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Mississippi Map

Well maintained and clearly marked trail for the 2.5 miles out I traveled on the trail. Moderate amount of traffic last Sunday in the middle of the day. It's December so I didn't see any unwanted bugs (I sprayed on deet as a precaution before starting), only a cool stick big in the parking lot and a small snake on the trail. I think I walked by hunters at one point, there was a pick up truck in the middle of woods one second then gone the next. Trail was pretty flat, only a couple of slight inclines or steps made of logs, and several plank "bridges".

Nice trail.

Decent but short trail. There is a river to look at. Nice scenery and the trail is maintained fairly well.

13 days ago

Cool sight to see! You can hike down to the bottom via a trial or chill up top to take on the red clay and the tree in the distance.

This was our 1st trip to Clark Creek and I’m looking forward to coming back and exploring more of the primitive trail .

Great trail for dogs; well maintained.

Anyone every tried camping here?

Wonderful trail around a beautiful lake. It was a bit wet; I suggest wearing water proof shoes. If you take canine kiddos, be sure to bring a towel for drying after finishing the trail.

Great hike!!

19 days ago

trail in more state of disrepair than in the past. needs some maintenance. but always a good workout.

22 days ago

I was getting trail fever and this was the closest trail where I live. Knowing most of the terrain I wasn’t expecting to be wowed, but the distance is nice. If I ever get bored and want to build my hiker legs up it’s 10 minutes away. However, I went in May of 2019 and I had a yellow jacket or two annoy me the entire distance and back after I had got a few miles in. This would be better to hike in colder weather for such reasons. I wasn’t able to find the old bunkers. I wasn’t using a map either, so I might go again soon for that reason. Most of the other trails around the coastal regions here are really short in distance (probably more scenic). So this is moderate for people in the area who are trying to build stamina and train.

Short but nice little train. Decent scenery.

We enjoyed the trail and will be back again. Just wish the trails were clearly marked. Met a few people on horseback and some didn’t seem happy we were on “their” trails.

1 month ago

Nice little trail. Spent about an hour just exploring down the river and relaxing. Would be nice to camp at. Took our 5 month old in his front carrier backpack. Cold, but beautiful fall colors made it a nice morning hike.

Nicely maintained flat trail. Perfect length for our smaller children. The tall trees provide ample shade.

bridge out
1 month ago

A group of 9 of us hiked 4 miles in and 4 miles out. We did 2 miles of it in the dark , this is a beautiful and well traveled trail. There is an area with a bridge out and you must cross on a downed tree .

1 month ago

Second time there, took wife and dog this time. I give it a 4, wife and dog gives it a 5.

bridge out
1 month ago

Has been heavily damaged by flooding. Bridge is gone/destroyed.

Great little scenic trail and easy enough for our four year old.

Well maintained trail with choices on length. Not very challenging and mostly flat but does have a few short steep ups and downs. Trail is wide enough to walk sibe by side and great to bike and hike. Dog friendly but keep on the leash.

1 month ago

If you're looking for beautiful nature walk and you've only got an hour to hike - this is it! 'You get your bang for your buck' - there's a decent incline and decline, a beautiful view of the pond, and the stillness of nature. It's around an hour drive from the Memphis area, an easy drive east on Highway 72, and perfect for an afternoon outing. The trail is easy to find off of Highway 72. 5-10 minutes into the trail there is a slight incline and decline and you see your first glimpse of the pond. The 'official' trail goes to the right, up the man made steps and across a ridge overlooking the pond (make sure you check out the purple sand from the Memphis Acquifer while you're on the steps!). You can follow that trail for maybe 10 or so more minutes before you encounter signs of the Tornado from 2015 - many fallen trees. You can continue and make your way down towards the end of the pond as it trickles towards the Wolf River. My hiking partner and I also went back around - back to the first spot where you see the pond and continued to the left and you can almost reach the same spot where the pond feeds into what (I imagine) ends up being the Wolf River. Absolutely gorgeous! Highly Recommended!

1 month ago

Nice long walk through the forest. However, after 2 miles you have seen it and could turn around.

over grown
1 month ago

1 month ago

Dog friendly & paved. We connected to Old Trace Park to make a loop

Nice short little trail. Small area at the end where you can look over a section of the river. Works great for small children, as the distance is very walkable and there's enough of interest to look at.

Nice little short trail just off the highway in Pass Christian. Would be good for families, kids, and dogs, though I enjoyed the brief walk myself as long trails are few and far between in this area. Fairly wide path in the woods. Nice little view of the river with a bench at the halfway point in the loop. Not much parking.

Watch for the extra loops not on the current map; otherwise, spot on as easy, well traveled path.

It's a hand down wonderful 5 out of 5 picnic area and campground, but the trail is barely a trail at all. It's about 80% side of the road walking with a little bit of overgrowth pushing you onto the (relatively slow and safe!) road at times. If they would throw up a pedestrian guardrail or something between the path (not worthy of the title trail) and the road I'd kick it up to 5 stars. There are two forestry parts of the trail, the CCC Spur and a half mile nature loop, as of 10/20/2019 the nature loop is signed as closed though there is another unclosed entrance that still allows you to check out some of the wildlife and plants. The visitor center is also pretty cool.

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