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I love it!

Not well marked. But fun walk

We hiked up the blue Mt bike trail and it was kind if confusing. About 1.5 miles down there's a split that takes the hiking trail left around a swamp, and the bike course continues right. Take that. Views at the top were well worth the effort to get up there.

27 days ago

Hikers be advised, this trail is full of off-leash dogs running all over the place! If you don't like dogs, or are afraid of dogs, this probably isn't the place for you. Although it is state law to have your dog on a leash at all times unless you're in your own yard, the people hiking this trail apparently don't care.

That aside, it does get very crowded at times, but the views are spectacular.

This place it awesome for hiking and taking landscape photography.

Fantastic views from the top!! Fall color are at their peak.

We took the difficult trail and it was not bad at all. Lots of rocks and tree roots, so it requires paying attention, but is not overly challenging. We went on a Saturday around noon and the trail was packed. The weather was chilly, but worth it when you reach the top and see the colors. We were a little early, so the colors weren't in full swing yet, but still a very beautiful hike. I would absolutely do it again.

1 month ago

One of the greatest trails I have ever set foot on. Climbed up several waterfalls to reach a nice basin of water at the top that we swam in. Not for the faint of heart, but for those that take the journey, you will be highly rewarded.

Took a hike up the ‘difficult’ trail to the top of Sugarloaf mountain - what a beautiful view!!! The difficult trail is not very difficult even for a novice hiker like myself - there are just some uneven areas that are entirely manageable with proper footwear (tennis shoes, lol) Took about 15-20 minutes up at a leisurely pace. I definitely recommend!

Just saying as a mom over 50 but an avid hiker, climbing the wet rocks on the way up and coming down was a bit strenuous and hard on the knees. If you’re under 30 - easy hike. View at the end is so worth it, especially with fall colors. Love the UP.

It’s a really nice hike and it has an overnight campsite on it with a latrine

great views especially in the fall.

1 month ago

Great loop with multiple water fall spots. Bring plenty of water, it gets humid and has some uphill spots. Great to walk along creek most the way and cool to see old the water pipe still there, although with plenty of leaky spots. Went on a Saturday and wasn’t very busy, only saw a few other hikers and a few bikers. Great hike with dogs. Also lots of other trails to take that connect and good maps along the way to help.

Beautiful views!! The main loop has a paved path which is very easy to walk. However, if you venture off of the path onto the side trails/rock formations the hike is more moderate. My favorite parts of the hike were walking on the rock formations and watching the cliff jumpers.

Awesome views! Room to improvise down by shorelines. Cliff diving too.

2 months ago

The last few hundred yards to get to the falls is steep and Rocky. You also need to cross a small stream but there is a big log across it .

Great views - I recommend the “difficult trail” as it’s faster to get up, and found the stairs on the “easy trail” were way too time consuming. However, the easy trail was easy enough for people to get up in dresses, sandals, flip flops, or jeans...

Not really a hike. Very short walk up a hill and you are there. Nothing else to see but the small water fall. Short and easy.

Took the easy route and thought it was harder with all the stairs. Awesome views from the top, definitely worth the hour to complete the loop.

Nice area. Most of the trail was paved but I would suggest walking by the cliffs on the back side of the island (unpaved). Also a place you can jump into Lake Superior. Great views and easy trail.

Outstanding views!

3 months ago

I just got off the trail and it was amazing! Gorgeous scenery and jumping off the falls was extremely epic! I will be back for this trail, for sure!

The falls are beautiful

Amazing views from the summit

3 months ago

Not too challenging but not easy enough to be boring for people who are looking for something difficult. There were tons of kids and older people there when we went. Gorgeous falls. Really liked this spot and will definitely go again

3 months ago

Easy walk along a path. Definitely easier walking it counter clock wise

3 months ago

We hiked this trail today with our dog. There are several trails intersecting and this route was fairly easy to follow but did not go by this name. The waterfall was gushing, Trail was dry and well kept. It does narrow quite a bit and we saw a half dozen trail bikes out and one trail runner. My only reason for a 4 is the road noise that can be heard for several sections.

3 months ago

Nice scenic trail. Moderately busy - was there on a weekday afternoon and met a couple runners and five or six mountain bikers - all very friendly and considerate (had my dog with me).

Really popular hike, and it was mostly stairs. The views from the top were amazing though!

Beautiful views. Not well marked in places.

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