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Enjoyed this hike with family including 2-, 3-, and 7-year-old and several young adults. There are a lot of trails and we needed the app GPS to get back on track, but some nice stops would have been missed if we hadn't strayed a bit . The "old man of the mountain" (a local) led us to the East Bay overlook and we went off-trail for most of the fairy gardens and a nice flower garden. We never actually found the trailhead, but found a parking area behind The Commons that brought us close. Paths were mostly wooded so it wasn't as hot as I feared at midday.

Nice trail. Easy walking. Good variety of scenery. Trail markings are so-so, but the app kept me on track

1 day ago

Saw big moose on the trails

Gotta do it! The trees are fabulous. Tom and Joyce

It is an awesome Hike. It is not stoller friendly, however. There are some very steep hills that have big roots. the paths can be quiet narrow too.

Nice trail. Beautiful scenery. Saw deer by the river. An important factor for me were the porta-jons along the trail.

I usually do the perimeter of this loop system. it definitely is fun, a mostly wooded, moderate trail. porta jon at the parking area. even when the parking area is full I don't usually run into a lot of people. one of my top 3 for the area.

Outstanding views!

Great shorter hike through the woods. The hills make it more of a challenge for a beginner like myself. Well kept up and close to home.

2 days ago

Used to live a block away from this park. It was a really nice place to go walking. There were a lot of paths their so you could make the walk longer or shorter as desired.

As nice as it is, I considered this a nice local park. I don't see it as a destination I would drive far to in order to go for a walk through it.

trail running
2 days ago

Lots of shade and easy to run. Ground is generally level.

Awesome trail with something for everyone. Really neat wooded nature section with pretty side trails. Saw Eastern Grey Squirrels, Tree Swallows, Northern Flickers, Bluejays, possibly a Great Crested Flycatcher, and more. In addition to the nature area, this trail passes a half pipe and bike jump course, basketball courts/baseball diamond, playgrounds, large trees, and more. Really diverse and always something to see. So glad I keep finding these cool places in the middle of urban/neighborhood areas. Nice thing about the mile loop is that you can keep track of your miles manually every time you "pass go". Unfortunately you do not also get $200. Haha! Had a great time.

road biking
3 days ago

Great place to visit and ride bikes to.

love the dunes would love to visit again

trail running
3 days ago

This is my absolute favorite trail in our area! Don't hesitate to use the off-shoot trails for a more challenging run and to see the beautiful woods and creatures! With the leaves above, it's cooler on hot days and even keeps you a bit dry during some rain storms.

Fantastic trail. Started at Seaton Creek. I worked my way south down he MRT. Fantastic views from not only the river banks and overlooks, but inside the forests as well. Fairly rugged terrain, so I recommend a sturdy set of shoes. Also great spots to stop and swim in the river. On the MRT side, campsite 8b is the best. It backs up to the river for easy access to the water, plenty of space, and great shade.

Great easy trail. The art is interesting and plenty of tree coverage.

Amazing scenery

Easy trail....well marked. Nice well shaded day hike

Amazing views from the summit

Really nice trail, clear of most debris and well marked even when intersecting with other trails.
Note that the 3.7 Mile distance is one way! I didn’t read the description well enough and thought it was 3.7 total (out and back).

4 days ago

This is a nice medium length trail for hiking. Nice forest to travel through and the view of Pickerel Lake is very nice.

Oddly enough there are no good views of Crooked Lake on this trail without walking over to the campground.

trail running
4 days ago

Maps need to be updated and trails need to be marked better

In the spring it is crisscrossed with little ephemeral streams, the river view is almost constant, the budding trees are spectacular, and there’s very little noise pollution from the river.
However come summer, most of that is negated and it basically becomes a walk in the woods with a loud aquatic highway running next to it.
Not bad overall though

Nice, relaxing hike ( walk ) ..

4 days ago

good place to see waterbirds; swans, herons, egrets. telescope to birdwatch, tall lookouts too.

great birding trail :)

Nice walk on a hot day

This is a great trail for all ability levels. There are many opportunities for photography traveling through the woods.

Very nice trail, some tough inclined to the upper trail. Well maintained and easy to find. You have access to wander around the falls but they are smaller than the falls at Presque Isle. Still an enjoyable, fun hike.

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