they have recently added a few off shoot trails, reducing the free space for wildlife. and the new bridge, while nice is shorter. all in all, i think its actually a step backwards for this previously hidden gem.

7 days ago

Some areas flooded, but there’s a way around each of those areas. Overall the trail was amazing.

Loved this trail! Paved most of the way. A great quick walk for doggo and I with beautiful scenery. Will be back!

8 days ago

Light traffic, paved trails. Lots of pretty trees but often along roads and didn’t feel particularly natural.

11 days ago

Great place to keep social distance! I felt super safe and barely saw anyone. The trail is large enough to allow 6 feet. A bit muddy tho. Part of the trail parallels the Northwest Blvd, so it is quite loud there. Otherwise it’s a peaceful and easy hike.

There are several loop options for an easy or more moderate hike. The loop can be taken on a paved trail or a more woody trail. Even though the weather wasn't great when I went, this trail still offers a beautiful getaway close to the cities. It's my favorite trail in the Anoka County area.

14 days ago

Very crowded, lots of graffiti, trash (including a full diaper left on a bench!). There are some nice wide paths with plenty of scenic spots along the creek, but I was sorely disappointed with the litter and poor behavior of patrons.

14 days ago

Very nice walking area. Multiple trails to choose from. Highway noise didn't bother me. Many people were bird watching. Small parking lot!!

15 days ago

Paved and developed, not much scenery except for the vehicles waiting in line at the boat launch

Very nice trail with lots of wildlife, especially birds. You can hear the highway but it didn’t bother me, the scenery is very serene. Great little hike.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike. Skinny trails, some muddier parts, cute little bridges and tiny little streams too! Very easy and pretty hike!

Wide paths through sun and shade with trail options and signs, almost a bit like a corn maze. Nice 1 hour hike with some moderate uphill areas.

it was a pretty trail, more a walk than a hike but I added the lower trail and got some nice views!

off trail
19 days ago

love this trail... I grew up down by the river so I may be biased. the raft/bike ferry is out about half way. so only old on making it 5-6 miles, which ever end you start on. I started down by the old ferry bridge road and went nobo for a solid 5 miles before turning back. trail is sandy in spots and frequented by mountain bikers fyi.

Incredibly frustrating. Pretty area, but very misleading. I came to hike, but it’s not fun hiking with views, it’s walking on really wide paved trails. They have terrible signage, didn’t even know how to find the trails at first! It’s perfect for roller blading, biking, and in the winter I’m sure cross country skiing. However I was livid that there wasn’t more signs, maps, or arrows to guide you around. I was so frustrated we left after about 40 minutes of confused backtracking and looking for signs and maps.

23 days ago

Great out and back. Mostly dry now. Quite a bit of sand, but okay for running.

mountain biking
24 days ago

I took my bike for some “off road” exploring. I hadn’t been on this trail before, and there was more sand than I expected. I rode from Old Cedar Bridge west to Lyndale. Some single track, some gravel, and lots of little hilly sandy patches. I walked my bike through probably 2 miles worth of sand, but still was smiling the whole time! The last mile gets sketchy as you have to cross some ravines on rickety bridges. (Photos uploaded). Certainly isn’t a trail for someone who wants to stay clean, but I was all smiles! No flooding/wet spots for me on May 6th.

Great place to hike both paved & dirt trails. Only a short distance was flooded.

Nice urban walk. Not particularly secluded— houses/cars visible throughout. Trail is well marked but a little narrow for people+dogs+social distancing.

Richardson nature center is fantastic!

Nice Urban setting with surprisingly few people. Great Lake loop with a balance between more wooded sections and grass/park-like sections of trail.

Beautiful trail, not crowded at all, path is also wide enough for social distancing.

27 days ago

Beautiful May day for a hike. You can stay on a paved path or walk on an unpaved path along the river. People were biking but there was plenty of room for everyone.

It was great! It’s shaded so bring a top layer in case it’s chilly. I enjoyed the fact that there was a trail, trail besides the paved trail. It made it like a hike within the city.

bridge out
27 days ago

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