Kayaked on the clear, beautiful lake!

mountain biking
17 days ago

Rode w/Diane

Great trails for mountain biking of every skill level, not really a place for hiking though

8 months ago

I run these trails. Took switchback to galloping goose to loop the lake. Just shy of 5k according to MapMyRun. Some climbing on switchback and galloping goose lives up to its name! Beautiful run, get some amazing views of the lakes.

This area is beautiful but truly only for Mountain biking, unless you want to walk a paved trail along the road. We went as a family to go hiking and were very disappointed.

awesome trail running! respect the trail and mountain bikers and all will be ok!

amazing trails for running. run there a couple times a week. just respect the trails and respect mountain bikers and all is good!

Drove here and paid to get in as a 5 star rated trail labeled for hiking, but can only mountain bike. If you try to hike you'll get ran over.

Incredible mountain bike trails for all ability levels. From new child riders, to the seasoned professional ,all bikers will fall in love here. !!

Fantastic trails that were a ton of fun!! Great family fun!!

We went on Tuesday. Nice walk but suspect too many bikers on WEs

Great challenge, makes for a great day of MTB.

These trails are gorgeous but most of these trails are only for mountain biking. If you want to hike here, for your own saftey, check the trail maps.

This trail system is amazing and beautiful, and they are making more trails all the time!

Great trails. Always a great experience!

Love this trail system.

Awesome trail!! One of the best places I've biked!

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4 days ago

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5 days ago

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6 days ago

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13 days ago

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27 days ago

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