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Had a wonderful walk in the woods with the family today on this trail. It’s fairly well marked but several time we reviewed the map to make sure we were taking the right branch. The road getting to the trail was a bit soupy from the spring thaw, but the trail was fine. It’s a perfect spring or fall trail.

I can't believe this is in SE Mich. You show up to the park and suddenly there are steep hills everywhere. Love the constant elevation changes on the trails and the dense forest. Did the beach to campground hiking trail and then found the mountain biking trail and hiked that back to the beach (after checking out the scenic overlook on the bike path just past marker #4). This makes a great loop of 5 or 6 miles.

Beautiful. A good variety of different terrain.

Great trails! More importantly though were the clean, roomy and stocked pit toilets and the discovery center has water. I enjoyed following the blue arrow trail markers and will definitely return.

great trail for a morning hike.

4 days ago

Nice trail in the Ortonville Recreation Area although I like the Bloomer Unit better. Very elevated. It's too bad they don't build a lookout or something at the top. You would have some incredible views!

Im a 29 yr Winter Back-Packer and after 6 years of dating my girlfriend she decided to give it a try and find out why for 29yrs I have enjoyed Hammocking in the deep freeze. although there are many beautiful places to go I chose the trails in Fort Custer to be her 1st winter trail Pack-In and camp-out. Here's why:. Its Easy, Its Beautiful, Its Quite, Its Close to Emergency's (If Needed it was 5 degrees at night) No body is hardly ever there (I may see a dog walker or 2 and the Trail I picked was only a 7 mile Loop with camp at the 5 mile mark giving only a 2 mile to hike back to truck if we needed it for emergency reasons(It was her 1st winter pack-in/camp-out and remember it was 5 degrees at night and 27 during day) If anyone is thinking about testing new gear,trying a 1st winter pack-in/camp-out or just enjoying a nice winter day hike Fort Custer has it. Trails are marked very well so if you can read a map or colored dots on trees then you will with no problems feeling safe and not get lost in Custer. These are All things a beginner should learn and look for during a winter Pack-in or hike. Enjoy! ( the water is turned off in campgrounds but all sites are open and Pit Toilets are available during winter season)

1 month ago

This trail is pretty good. It definitely isn’t “hard” and I would rate it more at a “moderate” just because of the hills. One downside is that the people who bring their horses on the trail don’t clean up after them. There was horse manure all over the trail. I do wish the trail was marked better. I often doubted myself as I was waking because I didn’t know when to expect the half way point. All in all, I did like the trail and it was nice to get outside for once. The directions listed took me past the actual trail head. Go to the first bike staging area on the right and the trail starts across the street. The right or left trail entrance is perfectly acceptable, but I took the right to begin.

A little bit of everything for everyone. Always a fun time at Pontiac lake

Hiked from Discovery Center to N. Territorial. Lots of elevation and demands endurance. Hiked it with a buddy in wet snow. Definitely pounded my legs.

a great trail system for beauty and walking my lab. Kumar. he's a big sweetie!

3 months ago

This area isn’t open to hiking or dogs during the winter! It is only for cross country skiing

trail running
3 months ago

Great trails. They do a great job maintaining. Easy trail to run. Pretty flat.

3 months ago

I like this trail.

It is a great trail. There are some nice hills. Just watch out for horse poop. It is definitely worth your time.

Awesome trails from flat to hilly up and down anytime or season.

5 months ago

Nice walk/hike!

I hiked the Green trail, with the addition of the small loop north of Haven Hill lake. The green trail is nice. It is easy, with no long or particularly steep climbs and lots of shade for most of the trail. The section from marker 1 (by the historic barn at the horse trailer parking lot) through 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, to 11 at least, and maybe it was to 12 as well, is also used by horses. I’m not a fan of hiking on horse trails, although watching out for manure isn’t much different than keeping an eye out for rocks or roots. On the Green trail, if there isn’t manure there probably are rocks and roots, as a trail should have.
I strongly recommend adding the inner loop north of Haven Hill lake (at 16, take the loop counterclockwise to 17 and then the cutoff back to 16) – it is a very pretty little addition. I didn’t like the “outer” loop (15 to 14, then back to 16, 15, and onward) as much, I probably wouldn’t repeat that part. My pictures & track from those are under the "Haven Hill Lake and Woods" trail on here.

5 months ago

The ground was very soft and muddy. Need to watch out for all the horse poop. Pinnacle Point was a little disappointing. There's a fallen tree on trail 1 so be careful if you're biking.
There were quite a few different species of birds. The trail is wide and it's easy following the main path. There weren't really any bugs. Plenty of parking and there's an outhouse at the equestrian camp.

These trails are great for a good walk, being out with the family or dogs. Not a whole lot of variation in the terrain.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail. Rarely encountered people Saturday morning. Well maintained and well marked.

5 months ago

have walked these trails numerous times with the pup...always friendly people and well groomed

I hiked A+B+C on a Monday morning, arriving at the trailhead at about 9:00am. I met one runner who was finishing just as I set out; I saw nobody else, hiking or riding, the rest of the day. However, forecast temperatures were mid- to upper-80s, which might have kept some away. The woods were beautiful, with fall colors already well started. The trail managers had an abundance of maps available at the trail head - take one (see below). I greatly enjoyed my 12-mile, 6hr (I stop for lots of pictures) hike. My GPS showed a total of 1670 ft. of elevation gain/loss. Parts of the trail are pretty steep, but nothing too bad. Although it is common practice to have MTBs ride clockwise and hikers counterclockwise, there are no markings on this trail for counterclockwise hiking. Because some of the turnoffs (e.g. from A to B) have slightly different exit and return points, it is easy to miss the turnoff if you are hiking counterclockwise. Additionally, none of the intersections with horsetrails are marked for counterclockwise hiking (e.g. you see the intersection sign after you cross the horse trail), although it is pretty easy to distinguish the horse trail from the MTB/hiking trail. None of the mile posts have markings for counterclockwise hiking. If you are going to hike counterclockwise, grab a map or download a gps track (or, maybe, just don't).
NOTE: many of the tracks on here seem to under-report distances, not sure if it comes from using an app on a cell phone, or from the fewer datapoints collected by (faster) MTBs vs. hikers, but the track I downloaded (from an MTB) gave A+B+C as 9.3 miles; DNR map puts it at 12.1 miles, my Garmin put it at 11.5 miles. I would have carried another liter of water had I known it was 12 miles beforehand.

Love Proud Lake and its extremely scenic Huron River and pine trees. Feels like you're up north.

This is an okay hike, but the trail is intended for mountain bikes. The best hiking is found just to the east in the Highland State Recreation Area.

5 months ago

As a 15 year old training for his 2600 mike thru hike this is great, until it gets dark and you can no longer follow the poorly marked trails. But if you have all day just get lost in the intertwined mess of trails, it’ll be great.

nice views , good woodsy trail with the dogs!

Great trail for any pace or ability.

6 months ago

It's flat and fairly boring for most of the trail I was on. Some pretty views at times.

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