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2 months ago

The Trail is well marked and mapped. For me, it was ok. The scenery is typical woods that you’ll see just about everywhere here in Michigan. I enjoy being in the woods so it was nice, but it just didn’t have that special spot or anywhere super unique. Unfortunately I only did the west side of the trail. I ran into hunters at two different spots, and then at marker 6 (I believe) I heard a bunch of gunfire coming from my right and decided to not to go out into the larger loop, because I didn’t want to take any chances. It turns out there’s a gun range just past the northern road, which is likely what I was hearing. If I get back out and take that trail, I may re-rate.

But yeah I was a bit underwhelmed. The hill that all the maps show was wasn’t remarkable from the others you’ll climb over (and there are quite a few) When I got to the marker just beyond it I even said out-loud “No way that was the hill.”

I think it’s a great trail for trail running and even mountain biking. The trail is well marked and groomed and the climbs will get your heart rate climbing a bit, but they are easy enough not to give anyone too much trouble.

Doggos shouldn’t be an issue here. It’s pretty far out, on a dirt road...it states the park pass is required but I didn’t even see any spot where they’d check. You travel down a gravel road to a small gravel/dirt parking lot. So I can’t see how dogs would be an issue. So I wouldn’t avoid if you need a trail for your doggo. As I said, it’s nice for a workout and it’d be nice terrain for him/her to get energy out and explore.