers along the trail so it is very easy to get “lost” or off-trail in the woods. However, I enjoy an adventure so it was fun. Also, I enjoyed the scenery very much and would do it again. Come prepared with bug spray tho!

Beautiful trail. Well worth the effort. Some markings can be confusing and the trail is mixed in difficulty. The half by the river is easy, while the parts by the outcroppings are much more rigorous with elevation changes and tree roots. Overall lovely hike though.

Pleasantly surprised at how nice this trail is. They have recently built a new pavilion and it looks like there are plans to keep improving it. Lots of wildflowers, which made for butterflies everywhere. A really enjoyable hike!

This is a hidden little gem, nice trail in good shape and about as close to a mountain as you’ll get in Mississippi.

This was not what I was expecting. It was basically just a walk around an open field. The picture made it look shaded but there was nearly no shade. There are some historic signs that tell about the mounds,, but I did not see any mounds nor signs as to exactly where they once were. Also, it was not obvious where the trail started from the parking lot. The trail was not maintained at all, but at least it had been mowed on both sides of the trail. Not a good option for a hot July day....

Nice paved trail, good trail to get your exercise on, shaded in parts and nice scenery.

Easy trail but nice view of the cypress swamp, would recommend if your close by.

Nice scenic trail, river was up when we went and was nice. Old water mill was very interesting. Definitely worth the hike, easy and pretty.

road biking
18 days ago

Great trail pretty well maintained

I hiked this trail with a group of friends, 4.5 miles out and back. This was my first time on this trail and first time to visit De Soto National Forest. Both the trail and forest were beautiful. Some of the largest butterflies I've ever seen in my life. Saw a few deer as well. I was expecting the trail to be a little more narrow, but thats okay. Overall it was a fun trail, easy to find, and very easy to hike, (at least for this section.) I'd like to do a thru hike at some point of it, most likely some time in the fall or late winter. The Mississippi heat is real.

Water sources for filtering were scarce, and ~85% of the trail was without shade. Use caution when hiking during the summer months.

Otherwise, the path itself is fairly well-maintained.

Great trail! Enjoyed the much needed shade on a hot summer day!

Started out good, but you can tell the area has been flooded. Once we got into the deep woods, we lost the trail and had to hike out to the road. Other than that it was beautiful...saw frogs, butterflies deer, and the native bird of MS....mosquitoes! Take some repellant.

where do I start! saw the park ranger or whatever that grumpy looking sob is! I said hey how are you and I get back a barely audible grumble of something like good. then I find out i have a ticket on my windshield saying i needed to put money in an envelope then in the honor box! if I do that, where is the honor? its a box with a receipt you yourself do the work for! also this is a natural area not a state park so why did I have to pay for a visit in nature? trails were not marked as I could see and no one looked happy! I started off like all the trails in Tennessee with anyone you pass, you or they will say hey or hi or something, 90 something percent of everyone we passed never said a word. doesn't look like a good time to me and it almost wasn't. I left irritated and not happy to actually almost see something neat in Mississippi but alas it was not good! I even saw some parked almost 2/10 of a mile out! nope not ever will I return here, go see rodney or Windsor ruins free and nice, plus they are marked lol! oh and do something with that extra 5 I had to throw in like buy a board for the one missing on the steps

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