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Beautiful and big family and very dog friendly.

1 day ago

Great trail trying out a toddler backpack carrier and had no problems! Perfect amount of sun and shade and a clear path to walk along. The views at the top are amazing!

1 day ago

There are some beautiful views but I wish they had some trail markings. There were a few blazes but some confusing areas - especially if you want to take a side trip to one of the other lakes. There were a ridiculous number of downed trees across the trail. I would say it's moderate but more towards the moderate/challenging end.
The backcountry campsites are nice. I stayed at Badger and Maple and both had fire rings and downed trees arranged as seats. There are wilderness latrines.

This was a gorgeous trail! It's well marked and except for a few mild hills it was pretty level. In most places the trail was wide and smooth enough for me to be able to enjoy the scenery instead of watching my footing.
I camped at Lake 1. The lake has a clay bottom so not really suitable for swimming but it was pretty! There are 2 vault toilets. There's a pump but no handle so I filtered water from the lake.
I did the full loop starting from Guernsey Lake but be aware that the campsites cam be reached from the Sand Lakes parking area with just a short walk. This meant that I had some partiers sharing the area even though it was Tuesday.
I would definitely rate the trail more towards the easy end.

This is the worst maintained trail I have ever been on. About half of it you are bushwhacking through tall grass and plants. Luckily there was no rain when we were there, but if it had rained you would be soaked from the plants. Seeing a couple of moose was the highlight.

Love this trail! A hidden treasure not heavily traveled. Good elevation, Woods, river and a touch of prairie. We walked almost 5 miles (other trails connect), and saw no one until the end. Beautiful!

2 days ago

BE CAREFUL! I found something metal sticking up out of the ground in the middle of the path. Someone else can probably look at this and know exactly what it is and if it can be removed, but I honestly have no idea. It looks like it could easily pop a tire or go through a shoe, so I ripped off my sleeve and tied it around the head of the “metal thingy”. It’s red, so hopefully people see it. Pics attached to my recording from today.

beautiful nice walk

I really liked this trail. I’m not sure where the 6 miles comes from but the loop is around 2.7 miles. The trail is flat and well maintained. It wasn’t crowded at all and it was great for my dog.

Really enjoyed the historical markets along the route. Nice babbling creek. Trail quite overgrown in several sections. Bug spray is a good idea in summer.

it's not marked greatly and also very labirinth alike.i can say mountain bikers enjoy it

Lots of biting flies

2 days ago

I really liked this spot. There’s a lot trails to check out and I hope to go back soon to explore some more. Very peaceful and easy to look at scenery and not a lot of traffic. Easy trails for hiking/walking, running, biking, etc. I’m training for a half marathon and may run there a few times to change my normal route Up. Bugs were non existent until about 6-630 so if you go later bring bug spray! It’s also been fairly dry recently so I’m sure with enough rain and cooler weather the bugs would be bad!

Beautiful scenery-well worth it!

trail running
3 days ago

Excellent for some trail running. Good mix between wide x-country ski and single track mtn biking trails. Whole system is pretty well marked, fun to do a little choose your own adventure among the different routes.

Nice for a quick walk. Wish it was marked better on where to go because when I first started walking it turned from paved road to gravel and I didn't know if I took a wrong turn. However, following the trail map on my phone was easy enough. Would go back again. It seems like a safe area as well.

played here as a child

Nice trails

Very beautiful and leads you to other trails. Bring big repellent.

Very peaceful

Great payoff after the hike when you see Lake Michigan. I took the North Trail to the beach. Pretty easy at first and gorgeous. The woods are nice and dense and its relatively cool. Then the trees break and the dunes start. This is when it gets more difficult. Got my heart rate up, as promised. Next time I will explore the south trail. But my dog was tired and we were headed to Holland. Got some great pics & will try to post.

3 days ago

Amazing views and a good challenge. Should be rated more difficult than moderate.

This is an easy trail that offers views of the river, many we wild as animal sightings, a pleasant walk or bike ride around a lake and several stops for restrooms and water.

4 stars for the hike. Moderate maybe pushing it a bit. Nice marked trails with some elevated climbs. Views of Lake Michigan are fabulous. Warren dunes state park is absolutely a must with the beach and dunes! Great place to spend an entire day.

love the spot but the stairs are a little unkempt. hard to manage because they are all different sizes. a great short hike done in less then a half hour. great place to take pictures. one of our favorite places.

4 days ago

A beautiful setting and easy hiking. Header info is wrong about pets. Pets are not allowed on the islands; mainland only. Other comments about the mosquitos are correct at times. Check first; it does turn a great trip into an ordeal
Lost of history in addition to the scenery.

deer flys were insane at certain points. okay for a walk but the scenery is the same everywhere. no real picture points

Nice hike to hidden swimming lake.

on Grever's Nature Center

4 days ago

Very quiet, nice little trail. The lakes are absolutely nothing to look at, so green and covered with algae. And that being said it’s prime bug breeding ground. But overall I enjoyed it for an afternoon walk. There are lots of pines, so it is a nice forest and reminded me of a walk through the mountains. There’s also a cute meadow with bird houses, this would be a great place for bird watchers.

Great trail with hills and recovery plateaus.

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