Madison Heights

16 reviews
3 months ago

A really nice trail in an unexpectedly beautiful slice of nature preserved in the midst of Madison Heights. Easy, paved entirely, this trail is something anyone can enjoy and great for a multitude of activities and skill levels. For more challenge, add weight to your pack, increase your pace, or add to the length of your hike or walk. Because the longer loop is about a mile, it's easy to count your miles as you make your way around more than once, and fun to see what new things you can observe each time around. This little trail features a vernal pool and is open from dawn to dusk, all year round. A lot of local nature to be observed and appreciated here, if you look! Absolutely wonderful to have something like this available in the middle of such a populated place like Madison Heights. Despite the populated area, I have never seen the trail crowded. Maybe see someone else now and again but that's it. The Nature Center is also a nice feature and the people there are always friendly and eager to answer and nature related or other questions you might have. In front of the nature center is a nice garden pond with some native flowers and plants, and a nice place to sit and watch, meditate, or stretch before or after a hike. A calm respite from the more urbanized surroundings, a little local gem!