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20 hours ago

This trail (set of Tamarack, Aspen, Oak) is a very strange(?) experience. The good part is that it is one of the very quiet places you can be, and enjoy nature in its truest sense. The lake views are excellent, there are signs to guide at every junction, so getting lost is very difficult. On the other hand, be prepared for bugs and insects, they WILL swarm you. It might also give some the "spooky" experience since its very quiet around here

road biking
23 hours ago

This trail is one of my favorites.

A great trail for walks in the hot weather with your dogs. Most of the trail is shade and is very easy. There are very nice wooden bridges around the lake in great condition to get you over the wet spots. There are a few benches to rest on along the way. We took the short trail and it was just over an hour with two small beagles in 88 degree weather. The trail is well marked at all the intersections and the signage in excellent condition. As always bring bug spray. We will be back soon to try the longer loop soon.

Beautiful area. Much larger than expected.
Upkeep of the trails leaves something to be desired. A lot of it was overgrown and some trails that show on the map are not accessible due to it being overgrown. The trail signs are a bit difficult to know how far and what direction it will truly be going unless you are looking at a map.
Due to flooding a very large section of trail is under water and not accessible at this current time.
A lot of nature to see. Beautiful fields, forest area and the lake. Some of the swamp area was mucky and a bit hard to navigate.
Overall a great trail, not many visitors. So very peaceful. Plan ahead to carry any trash you have as there were no trash bins in the area.

Beautiful, relaxing

So many memories! Did the whole thing

3 days ago

A nice, peaceful park to walk in.

Awesome falls, cool swinging bridge and nice elevation changes make for a good hour long hike.

This is a perfect walking (not hiking) trail I use regularly walking my dog. It’s completely paved and bikes are allowed as well. There are some off-trail paths as well. Beautiful lake and small largely oak forest, beautiful year-round, exceptional in autumn. Mostly locals. Beautiful lodge with cafe and WiFi as well.

on Elys Peak Trail

6 days ago

It's a very scenic trail. It's a bit confusing following the trail due to there being multiple trails. But if you want to go out and enjoy some scenery this is the trail for you.

Beautiful views. Hike was rocky but not too difficult.

Start at Woods Creek, walk along Devils Track, and up to the summit on Pincushion and you will not be disappointed.

trail running
8 days ago

Pretty flat and overall but very pretty!

Great time but could have the trails marked better so you didn’t have to keep asking people where to go.

We hiked a combination of mountain bike and paved trails, approximately 4 miles. Very nice!

I really like this hike. Fairly easy hiking, little incline, and tons of nice lookout points.

on Moose Lake Hike

9 days ago

The Echo Lake Trail was very nice and it was groomed. The trails on the other side of the road were not mowed and the grass was knee high.

9 days ago

pleasant trail. lots of other hikers and bikers, but everyone was friendly. we also saw lots of wildlife (variety of different birds, butterflies, and frogs) some segments are not passable due to flooding.

enjoyable trail with a variety of sites (river, forest, quiet residential parks). much of it was technically closed but still accessible. it's not possible to do the entire loop due to flooding and construction.

Great waterfall views at both top and bottom of the waterfall. Nice easy hike in with a great path. Cool
Old suspension bridge you can cross and the falls have multiple view points to see down the river.

road biking
9 days ago

Awesome trail for long training rides! I only have done 27 miles out from St Joseph. Occasionally a bumpy section... but overall very good.

Great trail with some variety in terrain, incline. Nice view of Jensen Lake—water lily blooms were ready to pop!

Muddy but great trail with some challenge

Great hike!

Great easy hike with multiple water falls, swimming holes, and paths through the woods.

9 days ago

A beautiful hike which provided moderate difficulty for my friends and I. It should be noted that there is an extended uphill walk followed by about 200 stairs down, then another sharp climb before you’re able to look down on the kettle. Keep in mind you have to do this again on the way out :)

Part of the paved trail near the river was flooded and a large tree was down over a bridge that made it impassable, but we were still able to take the trail to the hidden falls. Make sure to bring bug spray because the mosquitoes were large and plentiful. Would love to come back when things dry up a bit and really explore.

nice paved trails

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